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We will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday on 11/23 and 11/24, but we still have normal hours today and tomorrow! Give us a call to snag a last minute appointment!

3 1 Nov 21, 2017

True story: I went to take a spin class yesterday and the instructor never showed up 😳 So guess who taught their first spin class in Jamaica?🙋‍♂️ Note: I'm not a spin instructor 😂 However, I've done enough classes now to pull it off and represent Soul Cycle in Jamaica 🚴 FYI there were 3 people in my class and I killed it 💪We even did 100 tap backs!! They want me to teach it again 👍I think I want to be a spin instructor as a side gig 😊 #spinclass #fitlife #soulcycle #jamaica #tapitback #jamaicansoul #drmaxnyc

54 8 Nov 21, 2017

Keep your spine flexible and your body young!! Chiropractic makes you feel younger and healthier!! Call today for a FREE consultation! #chiropractic #chiropracticcare #chiropracticadjustment

13 1 Nov 21, 2017

You’ll never know if you will succeed until you try. #accomplishments #nevergiveup #looktothefuture

18 2 Nov 21, 2017

Need some help working out those kinks caused by lifting heavy grocery bags and pre-holiday stress? Our massage therapist Frank has a last minute cancellation tonight at 5pm! Our patients love him for his amazing deep tissue work and his expertise with medical massage! Enjoy 15% off your services for tonight only. Please contact us ASAP as he tends to book up very quickly!

15 2 Nov 20, 2017

This view is not terrible 😎To all my City Chiro patients ... I'm sorry to inform you that I'm not coming back to NYC. I've decided to move to the Caribbean and live a stress free #IslandLife 🌴 I'M KIDDING 😂but I seriously have been contemplating this for years 😎 In the meantime, if you need me I'll be listening to Jah Cure, drinking Campari, and eating jerk chicken 🇯🇲🍗 #campari #reggae #jamaica #caribbean #jerkchicken #jahcure #vibes #drmaxnyc

50 3 Nov 20, 2017

About last night ... "Let's get together and eat fried rice" 🍚😂 #jamaicanhibachi #onelove #bobmarley #friedrice #jamaica #hibachi #drmaxnyc

23 1 Nov 20, 2017

Be a spinasaurus and take care of your spine. #spinalhealth #prevention #takecareofyourspine

24 2 Nov 18, 2017

Introducing...Our wonderful and brilliant staff here at Body in Balance! Over the next several weeks, we’ll introduce you to each member so you can get to know the smiling faces you’ll see around our office.

23 8 Nov 17, 2017

Throwback to last Friday when I wore my orange shirt. 3 interesting facts you should know about this shirt: 1) I only wear it once a year 2) I got it at Lacoste on the Champs-Elysees in Paris 3) I've been told many times that orange is my power color and I should wear it more often 👍For those City Chiro patients who saw me wearing it last Friday I hope it brings you good luck and happiness. For those that didn't, maybe you'll get lucky and come in for a treatment on my annual orange shirt day next year 🤗 #ootd #goodluck #lacoste #champselysees #paris #france #drmaxnyc

46 3 Nov 17, 2017

Chiropractic will help you get there. Mention Instagram for a free consultation! #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #selfhealth

38 1 Nov 17, 2017

#CityChiro 🌇

22 3 Nov 16, 2017

Be the best you can be. Usain Bolt and many professional athletes rely on chiropractic to keep them in tip top shape. What are you doing to keep yourself primed? #chiropractic #musthave #wellness #essential #holistichealth #holistic #nycmarathon #runnerscommunity #athlete #athletes #nycchiropractor

18 1 Nov 16, 2017

🙋‍♂️D) An Overwhelming Surplus of Diggity 😂😂 Now that's funny moistbuddha It's Hip Hop Thursday at City Chiro 🎤Come get adjusted and listen to some old school 😎 #hiphop #nodiggity #tbt #Blackstreet #90s #randb #throwback #drmaxnyc

44 2 Nov 16, 2017

Be consistent with your adjustments and you can keep your body healthy. Prevention is always best. #consistency #consistencyiskey #preventionisbetterthancure

33 2 Nov 16, 2017
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