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The reviews are in for Baby Come Back! Results in 2 Days! Acne discoloration, uneven pigmentation, gone..dry patches, disappear...fine lines soften, just radiant skin... No Makeup necessary! All with our amazing natural Baby Come Back✨ swipe left to read a few of the spectacular 5 star reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . #paintedearthskincare #nomakeupchallenge #babycomeback

657 9 Jan 15, 2018

Vitamins for your skin? Yes! Your skin is your largest organ in your body. mymakeup_diary knows the power of Vitamin C 🙌🏼 she starts her fresh glam look with a fresh face and our Vitamin C Face Lotion! A radiant beauty!! #paintedearthgirl #paintedearthskincare #vitaminc

672 4 Jan 15, 2018

DID YOU KNOW . . that upstairs, we have a goldsmiths studio in which loads of amazing jewellery pieces are made! These are some of our 'swings and roundabouts' range. They have a simple, stylish and contemporary design that goes with any look 💅 All made with sterling silver, and all 100% fabulous! 😂☺

39 1 Jan 14, 2018

Our Pumpkin Enzyme Masque for a Clear, radiant face. #paintedearthskincare #paintedearthgirl #ingredientsmatter #pumpkinface

854 4 Jan 14, 2018

Get to know one of the superstars we are incorporating into our Vitamin C Serum ... Astaxanthin (pronounced “asta-ZAN-thin”) is worth your time getting to know, and is a favorite among nutritionists, recently heralded as one of nature’s strongest antioxidants. While astaxanthin’s benefits are widely recognized for your body, clinical studies conducted by univerisites show its power for transforming your skin – your body’s largest organ. . Astaxanthin is a powder with a dark red pigment, which can be found in micro algae and is also what gives salmon, flamingos, and lobsters their vibrant hue. . Astaxanthin is one of the most potent antioxidants found in nature, and only recently made it’s debut in the skincare industry. It has been proven clinically to do wonders for skin. . A few of the many benefits of this super ingredient. Neutralize free radicals to protect cells, reduce DNA damage and fight aging * Protect skin against UV damage, dryness, wrinkles and premature aging. Another great side benefit of reducing oxidation and inflammation is that your skin will look and feel incredible. In addition to protecting your skin against ultraviolet damage and free radicals, studies have shown that astaxanthin helps elevate collagen levels for a firmer, smoother complexion and boost cell repair! Incredible and these are just a few of the many benefits of this super antioxidant! ✨✨Coming Soon✨✨ #paintedearthskincare #astaxanthin #vitamincserum #serum

681 3 Jan 14, 2018

We’ve collectively decided today should be a National Duvet day!🙊☔️🌧 No better way to cuddle up than with one of our woollen wonders 👀🐑 mcnuttofdonegal

61 3 Jan 13, 2018

I love getting email from my customers 💕 and I love hearing how our one of a kind miracle Boo Boo Gel has changed peoples lives! 💕💕 “ I would like to share with you my experience with your products. Painted Earth has literally changed my life! I have a skin disease called Hidradenitis Suppurativa or HS for short. With HS you get boils or abscesses on the skin which track under the skin to another abscess (Abscesses are usually side by side) It usually happens in places where skin touches skin. They are painful and debilitating. They come up on the skin and after they drain a scar is left. I will always be reminded that I have this disease because of these scars. I bought your products for my daughter who suffers from mild acne a couple of years ago. I decided to try them on my abscesses just to see if it would help, and let me tell you it was a life changer for my disease. When I begin to see that a abscess is coming up on my skin I apply your Boo Boo Gel ex. They still do come up but are not quite so big also I apply after they come up and they are not quite so painful and go back down quicker. I also apply the healer product. It is cooling and calming to my skin. After they go down my skin is flat and my scar is minimal. One of the worst things that I had experience with this disease is when the abscess go down they don't go away ther always seemed to be a small amount of fluid under them. Before using Painted Earth those abscess would come back up in the same place. Since using painted earth my scars are flat on the skin with no infection under them and those abscesses have not reoccurred. I have been using Painted Earth for my disease for over a year now. It truly has given me my life back! I have told my dermatologist in hopes that other people with my disease may use your product with hopefully the same result. Amanda” . #weloveourcustomers #booboogel #hs #paintedearthskincare #paintedearth #paintedearthgirl #gottahaveit #acnefree #acnesolution #cysticacne

655 2 Jan 13, 2018

Success is a choice . Don’t make failure an option 👍🏻

107 4 Jan 12, 2018

DID YOU KNOW . That out of all of our senses, our sense of smell is the one most closely associated with memories? This thebeardedcandlemakers candle takes me back to the Easters of my childhood, rolling eggs down the back field 😂 Is there a certain smell that takes you to another place in time? . . .

51 2 Jan 12, 2018

With the holidays over its time to de-stress and take care of yourself. Earth Oil has got your back 😉 just a couple drops of this beauty elixir will have you glowing and hydrated. And don’t even get me started on how simply yummy this liquid gold smells! 🤩 #earthoil #paintedearthskincare #skinisin #naturalskin

717 7 Jan 12, 2018

Trying to squeeze all the colours in for a mcnuttofdonegal group picture ! 🙈 What a beautiful bunch 😍 Wrap up in style with our woven, lambs wool scarves 🐑❣️

52 3 Jan 11, 2018

Such pretty textures with so many nutrients . These gorgeous ingredients and products have all natural ingredients packed full of purifying and healing ingredients to protect, correct and beautify your gorgeous face 🤯 #paintedearthskincare #allnaturalskincare

684 3 Jan 11, 2018

Happy hour for your skin starts now! Boo Boo Gel, she is a longtime skincare essential and one of your favorite beauty tools to combat acne, inflammation and redness. Her cocktail of nutrient rich, antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory will work in harmony to bring balance to your beautiful skin. Bring skin back to its happy place with Boo-Boo Gel. #booboogel #paintedearthskincare

721 3 Jan 11, 2018

**VALENTINES COMPETITION** Head on over to our FACEBOOK Page to find out how YOU can be in with a chance to WIN this beautiful Valentines Hamper for two ❤️ liadainaikenknitwear deirdrekerriganceramics averil.milligan deborah_toner sukitea

58 3 Jan 10, 2018

Almost SOLD OUT ! We only have a handful of our Boo Boo Gel EX left before they are sold out :( and it won’t be back in stock for possibly 3-4 weeks. That includes the sample sizes. We are sorry for making you go without your favorite acne buster for so long. We totally misjudged the demand for it during the holidays. #booboogelex #paintedearthskincare #soldout

660 4 Jan 10, 2018

We’ve just received a class delivery from the very talented thomasbannondraws 👀 Super excited to see what’s to come from him in the not so distant future !!

47 2 Jan 10, 2018

Can’t wait to see these fired ughhh. Only three more plates and that part of the set is done. #skutkiln #pottery #bisque #handmadeplateset #uniqueplateset #potterybubbles #bubbletechnique #plate #clay #create #unique #paintedearthlacombe #paintedearth

60 8 Jan 10, 2018
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