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There are lots of wonderful new people here on Sherlock’s Instagram so I thought I’d to a primer of sorts, so here’s my top ten Sherlockisms... . #10: Play Dead. In 2012 we watched “The Artist” at home mostly because there was a Jack Russell in the film. The next day, while dancing and crooning to some early Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation and doing some spring cleaning, I pointed my finger pistol at Sherlock and said “bang!” because it was a trick the JRT in the film had done. He didn’t miss a beat—flopped right over and closed his eyes! I nearly fell over. At this point he had been with us for over 2.5 years and we had no idea he could do this. I immediately got him to do it ten more times and then called Andrew then my mom to tell them! We knew that he knew a lot of tricks but we had never thought to try that one! It became his go to for years. If he wanted something, “bam!”, he would roll on his side or back and stare or point his nose at us till he got what he wanted. Over the years it got harder and harder for him to do, but discovering that he in could in that moment made it a joyous one that only he and I shared (and Janet Jackson of course). I wish I could feel that way everyday.

148 12 Nov 23, 2017

Paco’s first trip to South Rim was an #awesome #adventure! #grandcanyon #campingwithdogs #womansbestfriend #camping #bestfriend #love him #somuch #beautiful #woof

66 7 Nov 23, 2017

So into my himalayanpet chew that I’m not even responding to my name. #himalayanchew

34 3 Nov 23, 2017

I've shared my adoption story before and doing it again for my hubba hubba pal Pawley 2huskymutts and his #pawleysadoptiontales contest in honor of his Gotcha Day, which is today so please show him some love. 🎉🙌👏 🔹️ I was abandoned and found in the Bronx by NYC's Animal Care & Control, a dirty and matted 8-year-old stray with cloudy eyes full of discharge. Because of my geriatric age, I landed on the death row list shortly after being brought to the shelter despite being perfectly healthy and adoptable. Fortunately, I was rescued from euthanasia by socialteesnyc who found me an amazing foster mom who took great care of me while Mama was on the hunt for a #seniordog to #adopt. When all the stars finally aligned for her to be ready and able to finally adopt her first dog at the ripe age of 42, she was committed to giving a home to only senior dogs thanks to susiesseniordogs. Well, the Canine Cupid finally shot his arrow blessed with my spittle at Mama’s butt and bull's eye -- she brought me home on 11/25/14! Mama doesn't know much about my history, but it's clear that I was part of a home once as I was housebroken and knew some basic commands. It's also clear that neglect and abuse by humans were part of my painful past, but she's been very patient in letting me know she won't ever hurt or abandon me. She loves me unconditionally and shows me I'm worthy of love, even through the first six challenging months with several painful bites and ruining her career as an arm model. Even after an emergency dental run for a chipped tooth when I tried to grab the eye drops with my teeth. Even when I attack the Swiffer and rip up its sheets. Even when I get mouthy sometimes and use her hand as a chew toy. Even when I like nipping at and batting her feet at the most inopportune times, especially when she's running late to work. Even when I can get a little spicy, temperamental, and headstrong with her, Mama stays true to her vow to love me forever and a day. I have so much love and happiness in my life now: All because Mama chose to adopt me. I am thankful and know we found each other for a reason. I love Mama unconditionally and vow to love her back furever and a day.

56 9 Nov 23, 2017

*** long post alert *** Hello friends! #8forElla  Meet Ella the #puppy #dog we have been fostering to #adopt. She's a scruffy mutt, part #terrier, part #schnauser, a tiny bundle of complete #doggo joy.  She has warmed our new home and been a wonderful addition to our lives the last three-plus weeks; she's as sweet as she is #adorable!! We found her through liveloveanimalrescue ( #adoptdontshop) in #LongBeach, and the team there have been suuuuuper helpful to us, first-time puppy parents. Here's the deal. Live Love only adopts out healthy pets, and Ella has one remaining health hoop to jump through - but it's a big one. She has a persistent urinary incontinence issue, what I've been calling a leaky tinkler, that will require a CT scan and surgery to repair. She is house, potty, and crate trained (as much as a baby puppy can be at her age), but still needs to wear a diaper around the house. Starting today we are helping Live Love with their #8forElla campaign to fund her medical costs, to get her the treatment she needs, so that we may fully adopt her. Every $8 (eight dollar) #8forElla donation enters you into a raffle for some sweet gift baskets (more details to come on those) and other #sWAG, with all funds going directly to Live Love to fund Ella's medical needs. Please help us blow past our $3000 goal by donating  8 bucks 16 clams 24 greenbacks 32 dollars  or any multiple of $8 you want to share. THANK YOU!!! See flyer (designed by heidihaein) for the link to donate, or comment with any questions. Thanks again!!!!!

28 5 Nov 23, 2017

To celebrate #Thanksgiving #Lily is enjoying the traditional food of her people. #knucklesandwich

14 1 Nov 23, 2017

One of my more memorable neighbors over the years. Also, how do I️ keep posting more photos but loosing followers? Is that how this is suppose to work?? 🤣😭 Which ties into my next point—Happy Turkey Day!! 🦃🦃🦃🦃 #huskygram #husky #huskynation #huskysofig #husky❤️ #huskyeyes #eyes #huskyworld #huskynation #huskypics #siberianhuskies #huskyoftheday #4legphoto #pnwdogs #pnwpups #pdxdogs #petportrait #petphotography #doglover #woofwoof #rescuedog #rescuenation #rescued #rescue

17 2 Nov 23, 2017

Elliot has found his new forever home with one of our volunteers. Hooray for Elliot (aka Kiddo)! #homeforthanksgiving #thankful ❤️ . . . Tag your rescued spaniels, honorary spaniels and their families #sandiegospanielrescue 🐾❤ #adopteddog #adoptiontails #cockerspaniel #cockerspanielworld #cockerspanielsofinstagram #blackandtan #blackandtandog #adorable #dog #dogstagram #bestoftheday #bestwoof #happyhealthydogs #rescuenation #rescuepetsofinstagram #rescuedisthebestbreed #dilp #bestoftheday #dogoftheday

36 0 Nov 23, 2017

Mahm, camera down. Can't you see this is an emergency?! Bowl = EMPTY. #FEEDME

79 1 Nov 23, 2017

The stork has arrived!! Monday night, Jasmine delivered her beautiful puppies. Tomorrow I will post a photo, but since I didn't around to it before she gave birth, here is her X-ray so you can count the puppies! How many do you see?? #arvsimi #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #spanielmix #rescuedog #rescuenation #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #love #puppylove #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofig #dogsofinsta #dogsofinstagram

44 4 Nov 23, 2017

Sarah available for adoption. Coatesville, Pa Email LaMancharescue #lamanchaanimalrescue #adoptdontshop #adoptadog #rescuedog #coonhound #coonhoundmix #rescuenation #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedogs #startastoryadopt #happydogs photo credit rophoto4

61 3 Nov 23, 2017
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