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Anime come to life. xcareenzx wanted bright Phoenix colors. We did a deep shadow root, and made a few bowls of pulpriothair reds and bright orange. brazilianbondbuilder added as always. Styled with my bioionicla eternity wand. I'm in 😍 #riotsquad #heididoeshair -- heididoeshair ✌️

288 5 Nov 22, 2017

Rose quartz.. The last bun on this Sunday before Thanksgiving. Phoebe has hair to there, and wanted the kind of pinks her work would be OK with. She had an older Balayage, so instead of lightening everything, We decided to keep her lower maintenance, and I baby lightened her whole head (2 1/2 hours, all with brazilianbondbuilder 😉). Then came pulpriothair colors. I made peach-ish, rose gold, light pink and a soft mauve. All those straight over. It was amazing... 😍 #riotsquad #heididoeshair -- heididoeshair ✌️ 💕

849 22 Nov 20, 2017

When you forget about hair toys and your client finds them. 🏵️ From the collab collection with peydoeshair using all pulpriothair colors.. - - heididoeshair ✌️ #heididoeshair

594 13 Nov 16, 2017

#oceanhair under a microscope. Ok maybe not quite, but up close and beautiful... pulpriothair colors of course! #modernsalon 💙

858 19 Nov 15, 2017

Sometimes you just have to trust. Sarah came in and didn't have the time to re-lighten her hair, but she really wanted red. I trusted my pulpriothair knowledge, and put the colors directly over what she had. The results were stunning... I knew it would color, but I was pleasantly surprised how vibrant it was directly over her previous darker color.. I love happy surprises.. ❤️ #riotsquad - - heididoeshair ✌️ 💜

322 6 Nov 15, 2017

Guess how many bowls of color I used... All of them were pulpriothair of course.. #riotsquad - - heididoeshair ✌️ 💜

643 16 Nov 14, 2017

Swipe to see before 👉🏼🙀 Crazy transformation on my new client who’s been trying to go lighter but not having the best experience. Balayage and toned in between foils and of course a good haircut 🙌🏻👊🏻👊🏻 #hairnerd #hairbrained #hairdressermagic #behindthechair #modernsalon #americansalon #underlights #arizonaliving #arizona #arizonacolorist #arizonastylist #phoenix #phoenixsalon #phoenixcolor #phoenixstylist #phoenixhair #phoenixcolorist #phoenixhairsalon #phoenixhaircolorist #phoenixhaircolor #phoenixhaircutter #phoenixhairstylist #cenpho #cenphohair #cenphohairstylist #az #azbusinessckxj

70 0 Nov 12, 2017

53 8 Nov 9, 2017

40 1 Nov 6, 2017
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