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Head Turner Lil Kid loving his headless neighbor on the haunted carousel in Bryant Park. The amazing Le Carrousel hosts an amazing Tricks or Treats celebration for kids - from live music, pumpkin decorating, crafts and more - the spooky carousel alone is one to be explored. bryantparknyc #lecarrousel #bryantpark #headlesshorseman #hauntedcarousel #halloween #halloweenwithkids #carousel #halloweeninnyc #nyhalloween #skeleton #coatume #nyckids #nycmom #littlekidnyc


"I was born in Lebanon during the civil war. When I was 1, our building was bombed in the middle of the night and a shrapnel entered my window and bounced all around the room and ended up lodging in my crib. My room was covered in glass, but I was miraculously unharmed. After this event my parents decided to leave, and my brother and I grew up between the US and France. We were privileged to have a carefree childhood away from any political turmoil and I have many happy memories of fun and play. Now that my son is the same age I was at the time, I realize what an obstacle my parents were put through, and it gives me a lot of perspective and strength to overcome the small challenges of being a new mother." - Rhea Karam, a Photographer and an Artist and a mom of Kai on her perspective on motherhood. Read her inspiring and honest story today on our blog rheak is wearing our Katie Dress in Black ________________________________________//For more inspiring stories on Motherhood, visit us on our blog www.blogmiteracollection.com____________________________________//We make clothing for modern women who hold tiny hands and have big dreams. If being a mom is one of the most important aspects of who you are, but it is not all of who you are, come and visit us at #nymom #nycmom #creativemoms #momswhoinspire #unitedinmotherhood

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