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Garbage can freed from icy tomb and reunited with beloved recycle bin! It took two gallons of boiling water and a sledge hammer! #reunited #winter #realwomenconquer #amyethehypnotist #hurryspring

3 0 Feb 18, 2018

I saw this quote on the wall at a sporting goods store. Today I was reading Matt 14 where Peter walks on water (swipe 👉🏼 to read it). The connection between the 2 is huge. Jesus calls into question Peter’s faith and focus. Vince Lombardi does the same. Am I focusing on Jesus (goal) or am I getting distracted? . . . . #obsessedwithjesusfirst #worshipthroughexercise #livehealthylovedeeply #momofboys #realwomenconquer #theignitionmission #takebackthekitchen #workingmom #boymom #momofboys #10monthsapart #alopeciaareata #mommastime #workingoutfromhome #iowagirl #communityovercompetition

5 1 Feb 18, 2018

Day 32 you rock! I can do hard things. Today’s workout is my least favorite. Like hands down hate the thing. But I did it. It wasn’t “fun” but I wasn’t going to quit. The end feeling - accomplished and proud- was worth the pain I felt during it. Happy Sabbath everyone. I pray you learn/discover that you can do hard things too. . . . . . #obsessedwithjesusfirst #worshipthroughexercise #livehealthylovedeeply #momofboys #realwomenconquer #theignitionmission #workingmom #boymom #takebackthekitchen #momofboys #10monthsapart #alopeciaareata #mommastime #workingoutfromhome #iowagirl #communityovercompetition #sabbath #hisday

10 0 Feb 18, 2018

Yesterday it was the LEGO dude, today it is the Cowboy/ Bandit Nerf Gun Boy 😂. Never a dull moment! #CantFindThisAtTheGym

37 1 Feb 18, 2018

I do not remember the last Saturday we had ZERO plans! Getting to lay here in my bed, on my own schedule, is glorious! 💜

33 4 Feb 17, 2018

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.” • • • • I did not want to wake up to my alarm. Today is one of those busy days where I told myself “I’ll just do my workout later” Isnt it funny how we know in our minds already that we won’t be able to do it “later” anyways!? I got up, pressed play and feel amazing. Sore has never felt so good 👊🏻💕 #realwomenconquer #motivation #positivemindset #volunteer #collegestudent #wakeupworkout

18 1 Feb 17, 2018

Sometimes I work out by myself and sometimes I work out with my LEGO Friends 🤷🏻‍♀️😍! #lego #momlife

45 1 Feb 17, 2018

Best Friends 💙🐶 It’s mutual when string cheese is involved!

28 2 Feb 17, 2018

Before I used to think it was impossible to eat healthy meals because my days are so crazy. I would come home and scarf whatever I could get my hands on and feel like crap afterwards. BUT after learning what my body needs to get enough nutrition I almost have a hard time eating enough! This took me maybe 30 minutes and will be enough for 5 days worth of lunches. Busy schedules & eating right CAN exist in the same world. #healthylifestyle #mealprep #collegestudent #eatingright #realwomenconquer #nutrition

13 3 Feb 17, 2018

these boys were up early & got along this morning! sometimes it’s the little things! 💜

21 2 Feb 16, 2018

Worked two of my jobs today and I am tired, so tired I am literally eating a taco in bed. 😁 This quote puts into words how I have felt everyday since deciding to pay off my debt and be weird. I’m working multiple jobs, not spending money and looking for ways to utilize the resources I have to the fullest. My heart is in this 100% so I hustle to make my dreams come true. Love this debt free community for keeping me mostly on track. 😊 #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtsucks #debtfreeisthenewsexy #everydayimhustlin #realwomenconquer #whatisyourwhy #allin

49 3 Feb 16, 2018

I never thought I would cry as much as I did last weekend while attending a leadership conference. I had earned this trip and it was paid for, so that made me cry. I am 34 weeks very hormonal and away from my family, so that made me cry. I listened to many stories of lives transformed, so that made me cry. And the wall behind us in this picture....are just a few of those people that their lives have been changed for the better by what we do as a team in the fitness industry. • What we do as coaches is helping REAL poeple with a REAL problem. The obesity rate in this country is high, people are dying of heart attacks and adults along with children are diagnosed with diabetes at an alarming rate due to this problem. • Because I and so many others decided to step outside our comfort zone...there are now people who are no longer diabetic, people that have lost so much weight that they can fit in an airplane seat and moms who now have the energy and ability to PLAY with their kids. Lives are changed every day due to the fact that we as coaches have decided to put ourselves out there and HELP those in need of a healthier lifestyle. • If you would like to learn more of what we do as coaches, what's like to be part of a top team and how you too can work part time from home in helping others live a healthier lifestyle, shoot me a message or comment below with 💪🏻. We are running an informational group about coaching and how we we 'do it all' in the same 24 hours of the day you all have. "Individually we are one drop, but TOGETHER we are an ocean." - unknown

