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0 0 Dec 16, 2017

New fave place in NYC 💗🍎✨ #pietronolita #pinkasfuck #nyc #elizabethstreet #favorite #bigapple #hiddentreasures #newyork

11 0 Dec 16, 2017

SoHo streets. #newyork #pinkasfuck #soho #coffee #streetart #heartswall

18 0 Dec 15, 2017

#pinkasfuck #allpinkeverythang

8 0 Dec 15, 2017

Secret santa dreams #pinkunicornchristmas #robertatheunicorn #pinkasfuck

14 0 Dec 15, 2017

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. -Anaïs Nin 🌸🌹🌷🌺 ——————————————————————Women are angry. We are angry because we have been holding back from expressing our truth. We are angry because we live in a world culture that asks us to stay quiet and small and doesn’t honor the essence of who we are, embodied grace and the creators of life itself. 💫☀️✨ We are told to shutdown our emotions (as if that’s actually possible) and strive for success and perfection at any cost. 📈💰💸📱💵💰How is that working for you? Trying to think my way out of my feelings never worked for me and left me feeling like a perpetual failure. 😞😩I was caught in a cycle of stress, anxiety and depression. I wondered if I would need to be in a numbed state and on anti-depressants forever. 💊💊💊💊 The journey from living in a debilitating cycle of negative rumination and unexpressed emotion to opening my mind enough to cultivate a deep and loving relationship with myself, wouldn’t have been possible without devastating rupture and overwhelming shame. 💔🥀💔🥀 In a state of desperation, the book “Broken Open” by elizabethlesser found its way to me. Upon reading it, I felt inspired to question notions I had long accepted as truth. This marked a pivotal point in my life where I began to deepen my awareness and align with my purpose for being on this earth. 🌎 The desire to explore deeper realms of consciousness, learn how to cope with the inevitable obstacles of life, embody my authentic self and honor my emotions blossomed. 🌼💐🌻🌸🌷💐🌺🌹This world needs women who have the courage to step outside cynicism and fear to embrace compassion and vulnerability. This world needs women who are willing to embody beauty, hope, light, love, laughter, pleasure and joy. 🤣😂😊🤩Beneath the stories and legacies that keep us powerless is the deep truth that we are powerful beyond our wildest dreams. May we wake up from the trance of patriarchal conditioning, join together in sisterhood and freely express our emotional truth.💃👸👯‍♀️👭👸💃

27 6 Dec 15, 2017

Me, doing what I love the most. I wish I could be a full time artist. In the meantime, it’s always a pleasure to get my hands on a canvas in my spare moments. Even in a city like LA + working in a creative industry it can be really tough to find people who “get it”. Thankful for space and opportunities like #OutsideTheRooms to make some magic happen 🙏🏼✨ #pinkasfuck #fromliniwithlove

42 3 Dec 15, 2017

Pink as... 🍹 • • • • #nyc #nyeats #pinkasfuck #foodie #drinks #delicious

26 3 Dec 15, 2017

Pink is the new black 🌸 For us pink leather is a perfect alternative to black leather for daytime and nighttime, you can have both! ☞ Our Pink-Rebel jacket is available at onstyleontop Private Showroom #bogota 📸 karimymaria #leatherjacketsfortheladyrebel #withmyleatherjacket #extensionleatherlab #colombianleather #colombiandesigner #colombianfashion #genuineleather #pinkisthenewblack #pinkasfuck

37 2 Dec 15, 2017


52 2 Dec 15, 2017

Pietro winter edition

69 2 Dec 14, 2017

Fashion is the most power art there is..👆🏻🙌🏻 bat_gio #inspo

37 2 Dec 14, 2017

That’s right! We are almost ready to begin engagement. We can’t wait to get to know all of you. Just 50 more followers and we reach 💯 followers and then let the engagement begin! —————————————————————1️⃣ like this post! 2️⃣ Follow impeccable_nest 3️⃣ Comment “posted” 4️⃣Like AND comment at least 4 words or more on 10 other peoples most recent photo. Comment on the 5 directly above you and 5 below you. No skipping! 5️⃣ After engaging with those people, like their comment here on this post. 6️⃣ Reply “done” under YOUR OWN comment when finished. _______________________________ #thatsimpeccable . . . . . #jungalowstyle #ggathome #itkhome #bloglovinhome #mybhghome #bhgcelebrate #makehomeyours #thenewbohemians #howyouhome #stellarspaces #pinkflashofdelight #realliving #apartmenttherapy #mydomaine #theeverygirlathome #theeverygirlholiday #livingetc #lonnymag #smpliving #pinkinmyfeed #pinkasfuck #mymerryhome #simplystyleyourspace #sodomino

28 3 Dec 14, 2017

Nothing brings a bigger smile to our faces than looking at this little girls bedroom. So pink and so full of personality...just like the cuties that sleep here. #pinkaf #sugarplumsdancehere #thatsimpeccable

80 15 Dec 14, 2017
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