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High-poly model done! Now I just have to make a low-poly one, bake and put some textures on this beauty. #3D #maya #gun


Cal Poly had a great time at the Chowchilla Truck and Tractor Pull! Daniel Herrera drove Mustang Fever and Andy Mancini drove Poly Thunder! #calpoly #calpolytractorpull #mustangfever #polythunder


The past 24 hours have reaffirmed my love for this group as well as its sense of humor and wit that has spanned generations and stood the test of time. Once a Poly Rep, always a Poly Rep. #polygives #whenafirestartstoburn


"POLY MAX EXTREMES"Q. How does it work?PME’s remove up to 1,000 rpm’s from your drive. Less back spin means more ground roll forward on all drives.Q. How are Poly Max Extremes applied?PME’s come in a fast peel n stick application,and remove easily. Its also recommended to remove them after a few rounds of golf and replaced with a fresh new PME.Q. Do Poly Max fall off after striking a ball?No Poly Max Extremes remain on till you remove them.Q. I notice Fantastic distance right away while using Poly Max, How does such a thin material work so well?PME’s were designed to work together with the sweet spot of your clubs, The Poly Max Extreme material, is trade secretely formulated for extreme cushioning and even distribution for a faster rebound every time.Q. I’ve had great success using Poly Max, but find they work the best on my driver, do you make them for putters also?PME’s were designed for drivers and fairway woods but can also be used on Irons as well, alittle trimming may be needed. We don’t make them for putters because nobody needs a long hitting putter.Q. Do Poly Max come in different colors like Wrap-Guard?No PME’s come in a discreet clear so that no distractions or attention is drawn to your clubs. #golfaid #golfhelp #polymaxextremes #golffriday


Undangan ultah tema Robocar poly #undangan custom #robocar poly


I had a great time at the first annual Admissions Poly Hero Awards. I feel so incredibly proud to be awarded the Poly Spirit and Office Hero awards! #flpoly #flpolyu #superheroes #wonderwoman #captainamerica #superman #awards #proud #ilovemyjob


.poly modeling, unwrapping & composite rendering for practice and fun by mesftwrs usd: max, vray, ps/^/^/^/^^^^ #art #artistic #model #modeling #texturing #unwrap #unwrapped #3d #3dsmax #max #vray #photoshop #poly #editpoly #remote #composite #render_contest #lighting #cg #cgartistlab


a big shoutout to the rain/fog for hiding the space needle but it cannot hide the love I have for Cal Poly! SLO brought me some of my best memories and best of friends. A huge thanks to Poly Reps and the College of Engineering for providing me with countless opportunities to be successful. Today, and everyday, I am so proud to be apart of the mustang family and give back to the university that I love #polygives


•MERMAID by Poly #AlohaSwimWear


Woolly roly poly.


I did the roly poly thingy!


Loving my new green poly mailers


#polygives CAL POLY SLO AIAS


Selamat pagi. Hari ini gw bakal bagiin tips #ManfaatkanLahanSempit. Jangan sedih gais kalau halaman rumah lu sempit dan bingung mau ditanamin apa? Baiklah tanaman yang cocok adalah pohon cabai . pohon cabai bisa di tanam di poly bag dan tidak memakan ruang. Tetapi jangan salah pilih ya gais. Beli poly bag yang agak besar agar pohon cabai dapat tumbuh dan berkembang dengan cepat. Cara pembibitannya gampang kok gais.. Cuma biji cabai yang dikeringin terus ditanam di tempat kecil dengan tanah yang lembab,kalau agak besar bisa dipindah ke poly bag. Kalau nggak mau repot bisa beli bibitnya. Selamat mencoba :)


Cow See Do at Cal Poly #cowparadeslo #shareslo #slolife


The last thing I did at Cal Poly #theytoldmenotto #fighton


Cocoa supports Cal Poly Give Day! #polygives


Eli,moris n niiii.. #taeam s poly

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