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Just trynna mix things up. If you do the same exercise the same way all the time, you’ll eventually hit plateaus and wear down the functionality of your body (think joint health). So, instead of regular #tricep rope pushdowns, I decided to try a reverse cable variation (h/t: realmattwenning). ● ● ● Tonight’s training was an upper body spit. To w/u, I did #triceppushdowns and #facepulls with a mini elitefts band for 25 reps each supersetted with pushups for for sets of 25, 25, 20, & 15. Once again, I took no rest between each set and with the goal of finishing the whole group in under 10 minutes. ● ● ● Tonight’s main lift was bench focused. I did slight (~20°) incline #dumbbell #benchpress as for lotsa reps 30x12, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, & 60 all for 10, 70 for 8, and 75 for 6, 6, and 5 (wanted six on that last set, but I failed). ● ● ● Accessory work was the cable crossover tricep extensions you see in the video, 100-pound #dumbbellrows, and 35 pound lateral dumbbell raises supersetted for 4 sets of 8 once again with no rest. ● ● ● All in all, I was in and done in under an hour. #holyvolumebatman ● ● ● #powerlifter #powerlifting #ohiostrong #ipickupheavythings #roadto1300 #fitness #fitnesslife #250kchallenge2018

40 6 Jan 19, 2018

Took a page from realmattwenning's playbook and started my lower body session with some assistance exercises for warm-ups. • • • Hip adductor @ 130 #, hip abductor @ 130 #, and body weight back hypertensions supersetted with no rest at 4 sets of 25 reps. You read right. No rest between each set of 25 and even between each superset. • • • And then I deadlifted 135 & 225 each for 5 reps as well as 315 for 3 all sumo & conventional. My "main lifts" were conventional deadlifts at 365x3, 385x3, 405x2, and 425x1. • • • For accessory work I did iso-lateral rows @ 152 for 12 reps and Bulgarian split squats at 45 for 12 reps each leg supersetted with barbell rows at 225 for 8, 8, 10, 10. • • • All of that was done in an hour and 20 minutes including some BSing with my buddy blackwidow_sti because I'm trying to bring up my #generalphysicalconditioning • • • Despite chasing #keto and only eating ~2100 calories per day for the last couple of days, I still feel like I'm at a strength level I was in December, fitfox93. I didn't pull as much as I have in past sessions, but I also haven't pulled in ~3 weeks and I've never pulled after that kind of warm-up. The jury's still out, but I'm hopeful. • • • #powerlifter #powerlifting #ohiostrong #ipickupheavythings #roadto1300 #fitness #fitnesslife #250kchallenge2018 #ludusmagnus ludus_magnus_gym #thosemachinesarentjustforgirls

43 0 Jan 17, 2018

I’m not one to embrace #fitnesschallenges. However, over the weekend I entered a #fitnesstransformation contest hosted by bodybuildingcom. The top prize is quite substantial. There are also a smaller prizes that are goal specific, such as building muscle, best male transformation, and best social media motivator. I think I have an opportunity to take home some serious cash and the challenge lines up with my goals right now. • • • My goals are staggered if you will. First, after much consideration, I don’t think I am efficiently partitioning nutrition because I am such a high #bodyfat. I’ve flirted with 15-16% BF before, but I decided to pursue strength and ate to get stronger at the sacrifice of leanness. I may have been able to accomplish both, but I wanted to chase a big total and didn’t think I’d be able to do it as quickly if I dieted down simultaneously. I missed one of my lift goals this year, but looking back on it now, I think it was a little lofty. I’m no longer interested in an absolute total and am chasing something relative, so a lower bodyweight may be to my advantage. I’ve decided to diet down to 15% bodyfat to chase that efficient nutrition partitioning. • • • December for me is usually an #allyoucaneat contest with limited training due to travel, even after I decided to #eatandtrain with a purpose. I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll come into the New Year a tad heavier than before #Thanksgiving, but didn’t think I’d be this heavy. No sweat, though. I’m able to eat to support my goals. There’s little to no emotional food issues here and I know how to plan as well as to what to eat and in what quantities to hit specific #macronutrient goals. • • • I’ll share some of my training sessions and progress along the way. If you have any questions, just reply to any of my posts. I’d also love to hear if I’ve motivated you along the way. • • • #powerlifter #powerlifting #ohiostrong #ipickupheavythings #roadto1300 #fitness #fitnesslife #250kchallenge2018

27 2 Jan 16, 2018

gaglionestrength 405 for a double after my 3rm test at 395. A little higher than I wanted, but I know I can clean this up. Excited to start this final block on Sunday. #148s #67kg #powerlifting #powerlifter #squats #legday #strengthtraining #strong #power #goals #determined #uspapower #passion #fitness #fit #gym #roadto1300 #nikeromaleos3 #gteam #liftheavy apemanstrong pioneer_fit chillteaandcoffee flowvisioncompany

41 8 Jan 16, 2018

I'm old school and I like to write things on paper. Here are my 2018 gym goals. Add 75 # to squat, 75 # to bench, and 50 # to deadlift. Also, I'll be dropping down to 175lbs and competing at 75kg. All to get ready for #bendthebar 2018. #squat #skwaats #bench #deadlift #SBD #uspatexas #roadto1300 #pathto75kg #75kgboiz #agoalunwrittenisadream

19 0 Jan 15, 2018

gaglionestrength death by double long pause bench. 3x2 after a 5x3. 275 with 60 in bands shown. 6x5 double 3ct pause, aka death.

47 1 Jan 11, 2018

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157 66 Jan 10, 2018

Cramping at 3 minutes in...Amazing how quickly one aspect of fitness is lost when you focus on another. #powerlifting #roadto1300 #gainz #cardiokillsgainz

6 0 Jan 9, 2018

425 on da #squats today. Nice PR for the new year. pioneer_fit belt was frozen in the car but it warmed up nicely. The Unbullyable shirt from thebrandxmethod is my PR shirt. This completes another round of canditotraininghq 9 week program with a 70 lb PR. #gainz #powerlifting #roadto1300 #liftforthe22 #startingacut #shreddedfortheindy500

16 3 Jan 5, 2018

gaglionestrength Felt so good to not be sick. 8x2 banded speed squats. Orange elitefts bands added 95lbs. 295(390) shown.

48 3 Dec 31, 2017

Never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually starting to like deadlifts. 4x2 @ 365. Bench is feeling great too. 4x4 @ 255. Featuring Dr. Urits. #ChristmasGainz #strength #powerlifting #gamer #progress #roadto1300 #legend #jangarangaroo #bars

32 3 Dec 30, 2017

Just showing off my depth. #respectthedepth 375 for some singles on #squats. Looking a little fluffy from the holidays. #powerlifting #roadto1300 #strawberryface

15 0 Dec 29, 2017

1. #candito 9 week #squat program has me hitting PRs with easy. 370 for 3 easy singles today. 2. Downtown Indy is beautiful. 3. Absurd amount of amazing chicken&noodles. Thanks jennycrowe 4. Santa Ruck #goruck goruck event raised over $30k!!! #powerlifting #roadto1300 #gainz

20 0 Dec 22, 2017

gaglionestrength Fun bench work with pops. Worked up to 285 on the long pause bench 5x3. These bad boys suck the ego right out of you.

35 2 Dec 20, 2017
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