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Keep it simple - choose two people whose opinions you genuinely value, and use them as your sounding board for your decisions. Smile and nod at the other opinions, then politely change the topic #bestmates #truefriends #lucky #favourites #keepitsimple #brideonabudget


Because if we all stopped basing our opinions off of the words of others and started to experience life ourselves, what a better place this would be #thoughoftheday #tip #opinions #believeinyourself #live #transformation #believe #quote #experience #world #motivation #inspiration #love #different #adventure


Yay or nay?! I need opinions! I hate always looking right into my kitchen right when I walk in and I know my shelves are super cluttered but does it look tacky with this curtain? All opinions welcome! #doesthiswork


We all have our own thoughts and opinions on what love is or what the types of love are. Please comment below on what you believe love is. Perhaps we can all learn from each others opinions and ideas.


Hello everyone ^_^ Please help us by answering some of these questions about Ktown4u website. We would like to hear your opinions about it and we will do our best to improve our services to make it more convenient and easy to use for all our customers. Ktown4u Survey:1. What are your inconveniences about using Ktown4u? (Issues could be price, delivery, out of stock, custom service, speed of reply, packing condition, pre-order, product providing, etc.)2. Do you have any problem using Ktown4u?3. What good points do you like about other kpop store website?4. What payment methods do other Kpop stores have that you like?5. What do you think Ktown4u should improve on?6. What is our overall opinions about Ktown4u?Thank you so much for your help #Kpop #Ktown4u


Today veenacrownholm and I went on a little field trip to Malibu! We visited bedstu today at Malibu Country Mart and designed our own custom bags/purses. It was so much fun adding our own personalities to these gorgeous leather bags! I added a touch of coral and had my name added in gold! It was such a fun activity to do with a friend ! We definitely kept asking each other for opinions on our styles! ..When you shop with a friend do you ask for help with your own style, or use IG live for opinions? .. domain_integrated


You know what they say about opinions...




Need your opinions... which one would you prefer?


Stop everything. Opinions. Now.


New song. Opinions?


Must cop IMO? Opinions?


Finally finished! Opinions please:)


*ೃ༄opinions on this filter?


Do my opinions despair you? #johnwick2 #danielwick


Football edit of rlukaku9 / Opinions?


First time at coloring some stainless! Opinions??


The world will change by example not by opinions. #leadership


Update: #arsenal fans have different opinions about #arsenewenger


Keep your opinions to yourself netflix #bademail #badmarketing #thanksnetflix


Any opinions on this pink Tesla Model S?: kimhana9977


:Well you can comment or DM something that I cannot answer to like opinions and shit like that.


YELP.... Instagram..... same difference. Opinions are like butt holes, EVERYBODY has one......


Me and the phone have different opinions... #everyoneisacritic #technologysucks #photography #goodorbad


Award Ceremony dress dilemma...either of these?! Or go shopping for a new one? Opinions please! Help! Thank you

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