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Time for PHIIT-ness.... Have had a sneaky cough creep up on me this week so workouts haven't been so full on this week. (Need to learn to rest!) 🙈 I hadn't tried phiitlondon yet so I was so looking forward to it. A perfect "welcome back" to a great workout 👌 Tried to "strength and conditioning" and it delivered exactly that! A great workout and a brilliant trainer who kept the energy up throughout. 🤸‍♀️ Kettle bells, ropes and body weight made up a fab 45 minutes. ⌚️ AND the sun was shining when we left... doesn't get much better! 🙌☀️

18 1 Feb 17, 2018

Well good morning Day 3 😬 what a way to start your morning 💪🏼 buzzing from that session #happyfridayfolks 🤘🏻

52 6 Feb 15, 2018

Love a good front punch 🥊 awesome hitters session tonight gang! Buns will be sore tomorrow 😬 🍑 #hitterstyle

40 6 Feb 15, 2018

Day 2 down... wowee! What....a....session!!! 💪🏼 such an awesome mix of cardio and resistance training #loveit #hauler4life

47 5 Feb 14, 2018

While I can’t always answer “how I do it” or “how I have the motivation” in the early morning, I can explain the why. It’s because I have to. I want a better life for myself and for my family. I want to be a better version of me than I was yesterday. The desire to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life, that’s my why 😊 #betteringmyself #capellauniversity #masterinhumanservices #faithpromisechurch #God #phiit #girlswholift #witnessmyfitness #grouptraining #healthierlifestyle #nationalfitnesssignatureclub #natfit1

4 0 Feb 13, 2018

Day 1 of the new program ✅ big heart and lungs session tonight Haulers #day1gettingitdone bring on day 2! 💪🏼

35 2 Feb 12, 2018

😆😆😆 Not sure if I’ll still be smiling tomorrow 😬 #doms #squatface #squats #phiit #6amcrew🙌🏽 #smile

11 1 Feb 8, 2018

It was a hot one tonight 🔥 final session tonight for our Haulers evening crew, well done guys! Bring on next program #hauler4life

67 4 Feb 7, 2018

I was all excited about the gym this week...well, let’s be honest, I usually am excited about the gym. But this week was different. After realizing I need a rest day and can’t do 5 days in a row, at least for now, I came up with a good schedule of having Wednesday as my rest day. Today is Tuesday, I should be in my group training class right now. Instead, I’m in bed and waiting for my doctors office to open so I can try and get in this morning. 😩 #natfit1 #nationalfitnesssignatureclub #witnessmyfitness #phiit #grouptraining #girlswholift #metabolictraining #listentoyourbody

6 0 Feb 6, 2018

☀️The weather has been way too nice in So Cal NOT to take my workout outdoors!!!☀️I literally have the Anaheim Coves in my own backyard so I took advantage!! • • OUTDOOR CIRCUIT-📌Bookmark it! (Needed: Bench & Band) 🔺Frog Jumps 🔺Push-Ups (Modify by bringing your knees to ground) 🔺Jump Squats 🔺Tricep Dips (Modify by bending your knees and bringing your feet closer to you) 🔺Lateral Bounds 🔺Vertical Squats + Bicep Curls (Squeeze your bottom at the top)! 45 secs ON, 10 secs OFF 30 secs rest after each full round! Repeat 2-4 times depending on how deep you can dig for that NRG!! • • I lasted 3 rounds! 😳 And you should know I jogged one mile as my warm-up! My first jog since knee surgery 7 months ago. It felt great! (Disclaimer: I’m NOT a runner) Thanks to my sweet friend, docjenfit for inspiring this circuit. 🙂

79 11 Feb 5, 2018

Since I’ve started this journey with natfit1 and PHIIT classes, I’m down 10 lbs in two weeks! Technically I’ve only been doing classes for about a week and a half but I went to the gym twice the same week before I started group training. It’s such a great feeling when you see your hard work paying off. I’ve also had two NSV’s as well. #1 - I tried on my wedding dress and my MOH dress and both are already too big. #2 - During class this morning, when we had a break halfway through, I got sick. BUT, I went back and continued to finish what I could until the class ended. I didn’t give up! I could’ve, people would’ve understood, but I would’ve been upset with myself. I’m extremely proud of myself for going back! This is proof that anyone can do this if they want it bad enough. #natfit1 #nationalfitnesssignatureclub #phiit #grouptraining #girlswholift #metabolictraining #witnessmyfitness

17 3 Feb 5, 2018

📢 Attention Attention, next program starts in 1 week 🙏🏻 another awesome program installed for Haulers and Hitters.. still plenty of time to enrol 💪🏼

52 2 Feb 5, 2018

If you have always wanted to try but don’t know how, this is the last chance to book in for our Meditation Workshop with Dr David Buttifant. Come and learn HOW TO MEDITATE with this guru on Tuesday 6th Feb🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏼‍♂️🧠☺️

37 3 Feb 4, 2018

Just looking at this picture, you wouldn’t think it was a hard workout. You would think it was an easy day. You would be wrong. We did different exercises to about 6 different songs and did each one for a minute each. The catch was, whenever a certain word or the title of the song was sung, we had to do so many reps of another cardio exercise. The only rest was the time in between songs. Today also made me realize something else. The majority of us have smart watches or a Fitbit so that we can determine how many calories we burned or how many steps we’ve walked. But what happens when the watch pauses itself during a workout or dies? We still keep going, we’ve still put in the work. Bottom line, it still counts, even if we can’t share it with others. I’m guilty of being one of those people who rely on what my smart watch says, but I want to end that, today. My watch paused in the middle of my workout and it bummed me out, but at the end of the workout I felt so good! That feeling and knowing that I did do that workout are enough for me. My results will show in the end, and that’s all I need. #natfit1 #phiit #grouptraining #nationalfitnesssignatureclub #girlswholift #afterburntraining #metabolicworkout #witnessmyfitness

6 0 Feb 2, 2018

Today is supposed to be my day 4 of 5 and foundation training. Keywords...supposed to be. Woke up with an earache and fever but told myself I’ll just power through it and see how I feel after getting ready for the gym. I kept thinking that if I just suck it up and go to class, I’d be fine. I started to feel worse and achy. The right mindset then kicked in...I need to just rest. Yes, I would love to be on my way to the gym and have my instructor kick my butt (seriously, it’s an amazing feeling afterwards), but I also know that if I choose that option and don’t rest, I’m at risk for becoming more sick and not being able to go tomorrow. So one day of rest, I’ll be ok with. Now it’s back to bed until I have to get up for work. #natfit1 #phiit #witnessmyfitness #girlswholift #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #knowwhentorest #nationalfitnesssignatureclub

6 0 Feb 1, 2018

Take that LONG BOX off your reformer and get creative! Don’t have a long box? Any sturdy box or step should work for this circuit. • • LONG BOX CIRCUIT -📌Bookmark it! (scroll ⬅️ for the demo) 🔹Jump Squats: 20 reps 🔹Crossover Push-Ups: 10 reps /EA 🔹Chest Lifts w/rotation: 8 reps/EA 🔹Bulgarian Lunges: 10reps/EA 🔹Double Leg Stretch: 12 reps 🔹Hip Bridges: 25 reps 🔺Give yourself a 30-60 sec break REPEAT 3-5 TIMES • • Now go for it! And do it with NRG! 😉

103 15 Feb 1, 2018
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