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23 0 Feb 16, 2018

I’m obsessed with ✨PARADISE✨. How can we breathe deeply to feel a feeling of paradise in our own hearts, all the time? How can we use movement to quicken our senses, amplify gratitude and have profound realizations of bliss? How can we nourish our souls with color, sound, flavors, and experiences which wake us up to feel more alive? I’m so delighted to have landed back into Thailand, on this magical, exotic little island of Koh Phangan. 💕 For me, being here is a living lab experiment in ✨HIGH FREQUENCY✨ lifestyle design. How can we deliberately activate creativity, surround ourselves with beauty and seek delight? If you love these kinds of questions JOIN ME September 3-8 Self-Love Breathwork Intensive and September 13-29 for the Breath of Bliss Group Facilitator Training. It’s no mistake that I have only offered my trainings and retreats on ⭐️HIGH VIBE⭐️ tropical islands. The work itself is already life-changing. Beyond words. And tapping into the field of energy that saturates everything in an activated place like this takes the awakenings and realizations to the next level! Doing breathwork, Ecstatic dance and heart opening practices on this island is SOUL FOOD 🌈 To make it easy to say YES, we have new payment plans in place 😊 The time is NOW to step into heart centered leadership and embody this paradise frequency wherever you go. My heart is bubbling over with excitement to share with you... and you can sign up at! 🦋💦🌿🌈💕! #breathwork #breathofbliss #awakening #transformation #breathworkretreat #breathworktraining #thailand #kohphangan #tribeoflove #lightworker #leadership #highvibe #highfrequency #powerofyes

98 5 Feb 16, 2018

Amazing Journey! Let’s get it! What an amazing g journey with cure4thekids ! #designingforhealth #designthinking #innovation #patientexperience #patientsincluded #powerofyes PX Symposium PX Institute Next Generation PX #ngpx #healthcare #healthcaredesign #pxexchange

16 0 Feb 13, 2018

Getting ready to kickoff an amazing g journey with an amazing organization cure4thekids ! Watch-out world, here they come! #healthcare #designthinking #humancentereddesign #powerofyes #healthcare #healthcaredesign #designingforhealth #patientsincluded #patientexperience

12 0 Feb 12, 2018

Check out today's interview with alternateadventures , The Power Of Yes! We love her story! #WomenADVRiders #daretoexplore #powerofyes #adventureisattitide #empowerment

332 3 Feb 10, 2018

Looking for new opportunities??? New career?? Or maybe just some extra money each month??? I've a quick video of something I do for extra money each month!! If your interested pop me a message 📩📩 #seaofmaybes #1millionnos #powerofyes #sayyestonewadventures #freeopportunity #income #residualincome #guysandgirls #2minutevideo #mumofboys💙 #mumenturper #allformyboys #maternityleavepaysucks

4 0 Feb 10, 2018

Beautiful healthy skin starts with a “YES”! • • • Excuses will never deliver results. #truth #healthyskin #consistency #powerofyes #reverse #lashboost #rodanandfields

12 0 Feb 8, 2018

It is a reminder to myself. . . I have learned it from coach and mentor Garrett J White, creator of Wake Up Warrior. . . #howtohabitall #habits #buildahabit #keyforsuccess #dailywork #powerofyes #powerofno #nomaybes #consistency #commitment #dothework #garrettjwhite #wakeupwarrior #warriorbook #havitall

17 0 Feb 6, 2018

I love these stories from leaders in our company- and how ONE yes can impact so many lives!! “What if” your “yes” blew your mind? 🤔 This is Natalie Flowers speaking about Wendi Green: “With leaders exceeding BEYOND our tippity TOP in our biz they decided to create THREE more title recognitions with amazing perks including a trip to Amalfi Coast with our doctors! 💁🏻‍♀️ Well...this is ONE of a COUPLE people in our ENTIRE company that has hit not just ONE, but TWO of the NEW titles already in JANUARY!!! This means her team has exceeded 5 MILLION in sales and she has 5 people that she has helped hit our original TIPPITY TOP!!!! People!!!! This is CRAZY-TOWN!!!!!! Just let that sink in a bit... Here is one of my favorite parts of her INCREDIBLE story... she started with $39 bucks in her bank account due to unfortunate events that took place in her family. That could have easily been a reason to say, “No.” Instead, it became her WHY! She had drive, belief, passion, grit, determination and JESUS! Her story is a story of courage, guts and A LOT of HARD WORK!! This scripture is her life motto and she has lived it out beautifully in ALL she does...maybe a little too hard! Ha! Now just 5 years later with a team of OVER 59,000 people they have been able to say, “YES” to their dreams because she said, “YES” to hers. That my friends is the POWER of ONE decision to change the course of HISTORY! “ #powerofyes

