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First meme on this account!! Tag the boys💘💓 #prettymuch prettymuch #edwinhonoret edwinhonoret #zionkuwonu zionkuwonu #meme #tea

8 0 Jan 20, 2018

I cry a little when I watch this 😂😭 tags: #brandonarreaga #edwinhonoret #austinporter #nickmara #zionkuwonu #prettymuch #prettymuchbeanz #beanz

1 0 Jan 20, 2018

LOOK AT THE WAY BRANDON’S HOLDING HIS PHONE OMGG we can add that to the list of his many talents lmaooo

1 1 Jan 20, 2018

What is it called when you are a natural at taking pictures? I think there's a word for it.. #prettymuch #brandonarreaga #nickmara #zionkuwonu #edwinhonoret #austinporter

2 0 Jan 20, 2018

How’s me saying that my grandpa died and that my grandma is dying weird?? Y’all sound dumb as fuck, first of all I don’t have to write a whole fucking paragraph to prove that I fucking care cause I’m pretty sure that more than 50% of you wouldn’t even read the first sentence, second of all I barely even knew my grandpa to be all fucking emotional over it, y’all need to stop assuming shit, sure I was sad but I’m not gonna be writing my fucking emotions to fucking strangers lol, I used to do that but I got tired of it, third just because someone doesn’t express themselves it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with them or the entire Instagram community lol, some people’s coping mechanism is to not show emotion and whatnot. Y’all sound plain dumb acting as if y’all would even share every single fucking detail of your life, no one fucking cares so why tf would I even take the time out of my day to do that??? Also someone was like “I was going through her tagged posts and they’re just plain weird” uhh lol tf ??? I’m not the one telling people to tag me in their posts also most of the time I myself don’t check my tagged posts so the fact that you’re looking through a strangers tagged posts makes you fucking weird, people can’t exactly control others posts and who they tag so get my name out of your fucking mouths, if you have a problem with what I do then say it to my fucking face instead of screenshooting it and posting it somewhere else, tag me and stop being fucking cowards lol. If I have something to say then I fucking say it to their face and I even fucking tag them, y’all always have something to say about people y’all don’t fucking know.

32 3 Jan 20, 2018

😇😇 #love #prettymuch

4 0 Jan 20, 2018

#prettymuch #vanbunknation

1 0 Jan 20, 2018

Eu gostei muito dessa ♥️ Sério achei foda demais. edwinhonoret #prettymuch #edwinhonoret ♥️

1 0 Jan 20, 2018

DETROIT IS GONNA BE LITTTT🔥🔥🔥🔥 brandon_arreaga theaustinporter #prettymuch

4 0 Jan 20, 2018

he is so cute brandon_arreaga - m #prettymuch #brandonarreaga

1 0 Jan 20, 2018


1 0 Jan 20, 2018

Ostrożnie z marzeniami. Czasem się spełniają 🤩 #niunia #córka #fun #kidsmood #dziecko #miłość #mydaughterisawesome #lovemylife #instalike #positivevibes #prettymuch #myprecious #familytime ✌️

9 0 Jan 20, 2018

I like the purple hoodie therealnickmara #nickmara #prettymuch #beanz #cutie

5 0 Jan 19, 2018
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