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Apresentação no 29° Congresso Brasileiro de Microbiologia dos trabalhos em parceria com o laboratório de biologia molecular da Univille. Parabéns a todos os envolvidos!! E que venham os próximos!! #microbiologia #microbiologiaveterinaria #saudeanimal #onehealth

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About to hit the stage! #OneHealth #BayC #RiseOfANewKing #BetterMustComeEP #NotForgotten

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El cacao es un alimento que además de ser delicioso, tiene excelentes propiedades nutricionales, aquí algunas de ellas: ✔️Excelente antioxidante, el cacao contiene unas sustancias llamadas flavonoides, estos flavonoides hacen que nuestras arterias se mantengan sanas por lo que si tienes hipertensión o simplemente quieres prevenir enfermedades del corazón ¡consume cacao! ✔️Ayuda a prevenir el estrés oxidativo ✔️Contribuye a la salud mental ✔️Excelente fuente de fibra dietética. ¿Cómo consumirlo? Debemos distinguir entre sus principales componentes: - La manteca de cacao - La cocoa Puedes consumirlo diariamente, siempre y cuando cuides que no se le añadan azúcares simples o grasas saturadas como en los casos del chocolate con leche o la mayoría de los postres. La mejor opción es consumirlo añadiendo a tus batidos o preparaciones cocoa sin azúcar ☕️ o mediante tabletas de chocolate oscuro(sin azúcar)🍫. — Cocoa, in addition is delicious, has excellent nutritional properties. Here's some of them: ✔Excellent antioxidant, cocoa contains substances called flavonoids, that make our arteries stay crean & heathy, so if you have hypertension or you simply want to prevent heart disease, consume cacao! ✔ Helps prevent oxidative stress ✔ Contribute to mental health ✔Excellent source of dietary fiber How to cosume it? We must differentiate between its main components: - Cocoa butter - Cocoa You can consume cacao daily, as long as you be careful, don't add simple sugars or saturated fat as in the cases of milk chocolates or most desserts. The best option is to consume it by adding unsweetened cocoa to your shakes or preparations☕️, or eating dark chocolate tablets (without sugar)🍫. #cacao #superfoods #onehealth #cocoa #antioxidante #nutricion #healthyfood #antioxidants #health #nutrition #1h

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Novel now available on Amazon! Link in Bio.

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‘Without understanding, there's no impetus for change.' - Dr Kaye Burgess, Teagasc. This sentiment sums up the reason for today's Irish Forum for International Agricultural Development (IFIAD) annual conference, with the theme 'Agriculture in the Delivery of One Health.' One Health recognises the links between human health, animal health and environmental health. We simply cannot have one without the other. Some of the interesting and surprising points covered at today's event included: 👩🏽‍🌾🐄🌎:Emerging diseases transferred from livestock could have the same devastating cost as climate change, but we haven't mobilised around these issues the same way. 👩🏽‍🌾🐄🌎: If we allow a wild west revolution of animal intensive farming without great care, we'll have many more problems. 👩🏽‍🌾🐄🌎: A timely response to outbreaks of disease in animals, before it spreads to humans, could reduce current costs by 90%. 👩🏽‍🌾🐄🌎: Antibiotic resistance is already causing 25,000 deaths annually, and costs the EU €1.5 billion each year. 👩🏽‍🌾🐄🌎: The unnecessary use of antibiotics to treat animals poses a serious threat to human health. 👩🏽‍🌾🐄🌎: No action yesterday = no cure today. 👩🏽‍🌾🐄🌎: Speakers at today's event were from organisations including the International Livestock Research Institute, the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, universitycollegedublin, concernworldwide, Self Help Africa, Teagasc, nuigalway , Worldwide Veterinary Service & Animal Health Ireland. . . . . . . #selfhelpafrica #ifiad #ifiad17 #onehealth #health #humanhealth #animalhealth #environmenthealth #internationaldevelopment #agriculture #irishaid #climatechange #mondaymotivation #AMR #antibiotics #antiobioticresistance #disease #diseaseprevention #partnership #collaboration

