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Haven't posted in a while because I took more than a week off from the gym after the meet, but it's time to get back in it and fix some weaknesses I have! I combined both Day 1 and 2 of the week and those days called for: Front Squat: 195x3x7 Bench: 200x3x6 Deadlift440x3x5 Deadlifts sucked today because I forgot I took out chalk from my bag and the bar was smooth af! Made my deadlifts that were suppose to be easy look like an RPE 10😂 Still got the work in tho! #herostrength #TeamHeroStrength • • • • #squats #bench #deadlift #gym #24hourfitness #gainz #swole #powerlifting #gymlife #barbellbrigade #gymshark #whynot #alphalete #strength #uspa #thegrind #nodaysoff #fitness #strong #fit #usironclub #powerbuilding #metroflexlbc #roadto1300 #uspapower #165boiz #SBD #sbdapparel

95 3 Oct 19, 2017

Little 5 lb jumps on both the comp bench (280) and the slingshot (305). 280 is actually a 5 lb PR so even tho it was slow I'm pretty happy next week redo that and speed it up #nm_hulk #illmatic_power #gabesfitness #gabe10 #roadto300 #roadto1300

18 3 Oct 18, 2017

MEET RECAP📢 I went 8/9 with a 1311lb total @ 165, getting first place for both the Jr. and Open 75kg Division and winning Jr. Best Lifter with a 425 wilks score! Squat: It was a great call from my coach phymandang to hit a 463 squat because 474 wasn't there that day and the heat was super draining. 463 was a solid 3rd attempt. I was really rushing warming up because the meet was going way faster than I expected and really got me feeling anxious and rushed! Bench: I didn't really have any hype going into bench because the heat got me feeling depleted at this point! 265 felt slow on my second attempt and I couldn't lock out my 280 and failed that lift! I'm not too bummed about it because the whole training block I was dealing with shoulder and elbow issues despite doing 10 lbs worse than Anaheim Fit Expo. Deadlift: I was the very last person to deadlift and I was going for a Jr. National Record, so all eyes were on me! The amount of hype and support I got when I got the pull was so surreal! This is why I am so obsessed with this sport! The amount of love and support you get from your competitors and supporters is unreal. Even if we are competing against each other we all want to see each other succeed and get stronger!

153 32 Oct 9, 2017

Wasn't the perfect meet but definitely beyond satisfied with my performance and left it all on the stage. Ended up getting a 1311 lb total and got first place in the Jr. and Open 75 kg weight class out of 20+ lifters! I was also able to break the Jr. National and State Deadlift record, Jr. State Total record, and Open State Deadlift record and got best lifter of the day in the Jr. Class(still waiting if I got Best Jr. Overall lifter). S/O to my teammate ryu_herostrength for absolutely murdering the 148 lb weight class with a 1394 lb total and breaking numerous national records and S/O to my coach phymandang for getting us hella prepared for the meet and handling us the whole 12 hour day! And thank for everyone who came put to the meet and supported the herostrengthofficial movement🙏

201 31 Oct 9, 2017

The less glamorous side of Powerlifting they don’t tell you about 😓!!! Final lifts are done, bag is packed and I’m officially back in the 140 # club. • • So excited to see my extended PL family down in Orlando. Wishing nothing but success for my Team getthelift #gtlpowerlifting, my crew, and obviously myself lol. • • Couldn’t be here or do this without the endless support from the Wifey jennacohen11. Thank you 😘!!! • • See everyone in Orlando!!! • • #teamgetthelift #rawnationals2017 #roadto1300 #roadtoarnold #getthelift #usapl #usaplmaryland #roadtonationals #usapowerlifting #66kg   #66kgclass #benchpress #bench #sbdapparel #nikeromaleos #metcon #fitness #fancysocks #powerlifter #powerlifting #gains #fitnessmotivation #drugfreepowerlifting #oldmanstrong #strengthtraining #brickbodies #a7intl #lululemon

128 39 Oct 8, 2017

Last 2 days of the training block calls for SBD! I'm so happy the torture is finally over and I could rest for 3 days before the meet😭 I'm fatigued as hell, but super excited to give it my all at metroflexlbc! Squats: 1 x 2 and 2 x 1 with 365 lbs Bench: 1 x 2 and 2 x 1 with 220 lbs Deadlift: 3 x 1 455 lbs #HeroStrength #TeamHeroStrength

88 5 Oct 5, 2017

Here's my 430 x 2 on my last squat day after 4 x 2 with 420 lbs! I felt hella beat up going into this day and fatigue is at an all time high. It's nice to know that I can hit this weight for a double on any given day. #HeroStrength #TeamHeroStrength

82 4 Oct 2, 2017

S/O to my boy brandon_ple for filming and editing this dope video as ryu_herostrength and I hit our last heavy squat day before Metroflex! Worked up to a heavy double with 430 lbs right after already doing 4 x 2 with 420 lbs. Big squat coming with less than 1 week out💪🏼 #HeroStrength #TeamHeroStrength

134 18 Oct 2, 2017

Got a great deadlift day with herostrengthofficial team! I worked up to my opener with 513 lbs for 3 sets of singles, while my teammate ryu_herostrength worked up to a double at 568 lbs. #TeamHeroStrength is taking over! Huge S/O to usironclub powerliftner bartellbarbell richsalinas_ for letting us come out and prep for our meet on October 7th at Metroflex! 🎥: phymandang #HeroStrength #TeamHeroStrength

148 27 Sep 28, 2017

It's so great to fking low bar again! Next step is to do it without the floss band. Haven't low bar since the Anaheim fit expo, so really trying to focus on technique and getting comfortable with the form again. Despite only getting 4 hours of sleep, this workout went really well. 350x5x3 #HeroStrength #TeamHeroStrength

83 8 Sep 27, 2017

This workout was brought to you by nose torque and hype af music🔥 Deadlift: 515x2x5 Bench: 220x5x4 Had a really good sesh today! #HeroStrength #TeamHeroStrength

100 12 Sep 26, 2017

Tutto quel che sogni un giorno sarà realtà...🌻🔜 #roadto1300 🎥

263 11 Sep 24, 2017

Today was a time pr at the gym! I was literally at the gym for almost 5 hours hitting all three lifts😂. Today was the first day of me doing low bar in a month! Shoulder is feeling a lot better but still had to floss band to get the low bar position, but happy with the progress! I might be able to clutch it with low bar right before the meet🙏 Squat: 425 lb x 1 RPE 8 Deadlift: 445x5x2 RPE 7 Bench: 240x3x4 RPE 9 #HeroStrength #TeamHeroStrength

76 8 Sep 24, 2017

2 weeks out from Metroflex and I might be able to clutch it with the low bar right before the meet! I've been a little lazy to upload my lifts but here's a combination of my deadlift and my squat day. High Bar Squat: 365x3x4 RPE 7 Deadlifts: 497x3x3 RPE 7.5 #herostrength #TeamHeroStrength

85 5 Sep 23, 2017

276 3 Sep 19, 2017

Had to hit 335 lb for 3 sets of 4 with the last set being an AMRAP. I hit 8 which is aight🙄

106 12 Sep 18, 2017

Had an amazing deadlift session with teammate ryufitpl and the homie k_suyyy! Better watch out for these 2 monsters at Metroflex because both of these guys are strong af!!!! Me: 480x4x3 @ 165 lbs Ryu: 505x5x3 @ 148 lbs😱 Kevin: 410x4x4 @ 165 lbs We're coming for you Metroflex💪🏼 #HeroStrength #TeamHeroStrength

72 10 Sep 14, 2017
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