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My best friend is everything to me. Without her, life wouldn't be the same. She's the better part of me.😻👭 #iphoneography #jj #me #love #photo #photoofday #picoofday #pics #poupolarphoto #popoularpic #shoutout #statigram #tbt #webstagram #androidofgraphics #schittypeopleneverdie

36 2 Jun 23, 2017

Coccole ❤️

79 2 Jun 22, 2017


45 2 Jun 22, 2017

lunch . #healthy 🍑 naturalmojo_it

19 1 Jun 21, 2017

new waves 🌊 . #OriginalOrganicFamily #SurfSchool #SupSchool #Tirrenia #PISA

32 1 Jun 20, 2017

If I look back at one year ago, I can see that everything is changed. I've known the happiness, I've touched its highest peak, I've met the pain, I see my family suffering, unfortunately I discovered how many things we are used to take for granted when life is good and I understood how much we are not ready when things get worse. I made my choices, I took my responsibilities, and despite I am paying for them, If I could go back I would do everything again, because even if I lost so much, I believe in the mistakes that have the strength to change a whole life, I discovered myself, now I am fully awared of the person who I am, who I want to be, what I want, what I need for. And I will never made compromises with that. Even if it will mean sacrificing other people. I've already told that everything is changed, but except one: I would like to warmly thank a friend, who has never asked, never told, who have never been stopping to support me. He has just been standing close to me. He's never made me feel alone in dealing with my problems. Dear friend, In this year I've listened to a plenty of meaningless, empty, words, so I will not promise you to be able to pay you back, but I am sure that sooner or later we will keep speaking about dreams, cups and champions. At the end, leave the past back - it something that doesn't exist anymore - look ahead toward new days. We need to stay strong ever more and more, that's the life. The mine!

80 1 Jun 19, 2017

day off . #beach bikinilovers

40 2 Jun 18, 2017

#арбат #москва ♦️

50 1 Jun 18, 2017

A morning full of sun, love and beauty.

108 3 Jun 18, 2017

love you. no matter what. . #nonsispiega #goodnight #TheOC

60 1 Jun 18, 2017

🎇🌃 . #giugnopisano

44 1 Jun 17, 2017

A colleague, a master, a friend. With Bernie, the guy who makes mannequins speak.

74 5 Jun 17, 2017

Goodmorning w/ this one 😋 . #lunch naturalmojo_it

20 2 Jun 17, 2017

him . #PacDay 🌹 #GOAT

44 1 Jun 16, 2017

Wherever u are. Happy birthday baby. . #46 #PacDay #GOAT

42 2 Jun 16, 2017

always . #PacDay 🌹 #GOAT

31 2 Jun 16, 2017
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