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Removed and replace 7kw Panasonic and fresh install 2.5 kW Panasonic 👌@ tyalgum

13 1 Sep 25, 2017

Evan though the trade is specialised, we help one another especially when different companies specialise in certain brands, AJ Wilcox electrical and Air from banora help us today with LG multi V systems due to major flood damage and the complexity of parts that need to be changed, the jade team associates and works with most local companies who are a particular brand service agents🙌

17 1 Sep 25, 2017

Rusted suction accumulator on main freezer removed and replaced at subway in (town)Murwillumbah ❄️👌

20 1 Sep 25, 2017

#powercuts #nowork #nopower

1 0 Sep 25, 2017

God morgen dere..:) Har vært oppe ei stund, å fikk transportert meg til treningssenteret.👍😀, stolt som en hane🐔🐔. Men allerede ved oppvarming, så blir batteriet utladet :( NO POWER)😰. Med så dårlig start på uken, så må det gå bare en vei ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️. Ha en fortreffelig god uke dere, for det er mitt ønske også💙 #optimistic #monday #msfighter #nopaingain #nopower #training #happyness

14 1 Sep 25, 2017

Det der når mand kun har været en time i skole og for fri på grund af strømsvigt ❤ #nopower #early #goodday

1 0 Sep 25, 2017

Today morning sun covered by mist.. #total #cover #nopower #sunbehindmist

2 0 Sep 25, 2017

Still no power..PG&E said 8p, and now they say 6a!!! The dull candlelight matches my mood over the #raiders loss 😕hope my power comes back on before the morning & I sure hope our #raiders team comes back to win next week!!! #footballsuckedtoday #nopower #candlelight #mood

4 0 Sep 25, 2017

Seattle City Light turned off the power to my building “to improve service” for “about 9 hours”. That was about 13 hours ago... #nopower #nointernet #nowork #problem

0 0 Sep 25, 2017

I heard from my family today and they are all safe and dealing with the after math and loss of not only homes but basic necessities. If you would like to do your part I have a link in my bio for A Hurricane Maria relief fund sponsored by Carmelo Anthony. #unitedforpuertorico #puertoricohurricane #nopower #hurricanemaria2017 #fema

4 0 Sep 25, 2017
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