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New York Sunset🌄

10 2 Feb 22, 2018

Late night views from the Empire State... I love this city 🖤 #empirestatebuilding #views #newyorkskyline

25 0 Feb 22, 2018

Our official MTA Times Square Subway Station 3-D Luggage Tag. This heavy duty tag measures 4.25 x 3 inches and will stand up to all the abuse NYC can dish out. It features a hidden address compartment in the back to keep your identity safe. Get yours today at

26 1 Feb 22, 2018

I started taking 5min when I get home from work to do 100 single arm swings every day. I wanted a way to maintain my fitness regardless of my schedule, especially times when daily tasks takeover my workout, anyone been there?🙋‍♂️ The break down is as follows -20 reps per min(10 each arm) -5 sets -start swings at top of each min -rest interval is the remaining time of that current min. Today being my 3rd week in, I challenged myself to go straight through without putting the bell down and maintain proper technique Shown above is 100 swings in 2:15 w/24kg This is easy to stick to with its simplicity and short time commitment. Not to mention the HUGE payoff of 100 ballistic hinges in less time than it takes you to shower after! #swings #sfg #100reps #brooklyn #kettlebells #strongfirst #newyorkskyline #rooftop #sunset

82 5 Feb 22, 2018

Exactly two years ago, on 21FEB2016, the first SWISS Boeing 777-300ER Longhaul Flight took place. HB-JNA flew ZRH-JFK as LX14. Seen here exiting RWY 31R with the stunning skyline of New York in the background.

15 3 Feb 22, 2018

Glass jungle #nicolasdepanam #newyorkskyline

10 0 Feb 22, 2018
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