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Lots of petrified wood on the trail between mile marker two and four of the 8 mile long trail. #Petrified wood #Zion #tinyhouseontheroad #tinyhouseliving #backpacking #offgridtinyhouse

27 2 Jan 14, 2018

Petrified wood in Zion national Park. #Petrified wood #zion #tinyhouseontheroad #tinyhouseliving #offgridtinyhouse

22 1 Jan 14, 2018

Indoors vs outdoors. Woodstove and sunshine vs. Northern Ontario winter. Off-grid tiny house living comes with its own share of winter challenges (ahem, condensation aka mould, ice build up sealing my front door shut, 0 degree Celsius mornings -- indoor temperature, just to name three), but fuck how I love having full heat control and being totally toasty and in a tank top even on the shortest, coldest days. As far as that "design feature" goes, I've achieved the sweetest success. #passivesolar #woodstove #radiantheat #offgrid #tinyhouse #tinyhouseliving #northernontario #heat #winter #win #designedforhot #offgridtinyhouse

24 1 Jan 13, 2018

Best backpack ever ! Denali 100.... #tinyhouseontheroad #tinyhouseliving #offgridtinyhouse #denali100

21 0 Jan 12, 2018

Yes it really was that color! Funny how some of The same type are so drab. More pictures from the rainy day in the desert hoping flowers will start popping out soon! #tinyhouseontheroad #tinyhouseliving #offgridtinyhouse #cactus

28 4 Jan 10, 2018

Walking around in the desert today as it was raining I wanted to see if anything different showed up. Sadly nothing unusual but in the 5 miles I walked this was the only little cactus of this type that I found. It was about 2” x 2” could it be the last of its kind ? #cactus #tinyhouseontheroad #tinyhouseliving #offgridtinyhouse

30 0 Jan 10, 2018

I might not be able to post in insta as often as I used to cos have started camping and living at the landspot that's going to be my permanent or semi permanent home. Where in a couple of months my offgrid THOW will be completed and set up. I've begun work of cleaning, tidying, planning the land now. Internet is limited on this beautiful virgin property only at certain higher parts of the land so its really tricky trying to upload photos onto insta, but will trymy best to keep posting. Thks guys! 😍 keep in touch! Watch this space!

35 8 Jan 9, 2018

So I’ve been walking around trying to find a local wildlife here in the Nevada desert and I found this pack rat hole. So I set up a light and my camera and was surprised that it came out even in the blinding light ....there are cute Busy little creatures . However they’re a little thieves they have stolen some earrings from a friend of mine when she was camping and last week there was a borough where I was sleeping near the river and they stole my kayak glove! #Packrat #tinyhouseontheroad #tinyhouseliving #offgridtinyhouse

22 2 Jan 8, 2018

My first Kayaking overnighter 6day trip with a group of friends 55 miles of pure fun! #tinyhouseontheroad #tinyhouseliving #offgridtinyhouse #kayaking #coloradoriver river

31 0 Jan 6, 2018

So there we were parked on a piece of BLM land just outside Boulder city Nevada which you have to move 21 miles every 14 days from where you park-and a guy comes racing by on his dune buggy. He turns around and comes over to the tiny house and we talk a bit. Then he asked us if we want to stay on his piece of 7 acre property in the desert and keep an ion his equipment when he’s not there (he owns a trucking company). Sure sounds good us ... now we don’t have to go and get water and we can stay here as long as we like .... kindness of strangers. ... our new view.... #tinyhouseontheroad #tinyhouseliving #offgridtinyhouse

36 5 Jan 5, 2018

There’s a lot of talk about how social media can be kind of fake. For many people it pushes them into a state of comparing themselves with others and leaves them feeling inadequate and sad. Often a single, freeze frame picture fails to tell the whole story. This picture is a great example. Some might think I look like a smoldering BA wilderness guy who knows what he’s doing. Or a wannabe boy band member who bought a pair of distressed Abercrombie and Fitch jeans just for this photo. Surprisingly, neither of these are the case. What you don’t know is that my wife snagged this almost by accident while I was really stressed. The sun was going down, it was getting cold, and this was our only day to finish building our skirt before i had to attend to work and other things. Freezing temperatures were coming quickly and if we didn’t get a skirt up, our pipes (and our bodies) would freeze. I had just gotten shocked by an electric fence and overall I was just feeling behind and under pressure. Life is full of mishaps and troubles and no one is doing it perfectly. If we’re not careful, picture perfect Instagram feeds can leave us with a distorted view of reality. I wouldn’t take back the life choices we’ve made for anything but I think that it’s important to note that they are sometimes really hard. After we left school and were working on our house I felt like I ate crap everyday for 6 months straight trying to deal with fear and figuring out our finances. Even now things can get pretty stressful and we still need help. We’d be hosed without family that lets us crash at their house for extended periods when it’s really cold and really late and we’ve been working all day and just don’t want to deal with driving up a mountain and building a fire. Or during times when you really don’t have it all figured out and you just need a break. We have little triumphs all the time and I really love our life but it’s the struggles that give those triumphs context and make everything meaningful. #realtalk #lifeisgood

