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After putting the Fresh Foam Lazr through its paces at f45_training_rosedale and the gym, all I can say is they. are. AMAZING. They are so light and have so much grip. They bend in all the right places for a quick, nimble response. They also have a slip on and off design so you don't have undo the laces. These are now my go to shoe. I'm gonna buy them in every colour. _________________________________________________ They are available now, link in bio newbalancenz #FRESHFOAMLAZR #getmore

111 1 Feb 18, 2018

Mount Maunganui is less than 3 hours from Auckland and let me tell you, the walk up is definitely haaaaard work but I mean, LOOK AT THAT VIEW 😱🌟😇 Go for a weekend trip and try out the beach front cafes!!! So many cool options 🥑🍌🍫

19 4 Feb 18, 2018

Y'all like my new hairdo? Just kidding, this is what happens to my fringe when it's all sweaty under my running cap 😆 My Long Run was straight after church today. Not ideal temperature-wise, but priorities, right? 🙏🏻 13km in the bank today. 🙌🏻 #happy #newdo #stillsweating #summerrunning

63 13 Feb 18, 2018

Awesome day with the HIIT whanau at Wellingtona Cigna Round the Bays! Proud of everyone who participated! what a day!!!! Topped off with a Functional HIIT Burger at dutchysburgerjoint Awesome day! Mean Vibes!!

76 2 Feb 18, 2018

People First Fitness Second

38 2 Feb 18, 2018

💪 API WHEY ELITE 💪 ⚪ If you haven't tried API Whey Elite 5Lb yet, you definitely need to! With 5 Delicious Flavours to choose from! ⚪ Plus FREE API Tee + Shaker thrown in! ONLY $84.90 Jump online now! #topdognutrition #apiwheyelite #getapi #nzfitness #nzfit #fitnz

87 0 Feb 18, 2018

Correction does much, but encouragement does more. 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 Check out the new women Forme Collection. 📲 NZ AUS Free Delivery 📦 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 #audin #audinsquad #lookgoodfeelgood

78 6 Feb 18, 2018

Been feeling tired, stiff and sore this weekend. Meaning I made no attempt to do my 22.5km long run and I DON'T feel bad for not doing it. Instead I've focused on other things like studying (I've done 4 assignments and a quiz over 2 days) and letting my body recover. I have however still worked out, today I've done an easy 5kms for the #nikeplus #globalrunningday and Friday I did a HIIT resistance band workout. Definitely feeling better physically and mentally (now I've gotten through the mental block I was having with study) Another factor that is playing a large part with my energy levels at the moment is the fact I've been monitoring my calorie intake for the past 10 days (MyFitnessPal) This has meant I've changed up my diet as I'm being more aware and careful of what I'm eating and when. As my body's getting used to the change and im getting my intakes right my energy levels are getting better. Sometimes you've gotta alter things and just take a step back while trusting they'll work out for the best. . . . . #focus #personaltrainer #nzfitness #fitnessaddict #fitness #fitlife #fit #fitchicks #nikeplusrunning #marathontraining #healthychick #run #runner #runningaddict #running #listentoyourbody #rest #recover #improve

33 3 Feb 18, 2018

Me in action first video post 2018 getting ready for a big 1 #bodytransformation #nzfitness #nextgen #nzmealprep

27 2 Feb 17, 2018

***NEW BLOG POST*** I've shared my thoughts (and a few pics) on the Escarpment trail experience a few weeks ago. #blog #newblogpost #linkinbio #paekakarikiescarpmenttrack

48 4 Feb 17, 2018

Saturday's are for the sleds💪 This sled drag & push combo will help build up endurance in your legs, and the med ball thruster improves power after you're tired from the sled Great finisher for any power athlete's leg day training Workout: Heavy sled pull 10 yards Low sled push 10 yards Medball thruster x2 Repeat 6 rounds. 40 seconds rest between each round

37 3 Feb 17, 2018

DAY ONE: First day of my local 30 day challenge complete. Kicked things of with a bootcamp style session this morning 🏋️‍♀️ My challengers absolutely crushed it. Remember: you don't need to be perfect to start, you simply have to start. #thefitkitchen #bootcamp

42 3 Feb 17, 2018

When girls try be candid 🤪😂 Happy Birthday molly_pt

205 8 Feb 17, 2018
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