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Q: Do I have to use cannabis to do yoga? No. Yoga is great, altered or not. Sometimes students feel like using ganja to enhance their practice, and other times, having a yoga practice without ganja feels better. It’s always up to you. And it's always a relaxing, interesting yoga experience, whether or not it's enhanced . Q: Can I just show up to Ganja Yoga? No, it's done by online registration. . Q: Do we consume at the space? Yes. We invite you to BYO and we have plenty of curated products to share. 21+ please. . . Q: How much ganja should I consume for this practice? First-timers to Ganja Yoga or yoga in general should consume less cannabis than they usually do, so the experience of yoga is enhanced. Get high-but-functional. . Q:Is it safe? What if I haven’t done yoga in a long time or not at all?  We're not going to get into an altered state and show off our arm balances. It's about experiencing something beautiful and trippy and cool inside yourself. Most of the time our eyes are all closed, as it's a very relaxation-based class. 🍃 TICKETS ON EVENTBRITE! 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲 . . . #mycreativebiz #selfcare #healthyhabits #healthiswealth #california #norcal #breathe #prana #holistichealth #yogadaily #yogatime #ganjayoga #ganjayogi #deedussaultsganjayoga

10 0 Feb 25, 2018

Hoje não sei o que aconteceu. Hoje acordei. Acordei e sorri. Sorri e agradeci. Agradeci e chorei. Chorei e me libertei. Hoje senti o calor, o vento, o sol. Senti a energia vibrante e colorida. Hoje meu coração parou por alguns segundos. Segundos longos e preciosos. E de repente: Tu tum Tu tum. O bumbo voltou a bater, voltou a reverberar. Senti luz, senti a dança, ouvi o mar e voei nas nuvens. Voei entre as estrelas. Até que me tornei uma. Pequena, fraca, mas com luz própria. E que esta presente no céu de todos aqueles em que posso tocar. Hoje vi os rostos daqueles que me tocaram e que deixaram ser tocados por mim. Vi seus sorrisos, senti seus corações. Abracei cada um. Sai com um pouco deles e deixei um pouco de mim. Me senti extensa, uma árvore gigante de raízes longas. Senti um calor que me é familiar, mas que há muito havia esquecido. Senti minha essência transbordar e tocar a todos. Senti esse amor que não cabe em mim, se extender a todos. E nos tornamos um. Senti esse amor que sou, voar livremente. Não houve medo. Não houve escuridão. Há Luz. Há Paz. Há amor. Amor doado e compartilhado com cada pessoa que habita em meu ser. Amor a vida. Amor transcendendo à você, à eles, à elas. E principalmente à aqueles que não conseguem aceitá-lo, que não se sentem capazes de recebê-lo. Não tem problema, é teu. Eu estou te dando, pois meu espírito sabe que você pode e porque quero te dar. Dar a cada um de vocês que entrelaçam minha vida. Pois não há sentimento, nem gesto melhor do que amar livremente. É liberdade. É paz. É amor. E eu sou amor! E eu amo vocês. 💚 Paloma Monteiro #paz #amor #livre #luz #estrela #prana

17 3 Feb 25, 2018

That feeling of being #golden✨.... after bathing yourself in the most luminous light restoring and replenishing yourself during a healing meditation.... pulling energy in through your base chakra... up and through every chakra up and out of the crown and right back down upon yourself feeling pure #love #joy #peace #prana #thankful #coverfxdrops #la #cali #glow

6 0 Feb 25, 2018

Exploring gratitude for the vast range of emotions that can be tied to one singular experience. Positive, negative, and everything between.

15 1 Feb 25, 2018

Posted this book once before but I have the urge to repost it. Probably the most influential book I’ve read all year. Bowman coached Michael Phelps to 28 Olympic medals, 23 of those are gold. This is a must read for any trainer, coach, or anyone trying to excel in a particular craft. His methods are near flawless in how he coached Michael. The same methods can be used in any aspect of the student mentor bond. The common saying everyone has heard: the master has failed more times than the student has ever attempted.