5 0 Feb 6, 2018

I am Rejoicing in the fact that I've taken the opportunity to say "No, this is not how my story will end!" and celebrating my ability to say Yes to the necessary changes...Here's to no longer saying yes to hiding behind my kids in pictures and to saying yes to doing the work that it takes to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Started my morning out with thejosieong morning playlist on #affirmationpod #Access...I believe that the first few minutes of your day sets the tone for the remaining 24 hours! #brenahasgoals #iwontquitmymejob #keepgoing #inpursuitofhealth #goalzandgainz #powerofyes #powerofno #sowingandreaping #Ihaveoptions

42 3 Feb 6, 2018

NOURISHED. 🌱✨ What does it mean to you? . To me, it’s a powerful word. It’s a powerful action. It extends FAR beyond meeting basic needs. It expresses a sense of care and compassion. An intention to cultivate, grow, and thrive. . And don’t be fooled! Food is only the tip of the iceberg. YES — we nourish our bodies by making mindful choices about what we eat. We communicate self-love and self-respect when we CHOOSE to create fresh, flavorful, and vibrant meals to enjoy. And as a result, our body thanks us. With health. With energy. With resilience and longevity. . But we can also be intentional about nourishing our SOULS. And that is EXACTLY what I believe we experienced today at our leadership retreat in Mt. Hood. 🌲 . Surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, rain pattering the roof of a cozy cabin, surrounded by bold women who are daring greatly with their lives, we shared the visions we have for our futures — for ourselves, our families, and our businesses. . And slowly but surely, the wildly improbable became remarkably possible. . “When we nourish ourselves with good people, projects, surroundings, scenery, love, magic, beauty, and self-care, we radiate light into the world and continually sharpen our vision, perception, and clarity all at once. This in turn spreads to other beings which spreads to even more. Remember that one tiny drop can raise an ocean. Keep wanting. Desiring. Doing. Breathing in the sweet things.” (( Victoria Erickson )) . This is the power of team. Of family. Of finding a safe space to fail and fly. Where YOU can do YOU. This is the power of saying YES and bravely taking that first step toward creating the life of your dreams. If you’re ready to take that step, I want to walk beside you. Let’s get you on your way. ❤️ . . . . . #spiritualAF #thatcoachlife #powerofyes #healthyeats #sayyestoyou #dreambig #goaldigger #community #bossbabes #empoweredwomen #liveepic #daregreatly #gobig #youdoyou #beyourownboss #ilovemyjob #youcantoo #askmehow #tribe #nowhiring #jointherevolution

40 3 Feb 3, 2018

“I want to expand the margins and boundaries we build around us. I no longer want to fight against something…but for something.” Today in the blog, Emily shares what she wants the “work” we do in Africa to be about... #linkinbio #powerofyes #together #beforsomething

29 2 Jan 30, 2018

Exchange winter blues for Pacific Blue and say YES to peace in paradise 🌴 I’m helping coordinate a retreat to Mar De Jade, Mexico with yoga masters yogirajaf & splattfinger 🌞 APRIL 2-9 🌞 There are but a few spots left and registration closes FEB 15‼️Hit me up for details ASAP! Whether you are new to yoga or have been teaching for years, this retreat will be a spiritual and energetic sanctuary. Deepen your own practice, immerse yourself in the ancient teachings of the ISHTA lineage, take in the healing power of nature and sound while cultivating lifelong bonds with like-minded individuals. Each day of this weeklong excursion will begin with a signature flow asana class taught by Sarah Finger, followed by a profound meditation with Alan Finger. Alan will also lead insightful and inspiring lectures on Tantric philosophy in the afternoon, followed by a luxurious restorative class with yoga nidra taught by Sarah. All of the practices will be elevated by the soothing and soul-enhancing vibrations of Aya + Tyler. Classes will be held in Mar de Jade’s state of the art practice room, with hardwood floors, ocean views and floor to ceiling windows that open up completely to allow for natural light and breeze. The rest of the day is yours to plan! With a wide variety of offerings, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes. Daily options for activities include snorkeling, hiking, nature and cultural tours, horseback riding, whale watching, and more. If you’re feeling less adventurous there’s always the ocean, Jacuzzi, spa, swimming pool, warm sun, hammocks and a good book. Do everything… or nothing at all. It’s up to you! #yoga #meditation #mardejade #mexico #retreat #paradise #powerofyes #pacific #tantra #tantricphilosophy #soundhealing #oceanview #vacationallieverwanted 🐳

78 7 Jan 29, 2018
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