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Today is the day I celebrate LIFE 9 years ago on this day my life turned upside down. I was teaching an aerobic class and I got a stroke I lost my ability of speaking and one side of my body was defected but still,I was ALIVE I think 15. of April is my lucky day because I have learned a lot of how I should live my life,and how I should treat people I meet on my way. I have learned that nothing is impossible if you just believe in yourself. If you stay positive and take small steps at the time you can reach your goals.I have learned that you have to live and love everyday,you never know what tomorrow brings. Enjoy life every day,CARE for yourself and be a Good person for people you have in your lifeIf I can do IT so can you I have my issues I have to live with for the rest of my life,but again I AM ALIVE so lets celebrate life today and make this DAY the best ever. And show everybody you CARE about how important they are #stroke #hjerneslag #mywayback #minvegtilbaketillivet #aldrigiopp #nevergiveup #foreverproud #feirelivet #celebratelife #aliveandkicking #ståpåvilje #værepositiv #staypositivenomatterwhat #godemennesker #reachmygoal #målsetting
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