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Piristävämpää näköalaa saa tosissaan hakea ☔ #officewithaview

0 0 Sep 22, 2017

Amazing views of Cairo #cairo #egypt #officewithaview

1 0 Sep 22, 2017

3 weeks and 15,000 km's, 14 sunrise's, 4 sunsets, bush and farmlands, creeks & rivers, snow capped mountains, Santa Claus hitchhiking up the Hume, roo's, wallabies, kookaburra's & cockatoo's, even the odd eagle! For all the things that I dislike about trucking for a living there is the other side of the scale which shows all the things that are great about it like having an office with a big window and a great view and that you can see the country side through if you so choose seeing places that most people don't go, won't go or have no reason to go visit. Getting up at 0230AM doesn't have manys perks in my view but watching the sunrise over some of Victoria's highest mountains revealing early morning frost in the valley's, low lying fog and ray's of light passing through the forest trees while the local roo population line up for their morning sparing session is something spectacular to witness and something most people never see so I try not to take it for granted as I yawn and wipe the sleep from my eye's hanging out for my first coffee. It's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it. Somebody with a lot of coffee!!!

4 1 Sep 22, 2017

Had ik jullie al verteld dat het kantoor van LBL een erg fijn uitzicht heeft? 🤗 #officewithaview #arnhem #dudok

15 5 Sep 22, 2017

#Repost simonweakley Table mountain just peeping out of the clouds. #tablemountain #capetown #aviation #officewithaview #WesleysWayCPT

3 0 Sep 22, 2017

Table mountain just peeping out of the clouds. #tablemountain #capetown #aviation #officewithaview

13 1 Sep 22, 2017

and a good day to you, mr crane driver! 😁 #officewithaview

13 4 Sep 22, 2017

Good Morning #friday #weekend #nofilter #hafen #bonn #officewithaview

9 0 Sep 22, 2017
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