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Doubt will smile and invite themselves into your heart like it bought a home. It is up to you to push past your fears; throw yourself into the faith of belief in yourself; in your resources; in your religion; in your energy, destiny. Believe you can and you will. Comment below 👇👇👇 to share how you help convince yourself to see past the insecurity and let your message inspire others♡ 💖 ♡ #positive #encourage #empower #empowerment #selfcare #selflove #love #followforfollow #followme #like4like #likeforfollow #inspire #inspiration #motivation #strength #courage #positivevibes #transformation #growth #progress #progressnotperfection #beauty #health #beautifulquotes #kind #kindness

5 0 Sep 21, 2017

My summer outfit. And now that summers almost over (one more day 😭) I think i need to do a fall version 🍂

1 1 Sep 21, 2017

LAST CALL! This past week I was asked to snap a quick photo with a piece of paper with a word of what coaching means to me for a team slideshow. Man did I ever have trouble coming up with a word. I went though words like : Purpose , friendship, health, confidence , self-esteem, growth, encouragement, accountability, happiness, community, empowerment , strength, passion ... And the list goes on. All of the above words describe what this "job" is to me, how do I pick one?? Then I sat at my desk and saw the answer sitting right in front of me. A short statement that summed it all up ! It covers everything! Not to mention i was ironically WEARING the answer. Lol no that was not planned... It's simple...doing what I love and loving what I do. 🎯. I know there is a lot of misunderstanding or questions about what exactly that is and you're not the only one. So my team has put together a sneak peak to show you ! It's a private group page ONLY FOR TODAY that you can listen to other coaches, my team, my friends , my support talk about what this business has done for them. Emotionally, physically, spiritually and monetary wise. This is a business for EVERYONE! Follow along and see what I mean. Just comment below or send me a pm and let me know your curious and I'll add you in. There will be videos, posts, graphics and all sorts of things to answer any and all questions or you can creep quietly in the corner and just watch. Want something you've never had? Do something you've never done. 💗 #empower #eatgoodfeelgood #fitlife #macros #micros #balance #containersystem #cuzgoals #teamlivin2befit #thebellacorps #coachlife #progressnotperfection #growth #mindset #greenislean #workout #aspire #inspire #dreamer #doer #discipline #collegelife #student #challengeaccepted #changeisgood #motivation #teamwork #preplife #mealprep #workhard

0 0 Sep 21, 2017

Stretch it out with some #lowlunge and #halfsplit pose or getting there at least 😜🙌🏻 #progressnotperfection #stretchaday

5 1 Sep 21, 2017

I saw this on the clearance rack at the grocery store. $2?? I couldn't pass it up! Great reminder not to let perfection get in the way of life's beauty! #livinginastateofslim #progressnotperfection #loveyourlife #pinkismyfavoritecolorMore natural disasters. More reminders to be grateful and make every day count. #shakabuku #gratitude #livewithpurpose #hurricane #earthquake

0 0 Sep 21, 2017

When you feel out of control remember this. ••• You may not be the one making every choice for yourself but there's only one way to start. You can choose to be grateful for what you have, rather than focusing on what you don't. You can be appreciative of the people in your life, instead of dwelling on the ones who didn't stick around. You can be kind to others around you, and remind them not all people have hate in their heart. You can make goals, little or big, and commit to the steps it takes to reach them. If you want something do everything in your power to get there. ••• You have more power over this life than you think. Don't overlook something as awesome as that. ••• Happy pre-Friday y'all 💃🏽 xoxo,J

6 2 Sep 21, 2017

My word of the week? CONSISTENCY. . . I started double duty rehearsals this week for the fall and my schedule was ALL wonky because of it. . . Could I have let it affect me getting my workouts in? Yup. . . Could I have let it make my nutrition go to shit? Yup. . . But did I? Hell no. 👋🏻 . . I set my alarm 30 minutes earlier, got my 25 min workout in (holy hell do I love home workouts and MAN did I miss this program 🙌) and I meal prepped over the weekend like a boss so I would be PREPARED & not let my progress suffer. . . Consistency and Balance is KEY in our health & fitness journeys. And when our schedules get extra busy, that's when SELF CARE needs to come out to play even MORE than usual 🦄 . . Say BUH BYEEE to that all or nothing mindset, girlfriend, and just SHOW UP and do your freaking best every single day. . . Because holy shizballs, we are worth it. YOU are worth it. . . Do YOU do words of the week? What are you choosing to focus on to take a step closer to your F*ck YES life? 👇🏻💗 #teaminspirejoy

3 1 Sep 21, 2017

The way I see it we have 1 one of 2 ways we can go with fitness. We can let it STOP us from moving forward because we are scared of failure, giving into our excuses or any of another thousand reasons I’ve heard or we can let it PUSH us forward to change the course of our day. . Each morning I get up and choose to have it push me forward to get my energy up for the day, but last night was a whole other kind of push forward and it was soooo needed!!! I spent a solid chunk of time making two killer videos I was super proud of for a sneak peak into coaching event I was holding yesterday. I finished and was like “DANG I just killed it!!” I was so excited because the thoughts were flowing and the words coming out were like nothing I’d ever said before. The my computer and Youtube decided they had other plans and needless to say they were ruined. I’m not perfect and couldn’t move right past it, so I cried a bit and started to process through the emotion. I had the choice to keep on being sad and bring those feelings into the class I was teaching last night or use that class to raise my spirits and have fun!! . I chose the second option and ended that class smiling, laughing and loving life!! I even had someone actually say to me, “This was a tough class for me and I told myself I’d stop pushing when you stopped smiling. You never stopped smiling, so I never stopped pushing. Thank you!” This kind woman was so genuine and heartfelt and I will forever hold those words in my heart. . SO now the choice is yours. Let fear and excuses get in your way or use fitness to push you forward toward your health goals and whatever other goals you have in mind!!! I sure hope you choose the second because YOU are worth it!!! AND if you are ready for that second choice, know you DON'T have to do it alone!!! I’m always here to push forward with you💗 . . . #dogmom #dogmommy #shepherdmix #puppiesofinstagram #pitbullsofinstagram #progressnotperfection #selflovejourney #selflove #bodypositive #loveyourbody #disneygirl #fitwife #weddingideas #girlswhoworkout #noexcuses #bookstoread #readingtime #gymsharkwomen #teachersofinstagram #abworkout #homeworkouts #motivationalquotes

5 0 Sep 21, 2017

I don't know if it was something we ate, the cold morning weather, or our training but HOLY MOLY we were FLYING on today's #FitGirls5k 👟💥 Look at those negative splits 😱 So ready to tackle whatever this Thursday has in store for me after such an amazing run 😎 Happy Thursday babes, get that 3.1 miles done! . #morningrun #riseandgrind #pr #progressnotperfection #runningbuddy #iamarunner #tc10miletraining #trainingrun #run #itsalifestyle #doitforyou #strong #strongisbeautiful #loveyourself #fitgirls #fitgirlsguide #fitgirlfam #fitgirlsinspire #fitgirllove #fitgirlintersession #28dayjumpstart #fitkinibodychallenge #fitgirlsbootcamp rach_fink21 fit_girlbritt fitgirlsguide

5 0 Sep 21, 2017

It's #throwbackthursday so here are some pre-weight loss photos. I hated how my body felt back then, but did not hate how it looked-- I love bellies and flab and softness. It was hard for me to make the decision to change my body because I really don't hate my "before" body. My comparison photos aren't like "good and bad" they're "then and now".

2 1 Sep 21, 2017

Be stronger than your excuses 😉💪🏾

7 1 Sep 21, 2017
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