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Pretjepret ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #architecturephotography #chic #urbexworld #preworkout #malming #peopleinframe #dailyphoto #urban

3 0 Oct 21, 2017

Waiting for the #preworkout to kick in while listening to #reggaemusic

1 0 Oct 21, 2017

Sometimes you can't outrun your demons.

33 5 Oct 21, 2017

Selalu workout tp otot lambat sangat nak naik? Nak workout tpi rasa lemau je? Tu maknanya bro perlukan supplement.. ambil mxt black edition.. otot menebal & mengeras, sekali dapat shape serta cutting.. perisa pon upgrade kpd cokelat vanila.. sedap pon sedap. 💥 . ☑COD AREA KL & SEKITAR☑ . 📱 klik utk lihat produk & testimoni lain . wasapp - wasapp - . Whatsapp 013-7701821 . #mxt #mxtblack #muscle #sado #musclebuilder #gym #workout #penebalotot #maskulin #masculine #man #preworkout #supplementstore

4 1 Oct 21, 2017

Yang mau diet, yang mau sixpack, pembentukan badan, ataupun bulking, yuk jangan mudah menyerah, tetap semangat utk pergi fitness 😎

7 2 Oct 21, 2017

I still need to train tonight. But the couch, i think it has some sort of magnetic force-field. The t.v. has funny videos. This blanket attacked me. 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 AlphaCreHD to the rescue!!!🏋 What I like most about AlphaCre is that it doesn't have stimulants. It's perfect for when I train in the evenings because I don't have to worry about being up with all the energy.... seems like it might not be a bad problem to have but we have some flag football games to get to early in the morning! As soon as the beta-alanine kicks in, It's go time! You'll feel this amino acid when it hits the blood stream because of the "tingle". This combined with the creatine monohydrate will help my muscles to push through the reps without fatiguing as fast. But like I said, when the workout is over, it's over and I can sleep like a rock. Ok, enough yapping. Time to WORK!

3 2 Oct 21, 2017

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662 9 Oct 21, 2017

How do you unwind after a long week? Do something for YOU this weekend to help you be a better business owner! 💪🏼🙌👌🏼

26 1 Oct 21, 2017
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