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The hard working men and women of the Northern Vietnam hill tribes are fantastic at making the most of every part of the farming. From having ducks, turtles and eels swimming in the rice paddy helping the agricultural process, to creating amazingly strong ropes to bind things together, they make sure to utilise everything they have. In this pictured, the lady is separating the corn from it's casing. Corn will be used for both their food and animal feed. The leaves here are being kept, to burn to put towards making fertiliser for the rice terraces. And all done whilst with beautiful colourful clothing and a smile! • • • • #vietnam #hilltribe #tribes #agriculture #trekking #colorhunters #peopleoftheworld #natgeo #natgeotravel #neverstopexploring #neverstopexploring #l #f #g #textiletravel #thetravelwomen #searching #colorhunters #condenasttraveler #cheskiestextilehunt #homemade #traditionaldress #travel #travelblogger #travelphotography #photography #photographtheworld #photooftheday

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Big Question: Is South Africa safe for (solo) travel? Yes and no. But I'm doing it, so can you. 🌍 🌈 SA is a tough country. It's new, it's full of contrasts and is going through a major transition which is gonna take many, many decades to settle down. After a long time, I have found a country that's culturally as intriguing as India, if not more. Talking about Cape Town specifically – there's crime, thriving drug menace, pick-pocketing and murders, every single day. You'll meet lot many homeless people and beggars. On the other hand, it's beautifully multicultural, has extremely warm people, swanky bars, awesome boutique coffee scene and alternative art, music & design spaces. The black and coloured people are slowly and steadily finding their footing in the society after several years of apartheid. But all is not well. Country is marred by high unemployment rate and deep set corruption. When we grow up in India, we tend to think we have seen poverty up-close and there can't be anything more to it. But SA has brought a completely different side of poverty, abuse, humility and gratefulness in front of me. It's been an eye opener. And, I have only scratched the surface! I'm living with a local family in a multi-cultural suburb called Woodstock. It has risen from the ashes of 20th century litter, crime & drugs to become a vibrant multi-cultural neighbourhood packed with some fantastic street art, micro breweries and rising talent in all sorts of fields. 🍻 ☕ 🎨 The older lady in the shot is Shanaaz -- one of my two airbnb hosts, and the young lady is Sarah -- a Tanzanian from the neighborhood who runs like a headless chicken during our evening football game session. ⚽ 📷 Would I come back to SA again? YES. 💕 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks voxielle for sowing the seed of SA in my mind on our day out in Iceland last year, and for just the right practical insights and inspiration that I was looking for. 😘

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