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1 0 Mar 19, 2018

Shiva is one of the most widely known and revered Hindu gods. Shiva is often worshipped as one member of the Holy Trinity of Hinduism, with the gods Brahma (the Creator) and Vishnu (the Protector) being the other deities. Shiva is believed to have evolved from the earlier Hindu God Rudra, mentioned in the Rig Veda, and is normally associated with destruction. However, Shiva is also associated with reincarnation, since in Hinduism death is believed to be a necessary step for rebirth. But Shiva has different aspects that appear at different times. Shiva is often depicted as the destroyer, and will appear as a naked ascetic, encircled with serpents and necklaces of skulls. Sometimes Shiva wanders into crematoriums, smears his body with ash and dances in the light of the funeral pyres, reminding all about the transitory nature of material things. Another common form is that of Dancing Shiva Nataraja. This is Shiva engaged in a cosmic dance. It is believed that the energy from this dance sustains the cosmos, and when Shiva is finished with this dance, this universe will end and a new one will begin. Sometimes the creative force of Shiva is depicted, and in particular Shiva is represented by a phallus, known as the lingam. Other times Shiva is seen in statues as the god of meditation and asceticism. He will be depicted sitting cross-legged with his eyes half-closed. ✨ Source: 🎨: peakreative 🙏🕉🌈🐍📿

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I'm an Outcast And I like it

13 2 Mar 19, 2018

Been really flowing with this energy lately and feeling so good. Even in the bad I feel good overall. 🙏🏻💜💜 I’ve been having very realistic and trippy but beautiful dreams as of lately too, mainly dealing with new beginnings, new adventures, and lots of earths beauty like I couldn’t believe. I’ve also been more in tune with the spiritual world, catching little signs and hearing/seeing things. It’s so exciting! Hoping to soon be able to access the Akashic records since it’s been awhile and I haven’t been able to. Happy new moon again 💜✨🙌🏻 #AkashicRecords #NewMoon #EnergeticUpdates #Gaia #Healing #Energy #Frequency #Vibrations #RaiseYourVibes #Peace #Love #LoveAndLight #Happiness #DivineFeminine #Esoteric #Mystic #ParadigmShift #EnergyShift #Om #Namaste

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f o r e s t↟d r e a m s

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Villa massalia avec deux légendes #joursematch #hidalgo #lacombe #jourdematch #om #ol #omol

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By aria.official . Follow yoga.goodvibes for more . . .

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I need this right about now. ❤ But in the meantime, I'll take comfort in knowing that all these late season storms are fillng our creeks and rivers for carefree summer days ahead. ~ glidesup #glidesup #glideyoga #glideinflatables

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Bang bang ⚪️🔵 #OM

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Honestly I like to explain this with a house analogy. Sometimes, houses are built without much care and have serious structural issues down to the foundation. No matter what improvements are made, there’s still issues deep down to the bones of the house. When this happen, the house needs to be taken down to the foundation and studs, and rebuilt properly with more care. This is how people are. We must unlearn everything all the way down to the foundation, take it back to when we were innocent kids filled with wonder and curiosity, and build back up through a process of relearning what’s right. It sounds exhausting and like a lot of work, doesn’t it? It is 😩😂😂😂 but it’s so unbelievably worth it. Why not take the opportunity to rebuild yourself into the person you’ve always wanted to be and reach your highest soul purpose and potential? 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻✨ don’t let those moments pass by. #Growth #Relearning #Wisdom #Gaia #Healing #HealYourself #Energy #Frequency #Vibrations #RaiseYourVibes #Peace #Love #LoveAndLight #Happiness #DivineFeminine #Esoteric #Mystic #ParadigmShift #EnergyShift #Om #Namaste

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🕉 Om Namah Shivaye 🕉

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