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Research Preview——————————————————— Due to space and budgetary limitations, recently kettlebell (KB) training has ⬆️in popularity as an alternative approach to enhancing strength, power and/or endurance. When diving into the literature there exists a few studies that have assessed the transferability of KB training including that of Lake & Lauder (2013) and Manocchia et al (2013). While Lake & Lauder (2013) found strength ⬆️12% and that power ⬆️15% after 6 weeks of KB training, Manocchia et al (2013) found that bench press ⬆️14.2 kg and that clean and jerk ⬆️4.2 kg after 10 weeks of KB training. . Despite evidence demonstrating the benefits of KB training, limited research still exists, particularly as it relates to KB swing variations. In fact, to the author's knowledge, ❌ no research currently exists as to the overhead KB swing (OKS) or the indian club swing (ICS), 2 variations which are thought to place different biomechanical demands on the body 🆚the shoulder height KB swing (SKS). . ✅SO CHECK BACK WEDNESDAY TO SEE... If biomechanical differences exists when comparing the OKS 🆚SKS🆚ICS ———————————————————– Bullock, G, Schmitt, A., Shutt, J., Cook, G., & Butler, R. (2007). Kinematic and Kinetic Variables Differ Between Kettlebell Swing Styles. International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, 12 (3), 324 - 332.———————————————————— ‼️REMEMBER‼️ This is ❌NOT medical advice. If you're in pain, please see your local physical therapist by visiting

3 1 Oct 24, 2017

Sometimes a subtle change can make all the difference 🤠 Try rowing from different angles next time you hit back 🤓 #back #backday #upperbody #training #exercise #brisbanept #brisbanegym #gym #workout #gymfreak #personaltrainer #pt #snapfitness #brisbane #rowing #bodybuilding #strong #prehab #healthy #health #fitnessmotivation #love #igfitfam #fitfam #instafit

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Things work out in mysterious ways, but THIS, was no accident. After 3 years of starting Progressive Motion PT, I sign my first lease 🙏🏼 When I walked in and I saw the quote from Mother Teresa, goosebumps IMMEDIATELY formed. That same quote in the space from the previous occupant was the same EXACT quote on my vision board that I made 2 years ago with Coach Crystal Shanks. #visionboard #thesecret #positivevibes #forwardthinking #lawofattraction #pt #dpt #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #physiotherapist #physiotherapy #physio #DPTstudent #crossfit #mobilization #chiro #chiropractic #health #healthcare #fitness #prehab #rehab #sportsmedicine #manualtherapy #exercise #mobility #personaltraining

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Calf raises with a twist! This exercise is great for working the different angles of your calf muscles. While running you don’t always land directly straight forward (especially if you trail run). This will help improve strength and stability for your calves. It’s a great exercise for not just runners but all athletes. In tennis, when you serve your body twist. In basketball your body turns in all directions to get a ball! Great exercise to add to the routine. 💕 - - - #runhealthy #runfit #fitness #physicaltherapy #physiotherapy #runner #athlete #marathoner #training #functional #fitlife #prehab #fitspo #strong #strongwoman #sportsmedicine #fitmom #fitfam #fitmomstrongmom #sportsphysicaltherapy #sweatpink #igfitness #sweatpinkambassador #fitfluential #runnerscommunity #womensrunningcommunity #3drunner

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Throwin it way back here with a video from crossfit718, but it was something I saw today so I figured it warranted a repost. — Uncontrolled dynamic knee valgus can be just as detrimental while rowing as it is while running and jumping. The valgus police👮 always come out when people are squatting and they see even the slightest knee quiver, and yet no one says a word when we see people on the rower looking like they have bambi legs, knees knocking into each other with each pull 🤔. No bueno. — Not only is this not such a great position for your knees, it’s inefficient and going to leave a lot of power on the table. Why do athletes fall into this position? Well, that’s for you as the coach/therapist to assess and find out 🕵🏻‍♀️. Could be core issue, could be a hip issue, could just be an awareness issue. Either way, it’s an issue. Clean it up. — Rowing isn’t a true deadlift or squat pattern, but it shares traits with both, and as such, we should see the same movement virtuosity carrying over, and people hitting those same positions. Just because you’re sitting down doesn’t mean you can let all technique go out the window. Give it a shot and lemme know how it goes! — Oh and, this can totally be contributing to your hip pain. Just sayin. — Like it? Repost it. Don't understand it? Hit me up and get #Maestrofied. ---------------------------------------------- Be sure to follow The Movement Maestro on FB, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for all things #movement related. Come move with the Maestro.

