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generation - (n) all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively join the Our Poetry Journey Contest !! adricceneri thenotionoflove jomariethejdg • • • #ourpoetryjourneydec17 #deluge #poem #poems #poet #poets #poetry #writer #writing

3 0 Dec 16, 2017

Day one: you believe you can almost see the future bright and clear. Day two: it is close, close could smell the aroma of your happy ending. Day Three: it is slipping away but you are too busy holding on that you can’t see don’t feel it going past your clutch. Loosening up bit by bit. Day Four: it is gone and you are in explainable pain. Day Five, six, seven and.....: You break, go deep and you almost feel like its an endless drown. But as the days go you heal, get strong and then light fills up the cracks in your heart and you could almost see the future once again, after the haze moves away. Illustration: unknown

3 1 Dec 16, 2017

Ur hold is so tight & firm just like your heart’s honest love vibes♥️🥀 #toorspoetry #madewords #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #poets #poetry #writting #love #iloveyou #poems #sonnets #yourquotes #writersinspiration Illustrasion- puuung1

14 0 Dec 16, 2017

Don't pity me, I deserve what is about to happen, Or maybe you think you can save me, Will you love me? Take care of me? Heal all my pain? Accept all my demons? Be my savior? Hmhh that's what i thought. -000, Art by maybekizuna

7 1 Dec 16, 2017
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