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The best box a kawaii panda lover will ever wish to receive! My order from Kawaii Panda came in the mail today and it had all kinds of treats! From an assorted yummy candy Dagashi Panda Lucky bag to a super Kawaii Panda Box filled with kawaii things and even a Amuse panda plushie using all the panda stationary in my sketches thank you so much for the sweetness, love and care put in every aspect of this An amazing service! By Kawaii Panda , making life cuter Link To their site : #kawaii #kawaiipanda #pandaseverywhere #amuseplush #panda #pandacare #japanesecandy #pandalove


International Panda day is great because it gives us an excuse to just watch panda videos (especially the one where the baby panda sneeze scares mama panda) and thanks to mariniferlazzo we have these books too #internationalpandaday


PANDA PANDA PANDA PANDA disfrutamos al máximo! Aquí están algunos de nuestros alumnos con su profe, Dani Isch... excelente, chicos! #dancehoodacademia #dancehoodcommunity #pandachoreography #daniischchoreo #pandadesiigner #hiphopclass #dancinglife


panda panda panda my vision I was brought in lagos Look like the son Obama Credit in my wallet too much money in my pocket #kvng #kvnq


Abam Panda gerak dulu gi jupe Keluarga Panda di Gunung Puncak Cintan sue_iq ..Abam dengar jadi Panda ni leh jadi Jutawan. Stay C*** dan makan tido je... #AbamPanda #SplitPersonality #Multipersonalities #Panda #Bosan #JadiPanda #Takdekeje


A chance to name a baby panda! An Austrian zoo has picked a name for a female panda and is now asking global panda lovers to help it choose one for her male twin. Giant Panda Yang Yang gave birth to the twins on August. In keeping with a tradition that stems from the high death rate among baby pandas, the twins will be named once they are 100 days old, i.e. after Nov. 15. Check on net if you want to vote online. #panda #Austria #China #大熊貓 #熊貓寶寶

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