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At our last market days, caseecristeen, corinnecourtney, and I were surprised by how many men openly approached throughout the course of the day. One man even asked to take a picture of us to “show the boys at home” what “beautiful women” there are in Texas. In front of his wife. A man stood just outside of our booth staring at my sisters and I, making me uncomfortable. I stared back. He was unmoved. These incidents may seem harmless, but they are far from the only or the worst ones we’ve ever experienced. And for some reason it feels like it’s happening more often, and harassers are becoming more brazen. The amount of times I’ve been approached in the last year in ways that make me feel uncomfortable when I’m just out running errands blows my mind. Not to mention the times I’ve been assaulted in large crowds at various festivals. I think that saying #metoo is letting the world know that we are no longer going to sit idly by and wait for things to change. We won’t be silenced any longer. We won’t stand for “boys will be boys” or “well what were you wearing?” any longer. And we’re asking you to stand with us. We’re asking you to help us fight rape culture, victim-blaming, and to stop putting all of the weight of sexual assault and harassment on women’s shoulders, because straight women aren’t the only ones who have experienced this. It permeates through our society, so that every one likely has witnessed or experienced sexual assault and harassment in some way. #metoo image: kellyetz via: theeverygirl_ #rollercoasterrides

9 1 Oct 17, 2017

I am a total wuss when it comes to adventure parks and #rollercoasters 😂 so I generally stay away from them .. I have no idea where I gathered the courage to ride the #formularossa ferrariworldabudhabi which is the #worldsfastestcoaster 250 kmph.. Riding this monster was probably the bravest and the stupidest thing I have done 😂 #myfirstrollercoaster #epic #ferrari #ferrariworld #abudhabi #rollercoasterrides #saloraj

35 5 Oct 11, 2017

#MondayMantra - all of the pain and bitterness of this world has been weighing incredibly heavy on me lately. It’s been hard to create positive content when all I want to do is shutdown and cry over what is going on in our world. But I can’t do that, it’s not helping anything. So I’ll keep posting pretty pictures, and pretty words, and hopefully inspire someone who is having a bad day to not let it bring them down. At the same time, I don’t plan on sweeping the important things we need to talk about, learn from, and grow from under the rug. We all have to let our light shine, so we can drive out the hate. 💛💛💛 #rollercoasterrides image via magesoul

7 1 Oct 9, 2017
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