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We’re sad to say Ramani the Sarus crane is flying to her next home sooner than we planned. This weekend will be her last at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and though we know she’s going to have a great home at Indiana’s meskerzoo, it’s going to be hard to say, “See ya later.” The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) has multiple Species Survival Plans (SSPs) designed for vulnerable or endangered species within the care of AZA-accredited facilities. Oftentimes, these SSPs involve matching single animals to hopefully form a successful breeding pair in order to bolster these animals’ populations. This is our hope for Ramani, as sarus cranes are classified as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. We know you love her endearing screeches as much as we do, so please come pay her a feathered farewell before she leaves Monday, 4/17. #cmz #cmzoo #crane #seeyalater


Sold at Auction Today for $1,428,000. Congrats to Lynn & Steve, and to Shaun Ramani on this sale. #sanssouci #rhsanssouci # rayfadel #shaunramani #raineandhornesanssouci


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#itisaras #ExploringIndianHistory #didyouknow #HauzKhas Village is a historic habitation around the region of the Hauz Khas Complex, dating to much before establishment of South Delhi. It existed as an urban #village at the edge of larger Hauz Khas area, developed by DLF after the 1960s. The village area started getting #modernized in mid-1980s when designer boutiques of fashion designer like Bina Ramani, started moving in. Then, in the late 1990s #restaurants started coming up in the area, today it has around 40 restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes.The success of Hauz Khas village has led to the development of #ShahpurJat and #LadoSarai as #fashion and #design markets also in the South #Delhi area. #createexplore #exploreeverything #_soi #_soidelhi #inspiroindia #lonelyplanetindia #indiapictures #incredibleindia #igramming_india #delhiwale #photographersofindia #streetphotographyindia #indiatourism

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