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One more homestead which also belonged to the Bochwic Family located in village Flaryjanava (Brest Region). If another homested ( #Paulinava) Jan Otto Bochwic called in honor of his mother, this one was called in honor of his father #FlorianBochwic. As you can see the building looks strange. I even don’t know exactly when and whom this different parts were built, but originally homestead building was built in 1870, and this neo-gothic façade was built only in 1906-1907. It was big house (19 rooms) with wonderful park around and even playground for croquet. In difference with palace in #Paulinava it was not house for the Bochwich Family. In summer Jan Otto Bochwic rented rooms for travelers. And this place was very popular: Eliza Orzeszkowa and Władysław Reymont, the Reytan Family and the Radziwill Family visited it. In 1915 Jan Otto’s son – Tadeusz inherited Flaryjanava. He was fond of journalistic and collected a great library of periodicals. But after the arrival of the Soviet regime the homestead was looted. Later and till middle 90s here located “kolkhoz” (collective farm) office. In 2012 former chairman of the collective farm, pensioner Genrikh Tretyak bought it and tries to protect the building from further destruction. Now he organized club for pensioners here.* * * #belarus #architecture #building #modernism #neogothic #Flaryjanava #architecture #bochwic #elizaorzeszkowa #vandruem #вандроўка #vandrouki #belmova #neogothicarchitecture #neogothicstyle #архітэктура_беларусі #архітэктурабеларусі #brestregion #reytan #radzivil #radzivill #1900sarchitecture #1900s


Lashkevich’s palace in village Stajki (before Zaras), Baranavichy District, Brest region. The first known since 1563 year village’s owner was one of representatives of the famous Tatar family - Hussein Malikbashamyu. After the village was owned by representatives of different well-known Belarusian families, and even Alexander Pushkin’s Belarusian branch - namely Tomasz Calixtus Rafalavich Pushkin. The Pushkins lived here in Stajki, and even baptized their children in the local catholic church. Also they founded park here. But the greatest contribution to the development was made by the Lashkevich family. In the end of XIX – beginning of XX century they built this palace with neo-gothic tower and eclectic details, glacier, residential wings, a brick factory and farmstead. The last known owner is Natalia Grytsyanavna in 1914.After the World War II the building was used as school building. Now it is in ruins.***Палац Лашкэвічэй у вёске Стайкі (раней Зарас) Баранавіцкі район Брэсцкай вобласці. Першым вядомым з 1563 года уласнікам маёнтка быў прадстаўнік татарскага роду - Гусэйн Малікбашамю. На працягу часу тут гаспадарылі прадстаўнікі розных вядомых беларускіх сямей, і нават беларуская галіна продкаў Аляксандра Пушкіна, а менавіта - Тамаш Калікст Рафалавіч Пушкін. Пушкіны жылі тут, у Стайках, і нават хрысцілі сваіх дзяцей у мясцовым касцёле. Акрамя таго імі быў заложаны парк. Але найбольшы ўклад ў развіцце гэтых мясцін унеслі Лашкевічы. У канцы ХІХ – пачатку ХХ стагоддзя імі былі пабудаваны гэты палац з гатычнай вежай і элементамі эклектыкі, ляднік, жылыя флігелі, цагельны завод і гаспадарчы двор. Апошнім вядомым уладальнікам маёнтка называецца Наталле Грыцыанаўне ў 1914 годзе.Пасля другой сусветай вайны будынак выкарыстоўваўся як школа. Зараз палац у заняпадзе.*** #belarus #belarusianarchitecture #stajki #BaranavichyDistrict #brestregion #Lashkevichspalace #palace #Pushkin #Lashkevich #xixcentury #xixcenturyarchitecture #xxcenturyarchitecture #building #ruins #oldbuilding #history #belmova #vandrouki #neogothic #neogothicarchitecture #eclecticism #eclecticarchitecture #архітэктурабеларусі #архітэктура_беларусі

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