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We’ve teamed up with camhfoundation for #onebravenight! With the fundraiser ending April 7th, our team has already raised close to $5,000 and we’re so thankful for everyone who participated. ❤️

33 2 Mar 22, 2018

❤ . #camh #onebravenight .

2 0 Mar 22, 2018

Part 2 . . So my mom divorced my dad when I was 5, and I didn't understand why so I held a lot of resentment. She remarried when I was 7, then divorced again when I was 15. During the second marriage I had forgiven her and also apologized for being an angry child, but when her and my stepdad divorced it hit me very hard. I became depressed pretty much instantly. I tried to commit suicide, went to a counsellor... Things actually got so bad I stopped talking to my mother for over a year and then got into my rebellous drugchild phase. I graduated high school and got kickedout 2 weeks later. Amazing. I made a lot of mistakes in my life. I don't regret them because they made me who I am today. Would I have done things differently? Definitely. But I'm happy with where I'm at today. Not perfect, but who is? Thanks for reading my story.. If this inspires you please feel free to donate to my profile today ! Link in Bio. Any amount is greatly appreciated and I am so happy to even try to help others that may be in the position I was in. . Thanks again 💜💜💜 Love and Light ⭐⚡🌙

3 1 Mar 22, 2018

The paulhansellfdn started a beautiful movement known as "The Conversation plate" (or #ConvoPlate) to encourage us all to have open conversations about mental health, and how we take care of our own. Today, over 432 plates are circulating around the globe, starting much needed conversations about mental health awareness. On April 6th, for camhfoundation’s #OneBraveNight, My Beautiful Mind's team will continue these conversations with plate #376. After that? I want it to go to our Toronto Raptors leading scorer, Mr. demar_derozan so he can continue inspiring others. #ConvoPlate4Derozan is the goal my friends! #MentalHealthMatters

20 0 Mar 22, 2018

I have suffered from mental illness for several years now. Everyday is a constant battle. And it’s going to remain a battle for the rest of my life. I would not be able to cope without the love and support I have received from my family and friends. Many individuals, unfortunately do not have support or the resources to seek help. I want to do whatever I can to help individuals receive the help they may need. By making a donation to CAMH, #OneBraveNight you are working with them to do more mental health research, creating more facilities and more! If possible please donate whatever you can! Link in bio to donate #CAMH

15 4 Mar 21, 2018

Thank You peopleofthecommunity for smashing the stigma with mental health! Blessed to have you support our initiative and can't wait to see you at #OneBraveNight . . . #Repost peopleofthecommunity ( get_repost) ・・・ This week we sat down with shivster__, author of The Little Blue Elephant tlbeproject and nikhiljagga to discuss soch_mentalhealth a grass roots mental intiative and their upcoming event the One Brave Night Challenge. #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #yellingdegenerates #podcast #brampton

63 3 Mar 21, 2018

While in Toronto, I was able to visit #camh. I'm participating in #OneBraveNight, so I thought it was important that I go to the facility. I'm going to blog more about it, but long story short -- it's saving a lot of lives ❤️ #radiantlyalive #YQG #mentalwellness #blog #cdnbloggerrt #girlswhoblog #YQGtoYYZ #blogto #Toronto #depression #anxiety #oneinfive #yourenotalone

25 1 Mar 21, 2018

Come out to Coffee Pot Lounge on Friday, April 6, 2018 for our One Brave Night Trivia Night hosted by Pat Ryan!! - Team goal is $2500 - All proceeds will be going to the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health - Donations are $15 per person (minimum) - sign up in groups of 2 or 4 - Prizes available for top 3 fundraisers and the winning team! This will be a private event and space is extremely limited! Sign up today to reserve your table! Contact us by phone, email, or private message. 519-915-0589 coffeepotlounge Once you are signed up, please follow the link below to donate and join the Coffee Pot Lounge team to help raise money for the CAMH and #onebravenight Campaign! #coffeepotlounge #onebravenight #camh #cannabisfriendly #byobud #medicateresponsibly #trivia #windsor #yqg #ontario #ottawastreet #donate #support #mentalillness #inspirehope

15 0 Mar 21, 2018

Very excited for my parties this week. I very much wanted to have one big one on the actual date, but life rarely works out the way we plan. So I have opted for 2 parties, one tonight and one saturday. Tonight's party/game night will be much smaller buy hopefully equally amazing. I am very excited and cannot wait for tonight. 😍 #onebravenight #mentalhealth #camh #marquee #blessed #endthestigma #party #gamenight

16 0 Mar 21, 2018

Little work in progress . #camh #onebravenight .

7 0 Mar 21, 2018

#InternationalDayOfHappiness spread a lot of love and a lot of joy joy 💜 for those of you who are unaware, this year I’m an ambassador for camhfoundation annual #OneBraveNight fundraiser. Should you wish to support my efforts and share a little happiness yourself, please head to and search for participant ASHLEY JOHNSON 💜 #camh #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #anxiety #bipolar #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #depression #postpartumdepression #schizophrenia #happy

38 2 Mar 21, 2018

I'm doing the #CAMH #OneBraveNight challenge because there is no shame in mental illness! But I can't do it alone! I need you to step up with me! I've almost reached my goal of $300! Thank you to everyone who has donated ❤️ Support me here:

14 0 Mar 20, 2018

Friends! I'm raising money for the one in five Canadian's living with mental health issues by participating in CAMH's One Brave Night for Mental Health campaign. By making a donation to my One Brave Night page, you are helping CAMH improve access to care, conduct research to find better treatments, and build more spaces for healing. So please consider donating on my page below (I have also posted the link in my profile for easier access!). I would be forever grateful. Additionally, if you or someone you know needs help dealing with mental health or addiction issues, CAMH may be able to help. See the link below for more information.…/h…/finding_help/Pages/finding_help.aspx #onebravenight

13 0 Mar 20, 2018

#OneBraveNight is your opportunity to step up and inspire hope for Canadians living with mental illness. Join me! Link to profile in bio !

11 0 Mar 20, 2018

MISTAKES WERE MADE! Well, at least now I know that a mystery ink I had in my room isn't waterproof 😅 . #camh #onebravenight .

8 0 Mar 20, 2018
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