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#notpretty #imbored 😂👍🏻❤️ #notprettypicture 😂👍🏻

5 1 Oct 17, 2017

An authentic moment which doesn't look too glamorous. I didn't actually realize that this photo was taken of me a few weeks ago. When my friend sent it to me, I had a good laugh but also thought "shit, I look really weird and annoyed" 😄. Life is not all about another "pool day", another "pose for the camera", another "perfect rooftop moment", another "Marrakech-endless summer-hashtag", another sunset, another sunrise. Social media is full of "perfection", and it often seems as if people spend their whole life in a pool or watching sunsets or living in gyms squatting their life away. Although those moments are fantastic too, it's not always the reality. Most people who aim at showing constant perfection are deeply lonely on the inside. Their Ego is screaming for more likes and showing more "amazing moments", whilst their soul is in fact screaming for love, connection and depth. Let's not get too caught up in "perfection". There is a whole lot more to life, and sometimes it can be moments of annoyance, moments of love, moments of happiness, moments of chaos. Let it be and move on. Prana affects us all. Prana is the air we breathe. It's the people around us. It's society. It's work space. It's nature, or lack of it. It's beautiful. It's ugly. It's life. And life is far from perfect and glamours every single day. Let's not forget that imperfection can be beautiful too. Beautiful because it's authentic and authenticity often has a story. And stories we remember. Perfection is a fleeting moment without any depth. ------------------------------------ #life #moments #notalwayspretty #butreal #yogamoments #happiness #annoyance #imperfection #ayurvedalife #yogainmarrakech #yogamarrakech #yogamorocco #yogaeverywhere #nature #moments #peace #chaos #realshit #notprettypicture #butheyitstrue

44 1 Sep 14, 2017

Lo siento pero al parecer me emociona más la comida que las cámaras... #beyourselfalways #lifelive #notprettypicture #lovemelikeiam ...

15 0 Sep 13, 2017

| k ø r e k o r t e t k o m m e d p o s t e n i g å r | #kørekort #driverlicens #happy #uvirkeligt #notprettypicture #thisismylife #smile #fitfam #car #unreal

18 0 Jun 14, 2017

JUNK DAY ! (But all natural)

14 1 Jul 26, 2016
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