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●紀錄買家的回饋分享● 2017/9/17 駁二○色之古市集 防水貼紙與防水卡貼的分享♡ - 同是街舞人的台東男孩 與一對熱情可愛的男女 - #不聞不問boowenboowen #不聞不問の市集紀錄 #色之古市集 #不聞不問手繪插畫防水貼紙系列 #不聞不問手繪插畫防水其實什麼卡都可以貼的悠遊卡貼系列 #art #design #painting #drawing #copicmarkers #copic #illustrator #illustration #stiker #elephant #fish #pointillism

5 0 Sep 25, 2017

As suspected, this particular piece was every much the emotional trip I thought it would be 💔 (lord knows emotions have certainly been exacerbated by current political happenings). Muriel’s agonising desperation to *just* *get* *married* resonates so strongly with many who’ve felt like a bit of a social outcast; unworthy of acceptance and love (from lovers, from friends / family, from churches, from society). It also represents how often we can misplace where we get our validation from and the importance of raising the middle finger to society’s expectations of us; to strive to embrace our quirks, to learn to love ourselves better, and to cherish those special friendships we stumble across that celebrate us in our real, unfiltered states. I’m sure we’ve all made this ugly-crying face at some point 😂. Tonight though, I’m beaming a little to have finished the pointillism part of this illustration. Soon, it’ll be scanned and carried into a technicolour digital rebirth. All will be unveiled in Sydney, 10 November, at my #VideoDrama art show (details on my fb page). Hope to see you there ❤️

65 4 Sep 25, 2017

Gettin' ready 4 Inktober ! #pointillism #inktober ©SevenStars

44 5 Sep 25, 2017
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