7 1 Feb 25, 2018

Starting soon on FB...let’s evolve together. 🙏❤️

11 1 Feb 25, 2018

Smile! Happy Sunday! #relax #breathe #lazy days

5 1 Feb 25, 2018

Another beach day and we do crow, one of my favourites 😍 lol at my serious face while preparing• • • • 😀 #yogipoweroflove #crow 💖💖💖 . Please join us from 22 to 28 of February and share all the love you can in these last cold days of February. Lets get the heat moving and love spreading!😃😃😃. . To join us and be eligible for prizes please: . 1) Repost this flyer and invite some friends to join you . . 2) Follow your hosts: ❤️ pigeatsfish ❤️ kimterpstra_yoga ❤️ fit_yoga_girl ❤️ mayyoga14 . 3) Follow our generous sponsors: 🎁 onzie 🎁 pranamat 🎁 yogisurprise 🎁 dharmabumsactive . 4) Post a new photo each day with your interpretation of the day’s pose.  For those who like to plan ahead, our challenge poses are: . - plank - dolphin - pincha - crow - headstand - handstand - yogi's choice . 5) Most importantly, have FUN. This challenge is open to all levels so interpret each pose in your own way 🌟 . . . #yogachallenge #yogalove #yogalife #igyoga #namaste #asana #yoga #yogi #yogini #yogalove #yogalife #asana #yogafun #happyyogi #asana #yogainspiration #prana #fortheloveofyoga #favouriteasanas #yogafavourites #myyogapractice igyogachallenges

6 2 Feb 25, 2018

___Continuing my pending project___ I was painting #mandala (left), but somehow ended up with this venty flowery #coffeecup 😱😱😱 and #wallpainting is kind of OJAS for me Namaste

18 4 Feb 25, 2018

Getting the heat to move and spreading love in #YogiPowerOfLove 22 to 28 of February Day 4 challenge is #crowpose #kakasana . Our hosts: ❤️ pigeatsfish ❤️ kimterpstra_yoga ❤️ fit_yoga_girl ❤️ Mayyoga14 . Our generous sponsors: 🎁 onzie 🎁 pranamat 🎁 Yogisurprise . 🎁 dharmabumsactive . Our challenge poses are: plank 💖 dolphin 💖 pincha 💖 crow 💖 headstand handstand yogi's choice #yogachallenge #yogalove #yogalife #igyoga #namaste #asana #yoga #yogi #yogini #yogalove #yogalife #asana #yogafun #happyyogi #asana #yogainspiration #prana #fortheloveofyoga #favouriteasanas #yogafavourites #myyogapractice igyogachallenges quantumyoga

15 1 Feb 25, 2018

Master the art of breath and your body will shine with the radiance of a star ⭐️ #prana

18 3 Feb 25, 2018

We find wisdom, self-confidence, and feelings of wellbeing when manipura chakra is in balance. This charkra is located behind your navel towards the spine. #navelchakra #solarplexus When this chakra is imbalanced, we may feel tired, weak and ill... If you're looking for empowerment, energy and increased willpower, activate your Navel Chakra. This energy wheel in the body is related to our core center and acts as the storehouse of energy for our vital organs. It stokes the fire that moves prana (life force) through in the body. ☉ Join us this morning from 9-10am secretstashyoga upstairs from theoriginalhempcafe sign up online to reserve you spot for upcoming classes! Your next chance is tomorrow evening! 7:15-8:15 *link in #secretstashyoga bio* #mantra #mindbody #jettyoga #justbe #babyeagle #supportsmallbusiness #yogameetsyouwhereyouare #vinyasaflow #yoga #discover #beginnerfriendly #yogini #prana #higherpurpose #pureintentions #privatesession #booknow‼️ #practice #yogaisalifestyle #entrepuener #eightlimbs #moveyourbody #yogalove #loveyoga

15 0 Feb 25, 2018
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