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Goddess Love and Skyview High school hosted our first session of Girl talk, and might I add it was a success.💃💃💃🤗🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤❤ Our mission is to teach self love, healthy relationships, the importance of education, and prevention of teen pregnancy, all while having fun! Our ice breaker activity worked great. The girls was able to see that many other girls struggle with various similar obstacles. TOGETHER we will get through these obstacles. Real Queens empower one another. ❤💖💜 We cried and laughed together, and it was only the first day! We had so much fun. My God! It was amazing. Our mini Queens rock! They are so strong. Their eagerness to grow makes my heart so happy! 🤗🤗 Fixing our crowns and carrying on to be great women. #QueenCode 👑💪 ❤❤It's a sisterhood❤❤

4 1 Nov 18, 2017

Campaign for blanqigirls with photographer brit_jacox. Please do not use without permission. .... Hi new followers! I'm Coley and this is me most days. Hovered around the kitchen, feeding four littles, while trying to keep my coffee warm. One is probably attached to me while the others are calling my name asking for more water or help putting on their pants and another is climbing on top of something around the house. It's crazy and fun and tiring and demanding, but life with them is fuller, brighter, funnier, healthier, and so much more. I work while they nap, get a few emails in while they play in the backyard next to my office, and paint after bedtime while I pray they'd just. go. to. sleep. already! 😜The days are nonstop, the weeks fly by too fast with them, and I just don't want to blink any faster. This time of year always forces me to slow down a bit, soaking in the season and enjoying the little things with them. And they sure do make my mama heart proud. .... If you're new here, please introduce yourself and share below how you take time to slow down for the holidays...I'd love to hear from you 💛

337 17 Nov 18, 2017

If I could give my daughter 3 things.. 🧚🏻‍♂️

103 5 Nov 17, 2017

OVERWHELMED// It's funny because having kids has both helped me manage my stress and been its main cause. I didn't know true stress until I was about 25. Now I am learning alongside my 6 year old. In her screaming fits I see myself. I understand how she feels and even with all the understanding and knowing the right thing to do, I am often right back to "forgetting" just like my daughter. Forgetting to breath, to use kind words, to take a moment to let it pass. So I try to show her that even Mom's aren't perfect. That even Mom needs a penny jar for when she gets out of line. Because its okay to feel ugly sometimes and accept the unpleasant. We all lose control sometimes and being grounded and strong doesn't mean you can't make mistakes. The real goal is not to hurt others in our process, to learn from our mistakes and to make each generation that much better. #letstalk #mothertomother #mothertodaughter #raisingwomen

69 11 Nov 17, 2017

Big girl has no idea how much of an influence she has on her sister. It’s a good thing she’s an amazing kiddo without even having to try 💜 I hope she passes down her compassion for others, her straight As, her ease of making friends and her joke telling skills to her baby sister. #raisingwomen #girlmom #growingupgirl

16 0 Nov 17, 2017

💗You are beautiful just the way you are 💗 • The season of family pictures is upon us. We had ours done a few weeks ago. We hadn’t had a family photo taken in 5 years! 😱 My baby was...still a baby! I’m good about sending out a photo Christmas card every year but I just snap a cute pic of the girls to put on it. • I know my family across the country would probably like to see a current photo of all of us, but honestly I don’t like being in photos. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m the heaviest I have ever been, my skin is pale with brown spots from chemo, I have scars, my hair is thin & frizzy & sticks out in weird places, I look tired all of the time...I could go on. I don’t feel beautiful at all. 😔 • After going through cancer treatment, though, I decided that this was the year I get back into the picture! This wasn’t about me, how selfish I had been all of these years. But this is about my girls & making sure I’m in the picture too. One day (not any time soon hopefully 😉) pictures will be all that they have of me. • Why is it so hard sometimes to remember that I am enough? And how can I raise confident young women if I am not aware of my own self worth? I need to be the best example for my girls. So I put on a floral dress, some makeup, attempted to curl my hair & we had a friend take our family pictures. And my girls said, “Mom you are so pretty you don’t need to wear makeup.” ☺️ Melt my heart. Kids are honest & they helped to remind me that beauty is so much more than what shows on the outside. If you are happy, that brightness will radiate from within you. ☀️ • I love our new family photos! 😍 I will cherish them forever. Regardless of how I felt physically, I look at our pictures & see so much love & happiness. I’m so glad I got over my insecurities & got in the picture. I’ll share some of them soon. • I hope we all remember that we are beautiful just the way we are! 💗 Pretty dress 👗 kervology Photo cred 📷 kimashworthphotography

14 8 Nov 17, 2017

Taking a break with these two beauties supporting singletonurquharts lipstick brigade for women's downtown shelters ❤️ #charity #raisingwomen #vancity #lawfirm #singletonurquhart ❤️ amazing night of fun and Philanthropy wbng604 ❤️ Kelly Arthur anadomingos_realtor shabbytochicism

42 0 Nov 17, 2017

Shout out to raisingesthers stellar admin intern eunotvrynice. This girl has made the past two months easyyyyy. was sooooo tired today but had to keep my word to hangout with her tonight. And of course kimbakermua_l, owner of Glamazon make up line gave Eunice a lipstick of her choice.... Entrepreneur life + 9-5 = pray in a good assistant. ❤️ you, Eunice!!! #admin #mua #entrepreneur #raisingwomen

30 2 Nov 17, 2017

History project yesterday. We just hit ancient Africa 🌍 and (at least according to Story of the World) found out we know very little pre-renaissance. Suggested activity: beaded necklaces 🎨 and homemade drums 🎶 #Homeschoolinglife #homeschoollife #homeschooling #homeschool #sotw #storyoftheworldbook1 #historyproject #handsonlearning #makelearningfun #ancientafrica #raisingwomen

10 0 Nov 16, 2017

Day 14 - My Mother-in-law is an amazing woman and I am beyond #grateful for her. Literally from the moment we met, she’s accepted me into her family and loved me as her daughter. Also, did I mention how freaking fun she is?! I just love our Ria❤️ #30daychallenge #30daysofgratitude #30daysofthankfulness #grateful #gratitude #thankful #fulloflove #love #family #motherinlaw #MIL #mom #momlife #momoftoddler #bonusmom #momofdaughters #raisingwomen #grandma #grandmalove

17 3 Nov 16, 2017

We love seeing you in our tees, especially our #fiercefemme one! Each person who has bought one of these has had a personal reason behind their purchase and have felt empowered. We’d love to reach out to more Fierce Femme’s so please help us find them - comment or tag below! 📷 the_muddled_mum

36 2 Nov 15, 2017
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