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And who said this is for kids ... .. #project101 #science

15 0 Nov 21, 2017

PROJECT101 BABY. IN A FEW YEARS TIME, TEAM EPIC WILL HAVE 101 GOLD DIRECTORS AND 6 FIGURE EARNERS. Thank you to everyone who has played apart in our journey. To all my friends, associates and mentors. Thank you to the people who weren't scared to take a chance on themselves, as you have created a positive ripple effect for us all. Lets set an EXAMPLE and take advantage of the best entrepreneurial era EVER!

99 9 Nov 20, 2017

98% done #project101

2 0 Nov 19, 2017

DIY Christmas Bell🔔 using plastic bottles #recycle #project101

1 0 Nov 19, 2017

Have a break, have a ... 💭💭💭💭💭💭 #project101 #cheesy

2 0 Nov 19, 2017

Love working with these papers 💕 #project101

2 0 Nov 19, 2017

My "OBRA"cadabra🤘🏻😁 #project101 #Bella's #1st #Bornday

7 0 Nov 18, 2017

DIY Scrapbook/Portfolio jaringggs 🤑😅✌🏻📒🖍✂️✏️💕 #project101 #mypreciousmoments #mypreciousmemories

8 0 Nov 18, 2017

Mr.Carrot бдит. Он видит все недочеты и не позволит отлынивать. Ведь нет предела совершенству! Приходи, танцуй, развивайся! #тренировка #танцы #тренер #dance #training #mds #spb #project101 #kpopdance #댄스팀

21 1 Nov 18, 2017

J&C Apartment is ongoing already. Nakakatuwa kasi kakasimula palang namin magpagawa pero andami na daw nagpapaserved.😊 Meet Kuya Bayani and Bong sila po yung tutulong samin para matapos yung mga apartment namin. #salamatLord #project101 #J&Capartment #AchievementUnlocked

105 0 Nov 18, 2017

I preach this message 100%. And i'd like to think that i'm more of a positive guy spreading positive energy. However to be completely honest, in the past 2 weeks i've found myself bitching about my sickness, family problems and weaker business days. Not necessarily to anyone, but subconsciously i played the victim game....TO MYSELF. I have learnt that it is not practical to complain. Especially if you have big goals and ambitions. Especially if you are far off from your milestones. Especially if you're a human being with full fucking mobility to get shit DONE.

45 1 Nov 17, 2017

Our second event kicking off this Wednesday evening in Kensington! . . Local guests are welcome to join our #proejct101 event, we're excited to share our Vision and expand our Community to help more people work towards a healthier lifestyle with more time and financial freedom . . Multiple keynote speakers educating on disease prevention, living a healthier lifestyle and sharing how to create more wealth with a simple system . See you there! . . #melbourne #kensington #kensingtontownhall #healthiswealth #project101 #community #melblife

22 2 Nov 17, 2017
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