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Dont forget! TODAY is the last day to enter your pets in the OLP Pet Costume Contest! . Anyone is invited to enter, the only requirement is a OLP tag be in your photo! . Prize can be sent to ANY US address and arrangements can be made for prize to be brought to St Kitts! . Voting starts TOMORROW! . Send us your photos via message! -------------------------------------------------- #OneLOVEPets #ParasitePrevention #ParasiteAwareness #VeterinaryMedicine #NonProfit #OLP #PetsSupportingPets #OneHealth #Fleas #Ticks #Pets #ParasiteProtection #dogsofinstagram #nonprofit #charity #animalcharity #dogphoto #petcostume #contest #costumecontest

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COMPORTAMENTO: Jaleco não está na moda! Veja os riscos que profissionais que usam jaleco fora do ambiente de trabalho podem estar trazendo para você É comum em regiões próximas a hospitais e clínicas vermos os funcionários circulando enquanto usam um equipamento de proteção individual: o jaleco. Há quem diga que muitos consideram elegante e charmoso desfilar com ele pelas ruas frequentando inclusive restaurantes e lanchonetes. O fato é que usar esta vestimenta profissional fora do ambiente de trabalho pode representar um risco para a saúde das pessoas em volta. Em uma pesquisa realizada pela PUC-SP, mostrou que 95% dos jalecos de médicos e enfermeiros examinados estavam contaminados. Entre os micro-organismos identificados, está uma bactéria considerada um dos principais agentes de infecção hospitalar, a Staphilococcus aureus. O estudo conclui que em vez de proteger o usuário, o jaleco médico pode ser fonte de contaminação, principalmente na região do punho. Outra pesquisa realizada em Jerusalem encontrou nos jalecos patógenos potenciais (conhecidos também como agentes infecciosos ou germes), também encontrou bactérias resistentes a antibióticos. Os estudos comprovam que o uso do jaleco fora do ambiente de trabalho pode resultar em riscos para a população. Diversos projetos de lei que proíbem o uso da vestimenta profissional nas ruas já foram aprovados em diversos estados brasileiros. Fonte: CRMPR/ JMONLINE/ G1/ SINDHOST #JalecoNãoEstáNaModa #VistaEssaIdeia #DetetiveVet #OneHealth #SaúdeÚnica #MedicinaVeterinária

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SAFE St. Kitts is one of the sponsored organizations by the St Kitts OLP Chapter! They specialize in rescuing animals in emergent need in St Kitts but in their free time they visit community members in need to provide their animals with food and other supplies such as flea and tick prevention! Every tag sold helps us to provide funds to SAFE and other organizations like them for parasite prevention! Get yours today - . “Another successful SAFE outreach day in the books! SAFEs mission is not only to rescue animals from emergency, but to prevent emergencies from happening to start with! Yesterday we went out into the beautiful St.Kitts and gave out food and free preventatives to local island dogs and cats who’s owners would not be able to afford them meds otherwise. During this time, we also had an emergency case with the kitty pictured, Almond Joy, who has a condition called Entropion where her eyelids flip inside instead of sitting normal. This will be resolved and she is already with her new foster getting all the love! Thank you to the officers and students who went on outreach day! We couldn’t do it without y’all! ❤️🐾🇰🇳” -------------------------------------------------- #OneLOVEPets #ParasitePrevention #ParasiteAwareness #VeterinaryMedicine #NonProfit #OLP #PetsSupportingPets #OneHealth #Fleas #Ticks #Pets #ParasiteProtection #dogsofinstagram #nonprofit #charity #animalcharity #dogphoto safestkitts

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I am so grateful to be a walking talking advert for this incredible company!To use products kind to us and the planet and get paid each month for helping others enjoy the benefits too,yes please!i love having the best of both worlds working around being a #mum #dancer and #activities leader! #arbonne #chooseyourlife #feelamazing #productoftheproduct #familylove #healthy #onehealth #winwin

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Meet new owners today. Special phone rings. #phonering #shenion #somavita #nanotechnology #harmonizing aggressive telco signals. #AEI #invention #inventor #vitaliser #onelife #onehealth 0111-533-0769 0111-533-0769

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Pengecekan kapal ekspor tujuan tawau malaysia sebatik north borneo 🐊🐙🐬🦀🐋🐟 #onehealth #bkipm #fishquarantine #borneo #kerjagembira #semakinsolid #sebatik #onehealthbkipm #gemasatukata #onehealthkipm humasbkipm rinajanwar_bkipm

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