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#072 - RPG Class day 06: Bard. "Heidi loved many things, a good pint of ale, a delicious meal, flamboyant company, but above all, her harp. She spent her days wandering from inn to inn sharing her favourite songs in the company of mamy laughs. Most famous where her set fire to the mare, I came in on a rolling cart, rolling in the keep, chasing bars, joker face and many others!" ' Today was a weird day, I both got some really exciting news to share soon! but also my pants were gone with t-shirts, keys, belt after crossfit training, guess someone took them.. Pretty stupid. Blegh. Hope you enjoy the drawing though. #characterdesign #popmusic #conceptart #bard #harp #fantasyart #drawing #digitalart #digitalpainting #rpgdaily #RPG #musician #medieval

379 6 Nov 22, 2017

#065 - RPG Class day 01: druid! Excited to be starting a new 31 day challenge. My good friend inkognitart found this cool prompt list. Him and a couple others are going to be doing them as a weekly challenge but I want to invest a bit more and try and do them daily! Want to really focus on improving my character design. I've included steps, and as the final image all the topics I'll be doing. If you feel inspired feel free to join me! The lineart is nicer but I ran out of time for the rendering! ' "Gwendlin was a druid, and naturally he had a strong connection with nature. Every once in a while a bird would land on his hand and they'd communicate about the on-goings in the forest. That way he knew where to help out. It was a great profession. He got to spend most of his time outdoor and for the majority of the year he was assigned to his favourite forest, The Vygh Woodland. However sometimes those pesky aristocrats back at the Green Tower would assign him to the Agagh Grove, which wasn't as enjoyable." #rpg #characterdesign #conceptart #digitalart #druid #bird #nature #conceptdesign #fantasyart #fantasy #dailysketch

579 15 Nov 15, 2017
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