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0 0 Sep 22, 2017

Post №1 ‘Montagne Saint-Victoire’ by Paul Cézanne, 1896-1898 Oil on canvas, 78x99 I decided to start with the work of #PaulCezanne, because I believe that he is one of the greatest landscape painters of all time. This landscape depicts Mount Saint-Victoire in Provence in the south of France. Cezanne was born near this mountain, painted it almost all his life and died on its slopes. It is believed that the artist painted Mount St. Victoire 87 times: 44 oil paintings and 43 watercolor drawings. I was able to find only 81 versions. This is an unprecedented in its magnitude series of landscapes, which probably deserves to be included in the Guinness Book. The mountain landscapes of St. Victoire give us a unique opportunity to visually trace the evolution of color and form in European painting at the turn of the century - from romanticism through impressionism to constructivism and the early cubism. We'll look at it together in detail in the following posts. In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful version from the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. The mountain arises from an innumerable combination of rectangular #brushstrokes - red, blue, purple, various shades of ochre - Cezanne's brand palette - and these colors are fancifully flowing from one to the other. He makes each piece of the canvas equal by using a sequence of colors and shapes that pass through the entire canvas, pulling it together into a single space. He uses small and strictly parallel strokes, which make the picture seemingly woven from a single piece. Cezanne covered his canvases with creamy ground, which in some places shines through the image. The paints are applied in a thin layer, so the original pattern can be seen through the ink layer. In some places, this pattern continues to play an important role, either outlining the outlines or adding details. "I'm trying to convey perspective only through color," Cezanne said. The main thing in the painting is to find the right distance. By this sign is determined the talent of the artist."

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Well, I finally opened my presence in Instagram. This is my very first post and I'm a little nervous. Let me start with a few words about me and #Paintings_I_Love Painting is my passion of recent years. In my youth I loved to observe the beauty of the surrounding nature, then I liked to take pictures of it, then I discovered the landscapes of great masters and this inevitably led me to study the history of painting. Finally, recently I started painting landscapes with oil and oil pastels. Now I try to find an art gallery or a museum of fine arts in every new city I visit. In recent years, a lot of impressions and i-photos have been accumulated, and now I would like to share it with you for your pleasure and curiosity. I’m very glad if you like it too. Most of all in painting, I love the beauty of nature, so this blog will be devoted mainly to landscapes, flowers and still lifes. The personal taste in painting eventually changes with the accumulation of new knowledge about it. The more details you learn about the work of great masters, the more interesting are their less known art works. Of course, their iconic masterpieces are still amazing, but I will try to draw your attention to the excellent second-line art works. So, let's start.

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Strachiude Miao: i gattini di Vincenzo Agnetti mi hanno portato a tracciare queste linee durante la presentazione del suo romanzo "Obsoleto" : : ; : : #artecontemporanea #contemporaryart #artcollector #bananartista #outsiderart #artbrut #artwork #art #vincenzoagnetti #obsoleto #romanzo #minimalmood #conceptual #palazzoreale #pittore

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Born in 1947. in Podgorica, Montenegro. He had finished the artistic highschool in Herceg Novi in 1966. In 1971. had obtained a diploma for Bachelor and in 1973. for Master studies at the Academy of Visual Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. Had a long career as a professor of Arts at the University of Novi Pazar in Serbia. Since year 2005. works as a guest professor at "The animation Workshop School" in Viborg in Denmark. He had more than 70 solo exibitions and had won numerous prizes in Serbia and abroad. He lives and works in Belgrade. Rođen 1947. u Podgorici. Završio srednju umetničku školu u Herceg Novom 1966. godine. Akademiju za likovne umetnosti završio u Beogradu 1971. godine i postdiplomske studije na istoj akademiji 1973. godine. Dugo radio kao profesor crtanja i slikanja na Državnom Univerzitetu u Novom Pazaru. Od 2005. godine radi kao gostujući profesor na "The Animation Workshop School" u Viborgu (Danska). Imao je preko 70 samostalnih izložbi, i dobitnik je velikog broja nagrada i priznanja u Srbiji i inostranstvu. Živi i radi u Beogradu. #kemalramujkic #artista #artist #künstler #kunst #artexibition #mahler #pittore #slikar #umetnik #painter #artcollective #portraitofanartist #meettheartist #grandepittore

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