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Give me a call , I’m done with this whole being apart 🎶 #countrymusicismythingsomedays

77 2 Mar 19, 2018

Watermelon Wine 🍉🍷 Superstar ingredients come together to nourish and detox your face like only Painted Earth can do! Add one dropper of Watermelon Elixir to the Mineral Rich Masque and just enough warm water to make it a creamy beautifying dream Masque! Apply, Relax 🍷 and rinse off! What you can expect is a nourished, moisturized radiant glow! Cheers!! #watermelonwinefacemasque #paintedearthskincare #paintedearthgirl

679 3 Mar 19, 2018

shout out to my sissy for taking Rayleigh out on a auntie ray ray date today💚 i’m so blessed to have a sister who is healthy and the best auntie to my gremlins i could ever ask for. #auntieandnephew #auntierocks #paintedearth #auntiedate

20 1 Mar 19, 2018

Gemma Marie Rice, messing with peoples heads since 1990. 😂 Happy hangover day!! Pop in when you are in the town for your cure! 😉

33 3 Mar 18, 2018

GEO Enzyme Masque ✨ A brightening and clearing mask featuring Papaya and Pumpkin enzymes with Camphor to naturally clear clogged pores, illuminate, smooth, and exfoliate skin for an instant glow. Gently yet effectively exfoliates dead layers of skin to make room for new skin tissue and collagen. Meanwhile, this GEO Enzyme Masque infuses the skin with valuable nutrients and environmental protectors to prevent your skin from aging. Enzymes gently scavenge damaged, diseased, and dead skin cells. Clear clogged pores, minimize skin eruptions, and fight the march of time across your face. Reishi mushroom carries Asiatic Acid to the cells for damage restoration, fading of sun spots and damage, wrinkle reduction, and boosting of cellular hydration. Gentle and effective clinically proven skin rejuvenating factors. *Active organic enzymes Do you Masque? #geoenzymemasque #paintedearthskincare ✨📸 rym_group

676 3 Mar 18, 2018

"Work work work work work You see me I be work work work work work" -Rihanna, (2016) #inspirationalquotes 😂😂😂😂

39 3 Mar 17, 2018

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” 🌸

84 4 Mar 17, 2018

Behind the camera trying to get the perfect shot of our star 20% Vitamin C with Ferulic Acid Serum 🙌🏼📸 #deserthotsprings #vitamincserum #paintedearthskincare #paintedearthgirl

670 3 Mar 17, 2018

Whats Irish and stays out all night long? . Paddy O'Furniture 😂 . We celebrate quality Irish made products every day of the year, but at St Patricks everyones allowed to take it up a few notches 😂 thebeardedcandlemakers thehandmadesoapcompany fielddayire redrufussockanimals mcnuttofdonegal deirdrekerriganceramics

40 2 Mar 16, 2018

Earth Oil 💚 Tantalize skin with exquisite Rose Seed Hip Oil, Ravensara Leaf Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil and Carrot Seed soil. Each delicious droplet infusing cells with antioxidant protection, restoring elasticity and delivering a flood of calming relief for even the most delicate complexion. Great for all skin types including oil and acne skin. 📸 andreadawnphotography #paintedearthskincare #earthoil #faceoil #skinhealth #skintreatment #skincaretips #skincareproducts #acneproblems

673 2 Mar 16, 2018

COLOUR COORDINATING FRENCH WASH - Working hard or hardly working? Today we are French washing our Custom Mix Rubble - view our story! 🐩 . . . #greyhoundsofinstagram #rescuedog #frenchwash #wallfinishes #paintedearth

39 0 Mar 16, 2018

Have you heard of the Irish boomerang? It never returns, but it sings a lot of sad songs about how much it wants to 😂 . If you are looking for a wee token or gift for your loved ones overseas this St Patricks day, we have lots of pieces that will pop right in the post. ☺ 🍀☘🍀☘ pieralucia lizchristy.handweaver

36 1 Mar 15, 2018

#RealLife Life’s not all weights and cardio. Thankfully because I hate #CardiNO !! Had a good #FamilyNight with my girls at paintedearthpottery . I dono if it was more relaxing to quietly paint and hang out with them, or frustrating because I wanted my item to come out perfect! Can’t wait to see the finished product. Check my IG story in a few days to see how it turned out. #paintedearth #pottery #paint #family #fun #thisishowweparty #funtimes #neveradullmoment

28 0 Mar 14, 2018

Mom tried to make me into a piggy bank. Not fired yet..Can't wait to pick it up next week! #paintedearth #corgi #ceramic #getyourarton #musthaveabowtie #jerrythecorgi

23 1 Mar 13, 2018

ITS HERE!!!! BLACK PEARL 😱 This amazing face wash with Activated Coconut Charcoal and Pearls 😳🖤🧡🖤🧡 Painted Earth makes it possible for you to get both acne and antiaging benefits from one face wash , introducing Black Pearl Face Wash with activated coconut charcoal and pearls to combat acne all while fighting wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin, along with providing proper nourishment for skin cells. Activated Charcoal pulls out toxins and impurities while Pearls provide the necessary nutrients to boost cellular activity and promote cell revitalization and renewal. WAHOO!! who’s going to grab one? * limited supply on this first release * . #blackpearlfacewash #paintedearthskincare #beautifulbeautiful

669 11 Mar 13, 2018
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