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When people say your always sick but they don't really understand why and that you deal with a lot everyday even when your your not sick sick... because you have the worst diease ever...all I can do is try my very best everyday to deal with it all its not easy but you learn to adapt because u have no choice if only people really understood the struggle being diabetic was I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy ppl say cancer is worse but sometimes I disagree because atleast you know there's an end with diabetes everyday is a new struggle and an unknown can do everything right and your sugars turn out the worst there's no control your body owns you at times!!! #noimnotsick #diabeticproblems #realtalk #diabetes #diabetesawareness #type1diabetes #type2diabetes #thestruggleisreal #educateyourself #diabetessucks #takeitdaybyday #fulltimejob #rollwiththepunches #everydayisanewday #gottakeeppushing #nochoice #diabetessucks #bloodsugar #bloodsugarproblems #itrymybest

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🕴🏽👞👑The Royal Court Escorts present: 🤜🏾 Men's Gather 🤛🏾 👤 Location: Stephens Hall 👤 Date: October 19, 2017 👤 Time: 6:30 P.M. ▪️ Fellas, come join us for mentoring, career development and more. 💪🏾 #AAMU #AAMU18 #AAMU19 #AAMU20 #AAMU21 #Royalty #24K #Gentlemen #Saucedup #Juice #RealTalk 🕴🏽For more questions or information contact The Royal Court Escorts.

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Relationships ain’t breezy #realtalk

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Weather for rell toes,,no clothes and plenty pose.....

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On my story today I posed the question “what’s stopping you?” This particular response really struck me because it sounded just like me not so long ago and just like many others who I speak to. We live in a society where we are bombarded constantly with images of perfection. The perfect booty, waistline, abz.....We see the images of women who seem to snap back into their pre pregnancy clothes as soon as the baby pops out 🤦🏾‍♀️But what we rarely see or hear about are the struggles, the bad days. The times when these perfect humans backtracked or didn’t want to get out of bed or looked at a reflection of themselves and felt disgust at what stared back. 😔.. ... What we aren’t always shown is real life. Or what your average person has to leap through before the change in body and mind comes. So to this person I’d like to say that giving up easily is normal, it’s perfectly ok because that IS part of the process. But what you must do first is realign your mindset and when you gaze at yourself in the mirror tell yourself that you are worthy or loving yourself enough to make the changes you want. That you are strong enough to pick yourself up and move on from setbacks without being consumed with guilt. That you are on a journey that will take time and have highs and lows but with persistence will come the results that you want. So be good to yourself. Be kind and be assured that you are real♥️ You got this peeps! #realtalk #fitmuslimah #strongwomen #explosiveworkouts #hijabiswholift #fithijabi #girlslifttoo #fitmom #fitness #fitlife #workout #exercise #gym #gymlife #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitness #fitnessjourney #momswholift #womenwholift #girlswholift #internationalfitsisters #muslim #training #dailygrind #weightlifting #bodybuilding bodybuildingcom internationalfitsisters home.exercises homeworkouts_4u afrogirlfitness musclepharm gymaesthetic gymglutes girlaesthetics girlyexercises transformfitspo fitgirlsguide fitgirls fit.moms.of.ig nike muslimahchamber muslimgirl muslimsoftheworld1 bellahijabs

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❤️😘 Thank you . You’re amazing!🙌🏾 I am so thank for you guys that are praying for me. 🙏🏾🌹❤️ #thankyougod #thankyou for your #prayers. #pray #trustgod #therealmvp #kingjesus #kingofkings #lordofall #whenhe #godschild #realove #realtalk #motivation #success #godlywoman #picoftheday #quotes #quoteoftheday #quotetoliveby #blessed #godisgood #queen #entrepreneur #goodafternoon 🙌🏾☺️👍🏾👍🏾 #justatouchof_j

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I've been claiming a lot of wins lately 👊🏻💗🙌🏻 Things I never thought I'd have as wins. It's funny what you appreciate when you're going through a recovery process, things that 18 months ago wouldn't have even seemed like an achievement are now battles resulting in victories. Last night I celebrated getting through a bad evening of pain without taking codiene WIN I haven't had codiene in 3 weeks WIN did an 8 hour day at church WIN went out at night despite pain WIN climbed up & down stairs 4 times in a day WIN Left my house every day this week WIN. It's so funny that these are wins when before #PulmonaryEmbolisms I'd not think about working 30+ hours a week, coming home & doing fulltime study in my 'spare time' 😂 & now my lungs are having to heal & anything that requires oxygen is suddenly a challenge in itself. People saying "wow that's ages!" when I talk about my recovery timeframe & all I can think is months are nothing, I don't care if it takes a lifetime... because I'm just glad I still have one. To not take it for granted because I know other people didn't get this far. I've sat in waiting rooms with people who were dying. Comforted family members of those waiting on transplants that I'm lucky enough not to need. I've seen the bravest people overcome the impossible. I've encouraged others still on the journey. The lack of awareness amazes me. The lack of research amazes me. The people walking around like timebombs who don't even know they're at risk because DHBs refuse to pay for the simple blood test that could give someone a diagnosis of a blood disorder. Clots being so common they kill more people than breast cancer. People who think they're impressing me by saying they'll just "wait & see how they feel" if they have chest pain or difficulty breathing rather than seeing a doctor like I'm going to sympathise with their stupidity. Not being able to get through Greys Anatomy without someone having a DVT or PE & yet no one has heard of them. I celebrate the wins so others know they're possible. I celebrate the wins to raise awareness. I celebrate the wins so I never lose the beauty in process of healing. Celebrate your wins 😘 #RealTalk #StopTheClot

8 1 Oct 18, 2017

Taking a 2nd look can save us from ignorance, from ourselves, from illusions. • I took an #Orangetheory class yesterday for the 1st time & I've woken up sore & achey today. As I stretched I thought "ow ow ow" but then asked if it feels good. It definitely does. By remembering what's good for me I can turn that growing pain into enjoyment. All it seemed to take today was asking the question & now stretching in bed feels glorious. Glorious! 🎉 There may be inflammation but there's heaps of growth happening through it. When I forget that I become static, demobilized, & unmotivated. Aw yes, my purpose is growth & pain leads there. Ding ding ding... 💡💡💡 Now seems a great time for questioning... especially authority figures & ourselves. Illusion or truth. We decide. Taking a 2nd look... 👁🕶👁

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#realtalk 💯 😒😤🤣🤣🙇‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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