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Be yourself because you can’t be anyone else! #loveyourself #beyourself #iam #iamme #love #psychic #psychicmedium #power

3 1 Dec 17, 2017

Expérience chamanique faite💓 « Nous sommes tous les visiteurs de ce moment, de cet endroit. Nous ne faisons que les traverser. Nous sommes ici pour observer, apprendre, grandir, aimer… puis nous rentrons à la maison. » – Proverbe autochtone australien #citation #sagesseetcreativitéholistiques #stephaniegras #lafantaisieholistic #chamanisme #shaman #spirit #spiritlife #experience #lifeismagic #psychicmedium #médiumnité #meditation #medium

6 0 Dec 17, 2017

Laughter can open your heart, It can take away pain and sorrow, and instantly shift your energies! Find something today to smile laugh and just be joyous. Laughter really is the best medicine! Happy Sunday. Xo Alex

89 10 Dec 17, 2017

TONIGHT at 7PM EST! Please join my dear friend carriestiers and me for a little peace and joy as we share stories about the holiday season and tips on how you can make the most of this time of year! ✨🎅🏻🎄🌟☃️❄️🎁🕎✨ - - #holidayseason #christmasstories #peaceandjoy - - Look for the live feed right here on Instagram tonight at 7PM EST / 4PM PST💚

7 1 Dec 17, 2017

Y llegando me recibe mi maravilloso equipo de tamasisteatro quienes ya están casi listos para que hoy a las 3:00pm vivamos en el Hotel Hesperia hesperiave LA EXPERIENCIA! Aún quedan entradas, así que vengan y les compran a ellos todas las entradas. Nos vemos en un ratico! IMPERDIBLE! #yo #psychic #psychicmedium #medium #mediumship #bhagavanvasquez #coach #coaching #motivacion #motivation #inspiracion #inspiration #happiness #felicidad #sabiduria #wisdom #buenosdias #goodmorning #venezuela #vzla #caracas #maracay #valencia #barquisimeto #maracaibo #puertoordaz #mundo #world 🙏🏻😊 MENCIONA A TUS FAMILIARES Y AMIGOS😊🙏🏻 🖊COMENTA 🖊

98 2 Dec 17, 2017

✨Totem animals, what’s yours? These animals serve as spirit guides. Native American tribes tradition say we will have 9 different totem animals during our lives. One way to find out what yours is, is by meditation, this can be done during a guided meditation with someone like myself or you can find good ones on youtube as well. Be sure when they make themselves present in your life to notice what they are trying to tell you... “notice what you notice” Displaying my totem animal here 🦊foxy ✨💖M x #fox #totemanimal #spiritguide #meditation #meditate #meditating #mindfulness #animals #nativeamerican #tradition #tribe #guidedmeditation #youtube #noticewhatyounotice #foxy #higherself #universe #clairvoyant #energy #mediumship #psychicmedium

13 0 Dec 17, 2017

There is something in this pain that we are to learn. Something that will aid us in moving forward with a lesson learned and a pattern ended if we can only detach emotionally and allow our minds to handle this one. It's not about denying our feelings but creating the necessary spaciousness to assess all parts of the whole. To understand our pain. To understand what caused it. To see things from a broader perspective that will clearly highlight, from this elevated perspective, the way forward and through this experience.

684 1 Dec 17, 2017

#buenosdiasvenezuelayelmundoentero Valencia YA LLEGUÉ! Nos vemos esta tarde a las 3:00pm aquí mismo en el Hotel Hesperia hesperiave donde juntos viviremos LA EXPERIENCIA, una experiencia donde no solo aprenderemos sobre el mundo de los espíritus, sino donde también me verás EN VIVO entregarte mensajes sanadores, de tus seres queridos fallecidos! AÚN QUEDAN ENTRADAS, así que CORRE YA MISMO al stand de Tamasis Teatro tamasisteatro o a y adquiere tus entradas ahí. Es mi ÚLTIMA PRESENTACIÓN DEL AÑO EN VALECIA! Nos vemos esta tarde! #yo #psychic #psychicmedium #medium #mediumship #bhagavanvasquez #coach #coaching #motivacion #motivation #inspiracion #inspiration #happiness #felicidad #sabiduria #wisdom #buenosdias #goodmorning #venezuela #vzla #caracas #maracay #valencia #barquisimeto #maracaibo #puertoordaz #mundo #world 🙏🏻😊 MENCIONA A TUS FAMILIARES Y AMIGOS 😊🙏🏻 🖊 COMENTA 🖊

