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Direct sunlight vs shade. Trying to find the right outdoor lighting here is difficult sometimes. The Phoenix sun is no joke. Pic on the left isn't blurry, it's just distorted looking because the sun here is ridiculously bright, all year round... 😕 (I still take 400 pics with every mermaid.😂) pulpriothair colors with brazilianbondbuilder -- heididoeshair ✌️ 💙💜

519 9 Nov 20, 2017

Rose quartz.. The last bun on this Sunday before Thanksgiving. Phoebe has hair to there, and wanted the kind of pinks her work would be OK with. She had an older Balayage, so instead of lightening everything, We decided to keep her lower maintenance, and I baby lightened her whole head (2 1/2 hours, all with brazilianbondbuilder 😉). Then came pulpriothair colors. I made peach-ish, rose gold, light pink and a soft mauve. All those straight over. It was amazing... 😍 #riotsquad #heididoeshair -- heididoeshair ✌️ 💕

785 20 Nov 20, 2017

When you accommodate your client so they can work AND get their hair done.... All pulpriothair pinks over a whole head of baby lights! #processingporn on a Sunday! #riotsquad -- heididoeshair ✌️ 💜

210 6 Nov 19, 2017

Textured and balayaged!

27 1 Nov 19, 2017

Is this A: oilslick hair or B: peacock hair or C: mermaid hair? It's all pulpriothair on Michelle with bioionic curls... #riotsquad - - heididoeshair ✌️ 💜

740 11 Nov 19, 2017

Lulu wanted bright pink. I tried a test strand to remove some of the purple.. that was not happening. She had previous box color underneath that purple) So with my love and knowledge of pulpriothair colors , I was able to do a beautiful pink Melt from top to bottom right over the top of that previous color. I used brazilianbondbuilder in every step to keep that hair safe. #riotsquad -- heididoeshair ✌️ 💕

764 16 Nov 17, 2017

#ThrowbackThursday brought this pastel goddess back to me. One of my favorites.. Every pulpriothair color was mixed with clear to get the most pastel version of each color 😍 #riotsquad -- heididoeshair ✌️ 💜

387 19 Nov 17, 2017

When you forget about hair toys and your client finds them. 🏵️ From the collab collection with peydoeshair using all pulpriothair colors.. - - heididoeshair ✌️ #heididoeshair

592 13 Nov 16, 2017

Red Love! #WineWednesday ❤️🌹🍷 ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #ExceptionalHair ~ #ExceptionalMoments

1313 3 Nov 16, 2017

#oceanhair under a microscope. Ok maybe not quite, but up close and beautiful... pulpriothair colors of course! #modernsalon 💙

856 19 Nov 15, 2017

Isn't 6 always better then 1 when something is fabulous? All pulpriothair pinks on lulu from Seattle. The first time she came we did purple. This visit we did Pink. She has amazing hair for these colors... brazilianbondbuilder in each step then malibucpro conditioning treatments. Towel dried then itsa10haircare and agaveoil for extra health and shine. #riotsquad -- heididoeshair ✌️ 💕

386 12 Nov 15, 2017

How much would you sell your soul for? Whats the magic amount it would take to make you change your principals on something you loved? Does everyone have a number, or can love and loyalty ever win out over the almighty dollar? Just some Tuesday thoughts... 🤔 Colors are the amazing pulpriothair. #riotsquad - - heididoeshair ✌️ ❤️

570 15 Nov 14, 2017

Guess how many bowls of color I used... All of them were pulpriothair of course.. #riotsquad - - heididoeshair ✌️ 💜

642 16 Nov 14, 2017

Always love a textured bob!! Shout out to my client who was only here for one day and lives in San Francisco for making the time to get her hair done by me today🤗🤗🤗 #hairstylist #hair #bob #wella #wellaeducation #wellawhat #burnette #beautiful #phoenixhair #phoenix #phoenixhaircolorist #balayage #modernsalon #behindthechair #hotseat #hairnerd #hairbrained

34 2 Nov 12, 2017
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