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My American brands choice #2 is glossier 🌸💜, I love everything starting from them focusing on maintaining natural skin glow and using good ingredients that will surely make your skin plump and dewy such as hyaloronic and fatty acids ; to the sophisticated, minimalistic baby pink and milky colours in packaging (I am a design slave, yep) however choosing the products you must always consider your own skin type and condition, what's good for me with my super dry and sensitive skin (that used to be oily..) Might not be good for you and vice versa. This is why for my clients there are long talks to have before we even start looking into products. However the result is always rewarding! My products of choice are: 1. Boy brow eyebrow mascara in a #brown shade, easy to apply, convenient and small to always carry around with me and very very natural- you won't guess I have it on. Having almost alabaster skin tone and black hair I tried shade "black" however it didn't work for me as it left a little residue however less I tried to apply, it always looked a little dirty so I guess its either my eyebrows or the formula needs to be a little developed. However I have not had problems with shade "brown" that just looks very natural I am all about natural eyebrows rather than contoured and distinctive. 2. Haloscope highlighter in shade "quartz".(featured on the picture) Simply the most natural highlighter i've ever tried. Works best on bare skin. My usual daily prep to go is: 50+ sunscreen, boybrow and haloscope. Recently switched to shade "moonstone", with my love to white highlighters, works on my skin even better. What I love about it is this highlighter has a balm stick in the center assuring smooth application and plumping hydration. Love the glow! 🎆 3. Priming moisturizer rich - perfect under the make up moisturizer for very dry skin all year round and for everyone in rough #American, #Russian and #Yorkshire 😜winter. :) you can feel the moisture building up straight away. 4. Moisturizing moon mask - milky and smooth moisturizing mask. 5.Mega greens galaxy pack mask- perfect for skin prone to break outs and oily skin, cleanses, purifies and takes away toxins.⏬

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Life is beautiful isnt it? And so is everyone no matter what weight, gender,disabilities,age we are all human we are all beautiful ❤😁 #beautiful #life #quotes #pretty #proud #inspiring #selfie #happy #freckles #blackandwhite #pic #guy #lgbt #transgender #ftm #russian #british #instagood #instagram #photooftheday #instalike #love #world #thoughts #life #thinking #piercings

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Привет обманщик март!) #russian #spring #march

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The Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius is the most important #Russian monastery and the spiritual centre of the Russian Orthodox Church. The monastery was founded in 1337 by one of the most venerated Russian saints, Sergius of Radonezh. #russia #monastery #church

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Когда речь зашла о свадебной фотосессии мы точно знали, что никаких объятий с берёзоньками, томных взглядом сквозь капли росы и венков из сосновых шишек у нас не будет... (пара фоток в парке Горького перед рестораном - производственная необходимость) Мы очень хотели стильную современную городскую фотосессию💑 Всё получилось спонтанно: У нас не было маршрута - мы придумывали его в пути. У нас не было атрибутики - мы находили её по пути😅 У нас не было дождя - но он пошёл в самый подходящий момент... да-да, именно, в подходящий! но об этом потом 😅 ksenechka_bo_ я влюблена в эти фотографии! Спасибо🙌🏻😘 #happiness #tenderness #weddinglook #weddinglook2017

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