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Surprise Surprise 😉 We are giving our Saturday night club a little makeover just to male it extra special this year 🌿🌴🎧 Is everybody ready for the opening night on the 10th June❓ #ziggymoments #roots #unolife #saturday #clublife #refurbished #nature #malta🇲🇹 #summer17 #visitmalta

2 0 May 24, 2017

THIS JUST IN! "The Pawnshop Preachers are well-played comedy. They deliver songs without heavy seriousness while still exposing and exuding the complex mindset of middle aged American males with a good portion of self irony and often annoyingly catchy choruses. The band plays around with Rockabilly, Country and Roots music in catchy, short songs like "She Loves My Belly and Bald Spot", "Pretty Girls Gotta Work Twice As Hard With Me' and the title song 'Put A Fork In Me, I'm Done'." - Radiohost & music journalist Claus Vittus #countrymusic #country #countrysong #americana #americanamusic #roots #rootsmusic #comedy #humor #humour #copenhagen #copenhagenlife #denmark #denmark

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| The Cunas | are also known as Los Tules. This indigenous tribe live of hunting, fishing, and art. when their children reach the age of 7 they must go along side with their parents to learn all about this tasks, dogs play a very important roll because they are not only to chase the pray but also to surround it. #loscunas #lostules #culture #art #leaving #filmmaker #worldtravel #investigationdiscovery #natural #roots #happiness "Ellos si son felices" 🎥 Shot and edited by me. #colombia #antioquia #apartado

4 0 May 24, 2017

The BEST INCENSE FOR ANYONE!! Located in our Incense, Resins and Burners sections of our shoppe. It's our Witches Incense Collection ~ This set comes in a 5 X 7 Black Wood box with a glass top. Each bottle measures 2 1/4" tall and 3/4 " in diameter. It includes loose incense that will fit most of your witch needs. Here they are as follows: 1) Tree Divination Blend ~ Made with Frankincense, Pine, Sandalwood and a special blend of herbs for it's intent. 2) Spirit Summoning Blend ~ A special blend for summoning spirits 3) Ritual Magick Blend ~ Made with White Copal, Frankincense and a herb mix blended for it's magickal intent. 4) Shapeshifter Blend ~ Secret old time mix to aid you in experiencing your spirit animal. 5) Tarot Blend ~ Made with Siam, Benzoin, Sandalwood, and Myrrh and a melody of mix herbs to burn during any divination workings. 6) Visionary Blend ~ Made with White Frankincense and a mixture of herbs that were selected for it's intent. Use for meditation or divination of any kind. 7) Astral Travel Blend ~ Made with Sandalwood, Benzoin Siam, and a specific blend of herbs to assist you in the projecting the Astral Body. 8) Ritual Circle Blend ~ Made with Myrrh, Benzoin, Frankincense, White Sandalwood, and a special blend of herbs. Burn in the circle for all types of rituals and spells. 9) Crystal Purification Blend ~ Frankincense, Copal, White Sandalwood with just the right blend of herbs. Burn to purify and cleanse your crystals. 10) Ceremonial Magick Blend ~ Made with Frankincense, Mastic and Sandalwood. Burn during all types of Magickal workings. 11) Witches Flight Blend ~ Made with a special herB blend to assist you in Astral Travel. 12) Divination Blend ~ Made with a perfect blend of herbs to burn during or before divination work. 13) WItches Hearth Protection Blend ~ Made with Dragon's Blood, Myrrh, and a blend of fragrant Herbs that correspond to it's intent. Burn once a week to protect your home and family from outside negativity and evil doers. 14) Labyrinth's Journey Blend ~ Made with Pine Resin and a mixture of herbs to aid you in insight to your life's path. <> THIS SET ALSO COMES WITH OUR PARCHMENT TREE OF LIFE CANDLEHOLDER

8 1 May 24, 2017

All new George Wolfenbear Beard Balm Red | Edition available pre-release by direct message #mountain #fresh #beardproducts #barber #handcrafted 📷 barefootandbearded 🐺🐻

10 1 May 24, 2017

🏛 Temple run! #TaProhm #TombRaider

2 1 May 24, 2017

I must be an emotional archaeologist because I keep looking for the roots of things, particularly the roots of behaviour and why I feel certain ways about certain things.

6 1 May 24, 2017

Roots/Veins. 2017 (Ancestor series) #plant #leaves #green #veins #roots #alive

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queen_aesthetics The keeper of my #heart. #Throwback to when you dressed like a conservative #person.❤😋 Don't always look at the #surface. The #souls #roots are much #deeper. And #beauty is #defined by the beholder. That being said. Your beauty is #untamed. Your #eyes so #intricate. Your #finger print so #unique. There will never be a better #You than the You that you are.💎 Some #truth for this #Day #Loveyou R.K🍑🌴

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Ancient Roots. Photo - raulsaki Location - Cambodia, Asia. We are now on YouTube! Link in bio, please subscribe! For potential feature of your travel photo: 1) Follow us - ThereIsAWorldOutThere 2) Then use #ThereIsAWorldOutThere

72 2 May 24, 2017
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