75 6 Dec 17, 2017

Todays New Moon in Sagittarius is sitting pretty with Saturn and Venus on either side of the transit as well as Uranus tickling the transit with its energy. This creates a “have and eat your cake” type situation where you can make major changes without necessarily upsetting the balance of your life. Its a wonderful template upon which you can open to the future as you leave the past behind. Such a poignant universal gift for the last New Moon of 2017, isn’t it? New Moons are portals for creating change and launching new ventures. And as we approach the final days of 2017 this is a perfect opportunity for discerning what can stay and what must go. Because in the end it all comes down to vision. It comes down to taking the time to pay attention to what we want and what we have to do to get there. And often what holds us back from not merely dreaming about change but MAKING change happen is the fear of upset. The change to the structure and foundation of our lives is not something to be taken lightly. But today we have a rare opportunity to step to that edge. To jump and embrace the unknown and to know that the Universe has your back. Now is the time. Lets be honest folks, this life is not a fucking test run. Though we may live multiple lives this is the only life we will live in this body, with this contract, with these opportunities. It can be an all too attractive option to wait for opportunity to come to us but this does not a well lived life make. Because sometimes opportunity doesn’t come to us, we must go to it. We must make the opportunities that we need to make this life burst with aliveness. Todays New Moon encourages you to partake in rituals that release what is no longer serving while opening to what you desire. To call to yourself those opportunities while taking stock of what actions you can take to create the flow of energy you wish to see in your life. Now is the time. Now is the moment.

999 1 Dec 17, 2017

👻 ::Glen Renner Smith Collection:: -Vintage Snapshot of the Artist - Hand Painted Sign - Hand Made Painter's Pallette Talking Board Lily Dale Assembly Spiritualist Camp Pomfret, New York Circa 1930's Glen Renner Smith was a Spiritualist medium residing in Lily Dale. He just so happened to be a sign painter as well. Many of the signs hanging up in front of his fellow medium's homes were created by him. These signs are commonly referred to as shingles by assembly members. The snapshot subject is confirmed to be Smith, the board is confirmed to have been his own personal board, the sign however is just assumed to be his handiwork given the time period in which it resided in Lily Dale.

39 2 Dec 17, 2017

Readings with Rachel live on Facebook ✨ Tuesday 19th December at 19:30 “You don’t have to be weird to be spiritual” #clairvoyant #psychic #love #chakra #lightworker #intuition #spiritual #guidance #crystals #meditation #medium #spirituality #divinity #life #energy #psychicreading #aura #psychicreadings #wisdom #healer #positivevibes #psychicmedium #oracle #newbeginnings #intuitive

9 0 Dec 17, 2017

Tonight, December 17th, is the BEAUTIFUL NEW MOON!!! Lots of energy is stirring! Can you feel it? This is the last month of 2017. So a PERFECT time to re-evaluate your future based off all your learned this year. It is a time to release any and all goals, intentions and plans that no longer serve your highest and best good. Now is the time to set your intentions and manifest an amazing 2018! Give gratitude and celebrate the successes of 2017. What a great evening for a fresh reset with the beautiful NEW MOON!🌕 Celebrate and Release the past. Manifest your joyful 2018! Join me in my FREE FB Group to watch my new moon ritual video to help you do this. ••link is in bio••• #moonritual #newmoonritual #newmoon 💫Book a Reading 💫Book a Soul Contact Reading 💫Book. Discovery Call 💫ENROLL in the New You 9 week program #newyou

24 3 Dec 17, 2017

23 1 Dec 17, 2017

It's time to trust and have faith. Yes I know its hard to trust that things are going to be ok when you are in the midst of turmoil. I get that. But what you need to understand is when we relax our energy, we stop creating friction, which allows the change to go smoothly with comfort. #faith #trust #change #universe #psychicmedium #readings #reading

7 2 Dec 17, 2017
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