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💣💣 VALUE BOMB 💣💣 Tap the link in our bio socialmanagementco to get access to a library of ready-to-post chiropractic graphics specifically designed to bring in new patients!

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We see a lot of hammy strains / tears in the clinic. Although it is important to come in to have it treated, prevention is the best method of practice. Now that footy season is over, come in and get assessed so we can give you a targeted home / gym program to help strengthen your legs before and during pre season! . . . #hamstring #strain #muscle #bulk #eccentric #concentric #leg #legs #footy #sport #afl #length #control #prevention #rehab #prehab #physio #physiotherapy #injuryprevention #injurymanagement #gym #swim #track #running #kicking #preston

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Core Challenge - 60 seconds: . 🛑 Enough 'how long can you plank for with the most arch in your low back' type core challenges . 🏃‍♂️ No bouncing or using momentum, smooth and controlled throughout. This is meant to challenge your movement creativity in how many ways you can accomplish a goal oriented task. Don't rush through the movement, just get creative in how you do the movement . 👫Tag someone you know you can beat and someone you can't . 🎥 Rule of life: if you didn't film it, it didn't happen

13 1 Oct 24, 2017

Often times people will have symptoms that do not reflect the actual tissue damage or non damage that we see on imaging. Anecdotally and within research it is often seen that pain scores do not often reflect the extent of tissue damage or non damage. • • Often people will have damage present and not have symptoms as well as vice versa. Imaging does not reflect symptoms and pain response. This is where some people get caught up, either having trivial symptoms and making themselves worse based on imaging findings. As well as people being frustrated by having pain that limits their function but nothing showing on imaging studies. This is where physical exam and patients reports are more important. • • Some damage is also very hard to see without a CT scan which is not the first option for imaging. The more detail an image the more expensive it is, this is not good for people with high deductible insurance, payers and often doesn’t give us more information for treatment. It’s bad for patients not only because it gives little information for treatment but some people feel worse just by knowing they have “bad” results or “degenerative” changes. • • Some end plate changes, that I’m talking about, cannot be seen except on CT. Also these changes as well as changes that happen in people with clear damage are from neural sprouting. When the disc is damaged it becomes somewhat vascular to heal, this structure is normally not because of the pressure on it. This allows nerves to sprout into this area under high load. Pressure + nerves that are not supposed to be there =pain • • Tissue damage or lack of damage seen on a picture can not tell us what someone feels or does not feel. If a patient has to continually prove they have pain or limitations in function they’ll never be able to address their limitation and over come them. Lesson for clinicians and patients that imaging again is not always as crucial as we think it is for proper care. Any questions? Comment below #strengthinevidence

22 2 Oct 24, 2017

For some reason it seemed like a good idea to do some #hiittraining at metabolicldn after a long day of #advancedyogateachertraining with jason_crandell. Fast forward to me having my ass cheerily handed to me by the truly lovely lh_metabolicldn. I forgot about the tiredness hangover from Saturday’s four hours of #yogapractice... Thanks to tribevinyasa for the hot tip on the great gym! I’ll be back, maybe even to give a #sportsyoga workshop :-) pumatraining pumawomen #pumaxmetabolicldn #crosstraining #crosstrainingyogi #strength #burpees #hiit #prehab #yogateacher #yogifitness #getasweatonbitches

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Got caught hard at work today! Thanks for the capture annapadillatherx! 🙌 #ALiGNtraining #ALiGN

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Got caught working hard today. Thanks for the capture annapadillatherx ! 🙌 #TrainTRUE #ALiGN #ALiGNtraining

7 1 Oct 24, 2017
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