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Happy hump day from me and miss Henleigh Jean! Wednesday means wine night and craft time with my best friend, as well as halfway through this short week already! WOOP WOOP 🙌🏻 #BCBaby

24 1 Jan 17, 2018

Happy 13th biryhday to my lil cousin NaNa #13 #TeenieBop #RaisingWomen #Teenagers

5 0 Jan 17, 2018

While I focused on these individual snowflakes falling today I marveled anew at how they truly are all completely intricately different and unique. I thought, “Why else would God have gone through the precise effort and put the masterful thought into something SO tiny other than to bring Himself glory and proclaim His artistry?” Continually moved and challenged that it’s my responsibility to teach my baby girl, running around basking in the white with her nose getting pink, that she was made intricately different and unique for the same reason. ❄️ #darlingellajane

225 2 Jan 17, 2018

My favorite running partner. Being a mom has meant giving myself a lot more grace about how and when I work out. It also means someone is watching me. I never want any child, let alone my own, to feel like love of their body depends on how many calories they’ve burnt or pieces of kale they’ve eaten that day. I’m trying my best to lead by example 🙌🏻 #loveyourself #raisingwomen

66 2 Jan 16, 2018

When others struggled, they pushed on. When it appeared they couldn’t, these women dared to DO. Obsessed with our new #womenwhodared blocks!

30 8 Jan 16, 2018

The other day Charlie learnt about pockets! A life skill that she will learn to love more then ever. To the point of being overly excited when a dress has pockets! 😂 #charliebeech #itsagirlthing #pocketsarelife

53 3 Jan 16, 2018

I just want them to know that they are capable, powerful, and significant. If I do nothing else in life but Instill those views in my daughters I’ll be ok. #raisingdaughters #raisingwomen #momquotes #mygirls #myloves #strongwomen #strengthinnumbers #confidence

19 0 Jan 15, 2018

It’s hard to imagine life with two mini ones, but I’m sure that I’ll have enough love to carry them both 💕 “You carry me” 10” x 8” Watercolour Paints on 300gsm paper. - - - - - - - - - - - #motherhoodrising #motherhoodunited #exploretocreate #watercolourart #britishart #ukartist #enjoythejourney #creativeminds #peoplescreative #slowliving #paintinglife #worksonpaper #makersmovement #darlingmovement #raisingwomen

32 8 Jan 15, 2018

Courage is a skill that can be developed like a muscle. Fear is nothing more than an obstacle in our minds that restricts our action. With knowledge, practice, and experience you are able to manage fear and build courage. With each new obstacle that is overcome, fear is reduced and your tolerance for fear is increased. Courage is formed. Confidence is found. In simple terms, your actions become increasingly less restricted by fear as you overcome each new larger obstacle. 1. Learn 2. Practice 3. Experience #habitsofheroes #raisingmen #raisingwomen #diving

74 2 Jan 15, 2018

they are just little non-stop-hand-holding best friends. gah. 💕 #sisters

91 1 Jan 15, 2018

Stay creative. Stay imaginative. Stay young and curious and unique and bold. Stay thoughtful and confident. Because there ain’t a thing about you I would change, darling. 🌟

38 1 Jan 15, 2018

🙌 #raisingwomen #girlsrule jayda_lilly amelia.roberts04

22 2 Jan 15, 2018

beaupinto comin out with the good shit👌👌👌 • • #women #raisingwomen #daughter #quote #quoteoftheday #truth

15 0 Jan 14, 2018

🙏🏼 T E A C H E R 🙏🏼 Reading The Conscious Parent has been so endlessly comforting. They choose us, our children. The lessons we most need to learn, in order to pack our stymying egos away, once and for all, come from surrendering all notion of ‘what life is meant to look like’ - from the moment they arrive, vocal and fiercely themselves, every single bet is off. 🙏🏼 Any picture you had of yourself as the perfect parent disappears - as it should - because this is not about you - it’s about your child. 🙏🏼 Your child knows their mind. It’s up to us to show them that they’re right in knowing it - that their independence & curiosity & uniqueness will be protected - by us, the guardians of their precious essence. 🙏🏼 Today, surrounded by my nearest & dearest, with seldasoulspace who held a beautiful blessing for the baby who is soon to join us - I’m going to be an auntie!!!! 💖✨💖✨ - I saw my own child, maturing into her own-ness owning it proud to listen to it... at home among the four generations of women, the singing bowls, the olive branches & meditation circle. Her Self. Not mine. But mine always: Mia 💖✨🙏🏼

118 37 Jan 13, 2018

💪🏼Up & at ‘em!! The only gym selfie you’ll get out of me unless I decided to go through a bikini model mid life crisis 👙🙃. Always choose class In a world of instant attention seeking at your fingertips via social media, dating sites, etc. I’m So proud of the girls I’ve raised. #Class #LeadByExample #Riser #RaisingWomen #RaisingGentelmen

39 2 Jan 13, 2018
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