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People seriously need to stop thinking that I'm flirting with them. I talk to everyone that way!! I have a perverted sense of humor and I'm a crazy little random dumbass so if I don't talk to you that way then I'm either uncomfortable talking to you or I don't like you. 💀 Don't get me wrong, I am a shy person so when we first start talking I'm probably going to be shy and awkward anyway, but after a bit I should be my random, crazy, idiotic self lmao. I have a tendency to call people babe or tell people that I love them.. so, just to clarify; If I say "I love you", I mean it like.. oh, I love you like a brother/sister or in a friend way. Not like, "OH, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! I WANNA MARRY YOU!!😍" 😂 and if I call you bae/babe/baby, I don't mean it in a relationship way. I call everyone that. It's like when people call their friends "bud" and stuff like that. Hell, I call my girl friends "wifey". If I make a sexual joke, it doesn't mean that I want your D (or P👀). Again, I have a perverted sense of humor so that's just normal for me. I have a boyfriend and I'm happy! And he's aware of the way I talk to other guys (and girls, I talk to girls the same way!!), I even tell him a lot of the things I talk to people about because it's amusing and all in fun, I'm not flirting or intending to make people think I'm flirting with them. It's just my personality, I was this way before I even met my bf. I have been this way for years. Trust me, if I was flirting you would know because I'm extremely shy and awkward when it comes to having a crush on someone. So, let's recap: If I say "I love you", it just means that you mean something to me and you're not just some random person that I'm talking to. If I call you bae/babe/baby, it's just something that I call everyone. If I make sexual jokes with you, it doesn't mean that I'm trying to fuck you. And most importantly, I. AM. NOT. FLIRTING!. Now that we have that out of the way, I am going to eat some chicken and drink a Dr. Pepper Cherry. Have a nice night. Goodbye. xx 😘

17 1 Aug 18, 2017

Did you hear that? It's Norman Bates! Another great pop for horror fans. Also check out our exclusive Greg from Over the Garden Wall. This is a limited run of only 5,000 released! #psycho #normanbates #horror #pops #overthegardenwall #greg #hottopic

3 0 Aug 18, 2017

STALKER = PSYCHO Lebih jauhnya Stalking is a CRIME and CRIMINALS Saya pernah bilang kan dulu ? Kalau STALKING apalagi stalking org yg kita tidak suka atau benci adalah gejala awal dari seorang PSIKOPAT terselubung. Krn saya dan kebanyakan org normal lainnya akan cenderung menghindari atau tidak mau tahu ttg org yg kita tidak suka. Silahkan tanya ke psikolog, psikiater dan cari literaturnya. Dalam Agama pun kita diperintahkan untuk menjauhi, menghindari hal hal yg menimbulkan PENYAKIT HATI. #stalker #psycho

1 0 Aug 18, 2017

When white boys on tinder think I gaf. #ByeNigga #psycho 🤣🤣

4 6 Aug 18, 2017

$35 AU layouts! (25$ US) Will be coming up with some border/resin cases too! Customise sides (melty, lace, rhinestones) Will adjust to your device, custom whip(triple, two tone, single) for no extra cost! Comment to claim! Want your own custom case, dm for details! #sailormoon #sailormars #sailorscout #kitty #baby #neko #pikachu #Pokemon #psycho #eyes #creepy #ouija #kitten #ddlg #abdl

18 10 Aug 18, 2017
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