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Help making those #pigs happy by feeding them #coins and #bills and it makes you happy as well because you save for your trip to #colombia. There you can visit the #pottery workshops in #raquira and see how a #piggybank is made

0 0 Nov 20, 2017

A message from the founder/ livekindlyjodi : Thank you to everyone who helped LIVEKINDLY’s Facebook page reach a quarter million followers within 6 months. It might be killing me a bit but .. looking at pictures like this reminds me why I’m doing it. And that there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. Check out my official ‘thank you letter’ on (you can find it on our insta stories)...My heart is so full and my team is amazing 😭😭😭 go follow them and show some love livekindlykatie livekindlynadia theveganreporter livekindlyheather livekindlyjay livekindlychar livekindlyco (where’s jemima? 😫). #livekindly #vegan

21 1 Nov 20, 2017

this is my best friend hank getting pumped for his first 5k race! this saturday, hank and his mom will be running the gleason classic in new orleans to raise money and awareness for ALS. if you haven't registered yet, use code "hank" for $8 off and come run with us! (p.s. hank will be refueling at beignet fest in city park after the race. he'll be in the kid's village at around 11 a.m., so come meet us there if dessert is more your speed 😬) Via : mybestfriendhank ⭐ Do not forget to visit my shop to choose the latest shirts and mugs! Follow us if you love ❣ Update pictures everyday ❤ To be Featured ❤❤❤ Tag your love 😘 ⛧ Thank you ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ⛧ #pig #piggy #minipig #pigs #piglet #oink #pigsofinstagram #guineapig #guinea #piggies #guineapigs #dailydoseofcute #minipigsofig #minipigsofinstagram #oinkoinkminipigs

16 0 Nov 20, 2017

Mirror Mirror on the all. Who's the ballin-est of them all? Easy to tell, easy to see. Who else, that's M to E! So if u wanna glow n u wanna shine. Just whisper in my ear that u gonna be mine. *Oink Oink* 🐷🐷

54 1 Nov 20, 2017

Scared baby pigs. What are we doing to them? . . . With laanimalsave #bearingwitness #bearwitness #govegan #animalsarefriends #animalswanttolive #stopeatinganimals #pigs #seethem

3 0 Nov 20, 2017

Now that's a lot of venison! It's midnight now and I've just finished getting all the venison, from this morning's hunt, into the freezer. It's a neat skill to learn, the whole processing and butchering wild game (or farm raised meat). Since hubby watched a video on how to professionally butcher a deer, the cuts have turned out amazing. This makes our dinners turn out much better, because the venison is cut in just the right way to be as tender as possible. It's been fun learning how to have delicious venison and wild game. It pays off with dinners like tonight where the roast just fell apart as I shredded it. Makes everyone happy 😀 | #hunterswife #life

9 2 Nov 20, 2017

“Living is what scares me, dying is easy” - Charles Manson Mass murderer, cult leader, psychopath: dead at 83 November 19, 2017 Not sad about this at all but his crimes have always peaked my interests. #charlesmanson #manson #thefamily #psycho #cult #helterskelter #pigs #satanist #ladysatanist #metal #death #thebeatles

6 4 Nov 20, 2017

Haha this kid is soo bad ass✊😆

19 2 Nov 20, 2017

Piggies #pigs #farmlife #staywarmpiggies

1 0 Nov 20, 2017
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