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37 1 Feb 15, 2018

My mom named me before we had even known each other an hour. Little did she know how perfect my name would be for me. I refuse to step outside before the first rays of sun hit our yard, no matter how bad I have to pee. When it’s 104 degrees out shall I head to the nice shady spot where the cool, damp earth can be felt through the sparse grass? Nope, no thanks! I’ll flop straight down in the dusty spot in the sun and stay there ‘til Mom forces me in for fear I will roast like a pig at a luau! And when there’s a square (or strip) of sun on the floor in my house, I’m gonna plop myself down right there and that’s where you’ll find me every time. 😎 #sunnyinsandiego #sunnybuns #sunsoutbunsout #nudesunbathing #funinthesun #whatareyoulookingat #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #pickthepit #givepitsachance #thanksforthedogasshole

19 0 Feb 7, 2018
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