63 3 Feb 16, 2018

When it comes to {biz talk} I consistently talk to two types of people: . {one} Ehhh idk. It may be a scam. I don’t have a big social media following. I don’t have time. I’m more of an introvert. I’m not in good enough shape. . {two} Let’s do it! Idk how I’m going to make it work, but I’m ready to help others while getting in the best shape of my life! My family could use extra income! I’m ready to learn! . Can i tell you... i had all of the hesitations from person one. But i took a chance. It wasn’t until i became a coach that i got in the {best shape of my life.} I have helped so many people, and heard so many success stories, nothing is more rewarding! Not to mention, this part time side gig has allowed financial freedom for my family! . I’ve got a new mentorship program starting soon! Let me show you how i built a successful business, part time! Join me on a mission to make the world a healthier and happier place! . Comment below with your favorite emoji, and I’ll send you some info! . . . #fitness #healthandfitness #fitnessgoals #momswholift #fitmama #workingmom #toddlermom #girlmom #bossbabe #girlboss #healthnut #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #realwomenconquer #brunetlove #loveyourself #loveothers #healthnut #healthyworld #income #makeadifference #itstartswithyou #goals

39 1 Feb 16, 2018

THROWBACK THURSDAY! ▪️▪️▪️ Each of these photos brings back memories. Everyday is a journey and I love every minute! ▪️▪️▪️ I have gone through many ups and downs with my weight loss and weight gains throughout the years. But I can honestly says these past two years have been consistent and I am so happy I took on this journey!

34 2 Feb 16, 2018

Things I thought I would never do when I became a stay at home mama 4 years ago: . 🙈Post a sweaty selfie (and definitely not one where I was flexing 💪🤳😵) . ✈Fly across the country for a business trip by myself . 🙅Become best friends with strangers I met on the internet . Yet they've all happened in the last year. Does posting a sweaty selfie a day make people think they can workout too? Nope. But if I am sharing it, I'm sharing more than a picture - I'm sharing the story behind it. I'm sharing how a broken woman who hated every part of her body has learned to be comfortable in her own skin. Does flying across the country for a business trip make me a super hero? Of course not. But it shows how I value learning and growing so I can provide the best value to my clients. Oh and this stranger I met? She saw a few posts of mine on Facebook 15 months ago and decided to reach out. We now talk daily and she is rocking it as a coach on my team. This role as a health and fitness coach is part time - it doesn't consume my life all day, I can do it while staying home with my girls, but it gives me a bonus purpose and allows me to fulfill a passion to help women make time for themselves every day. If you're curious about how you could make part time coaching work with your lifestyle and this tugs at your heart at all, please reach out or comment below so I can share the nitty gritty with you in a private group next week!

34 1 Feb 16, 2018

When I look at these two pictures, there is a distinct difference that you see immediately! My hair is dark brown. I get that this is not a huge deal & anyone can change their hair color- but to me, I can remember WHY I was changing my hair color. . I was searching. I was looking for something easy. I was thinking if I could just get my hair like this, I’ll like how I look in pictures & then I’ll be content with how I look! I went from dark to ombré to blonde to dark to blonde, all the while not even acknowledging that nothing was being fixed while doing this. . I was about a year into working out consistently & feeding my body the proper foods in the proper portions when this FINALLY clicked for me. I could change my hair to purple, blue, green, dark, blonde- whatever I wanted & I wasn’t going to like how I looked. It was going to take hard work truly from the inside out, consistency, showing up EVERY. DAY. even when I didn’t want to, & discipline! . This transformation was never about my hair. It really wasn’t even about how I looked- it’s TOTALLY all about how I feel inside. I’m not the skinniest I’ve ever been, which is what I was after when I started this journey, but oh I gained so much more & I’ve never felt better inside! 💜

29 1 Feb 16, 2018

It’s almost that time again !!! 🏀🏀🏀 MARCH MADNESS 🏀🏀🏀 This is something all of us even the kids enjoy watching every year !! And this year I am even more excited to get you excited with us ! I have come up with a 30 day bracket workout plan! How it works every time we do 2 workouts we take a vote - whichever one receives the most votes wins and goes on to the next round! Until day 30 when we will crown a workout program winner ! It’s kinda like when DUKE plays UNC and wins against them - Duke continues to move on to win while UNC is done! Where my duke fans at !!!!!? FUN RIGHT? And here’s the best part ! 🏀 - all these workouts can be done from home , or if you like you can take them to the gym ! Plus for the entire month I will provide you with a meal plan which includes dinner recipes and grocery lists! And on top of all of that an amazing group of men and women empowering each other to discover self love and how beautiful they are inside and out! I know you want in on this fun !! 🏀 Comment below with your favourite NCAA basketball team and I will get your ready to have fun with us March madness workout style ! #marchmadness #fitmom #dreambig #momoftwo #healthjourney #strongisthenewskinny #mompreneur #canadiangirl #albertamom #blessedmomma #lifewithlittles # #realwomenconquer #theignitionmission

16 2 Feb 16, 2018
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