598 46 Jan 5, 2018

Reflecting today on how INSANE our 2017 was haha. Between January and December zachariahholub finished his 2nd year of Med school, we bought a fifth wheel, redid the inside of our fifth wheel, sold 2 cars, bought a truck, got a puppy, finished my yoga certification, decided to leave Med school, moved states, went back to finish my bachelors, and moved up into the mountains in our fifthy for a snowy, chilly, quiet, and beauuuutiful winter. In 2018 may we prioritize, simplify, make hard choices, work towards what we love, and not forget to pause and enjoy all of the beauty of this journey! #bigpeoplelittleworld

412 7 Jan 3, 2018

Guys, we miss our tiny (huge) guy so much. It’s been a day and a half that we’ve been away from him while we visit family and I CANNOT DEAL haha. He really has turned into our third amigo and it’s just not quite the same without wadsworththedog...if anyone wants to join I’ll just be stalking his Instagram page 😩 cuz I’m feeling #pathetic #petthetic #pawthetic? #halp #wheremydogat Also—I’m gonna post to his account too 🤷🏼‍♀️ cuz what else? 🦁🐉🐕🐘🦋 👶🏼(pinpointing Wad with an emoji is kinda hard—I think those all together probably fit best) haha again, #desperate #dogsperate? K I’m done 😬😅

587 10 Dec 31, 2017

Merry Christmas everybody! We’ve escaped from the mountains for a bit and headed to the desert to spend some time with family. I’m always so grateful for family on Christmas, especially for this wonderful wife of mine. We’ve been through a lot of crazy stuff the last 2.5 years we’ve been married but we’ve always had each other and that’s been a beautiful thing. The only thing missing from this is wadsworththedog and everybody else in the world that we love that could wish we could smush into this picture with us. #lighttheworld #whereiswaddo

728 21 Dec 26, 2017

We have these big windows in our main area that look almost like giant beautiful paintings. I get home, open the curtains, look around at our little home and am like holy freak this place is magic 😍🌄. And then I realize that 90% of what makes it so magic has nothing to do with our renovations, and that it would probably look a lot uglier if parked outside a toilet store or something. Then our paintings would be of toilets and while I’m mostly grateful to have a roof over my head I’m also grateful that at least right now we get to have pictures of mountains instead of toilets on our walls. 🚽👎🏼⛰👍🏼 #countyourblessings #sometimeswewillprobablyhavetoparkoutsideofatoiletstore #thatsoktoosometimes #blessed

509 13 Dec 21, 2017

Hey guys! Sofie here. So fun fact about me, the leg I’m holding in this picture is straight up bionic 🤖. When I was younger I had what’s called a limb salvage surgery due to childhood cancer and they were able to replace 14 inches of my bone with metal. Pretty cool, but it created a lot of limitations for me and I had to let go of a lot of things I loved. I share this because a lot of the time when people are “outdoorsy” others assume they do all the high adventure stuff that “outdoorsy” people do. I can’t ski anymore, and I have to take things easy. One of the first questions I get from new people I meet and hear I’m from Jackson Hole and live in a fifth wheel in the mountains is if I’m a skier, and when I say “no” or “not anymore” it either turns into a whole explanation as to why I can’t anymore (mood changes real quick when you name drop cancer haha), or I just look like a mountain and snow hater. I just wanna say that we don’t have to be able to do all the things to love nature and wanna be in it. I have found my own niches and let go of any pride around not being hardcore ski bum or rock climbing babe. I’m just me and I like to go on hikes with my dog and do yoga and my life is da bayyyyyst. #noshame #everyonecannature

455 31 Dec 20, 2017
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