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💠🔶 One of each 🔶💠 •••Turquoise and Spiny Oyster••• $150 2 inches long and stone is roughly 1/2 in wide 1 in long

352 9 Dec 17, 2017

Throwback to 2015 in college when I dabbled in printmaking and created my logo and brand name, Two Dancing Wolves. This was a mini practice print and it grew on me so much. The design was inspired by the Native American story of two wolves who dwell among all of us- one being that of good, of kindness, a gentle heart. The other being of negativity, of anger, of darkness. The story's morale is that whichever wolf you feed is that which you shall become. But I also feel that there must be a balance. Feed both wolves, but keep them both in check. There is nothing wrong with anger, or sadness, anxiety, or darkness, just as there is nothing wrong with searching for the light and goodness in the world, choosing happiness and love. But to be healthy, we must keep these spirits balanced. Allow them to dance together, interwoven in spirit, and pass to us their unique lessons of wisdom. #twodancingwolves #letnatureinspireyou #TBT

60 15 Nov 16, 2017

When in Big Bear Lake check out Antlers Boutique in the village. I just love all her #handmade dream catchers! She also has a Etsy page too! antlersboutique #antlersboutique #dreamcatcher #dreamcatchers #handmadedreamcatchers #crochet #crochetcenterpiece #etsy #etsyshop #etsyseller #etsyfinds

77 7 Nov 14, 2017

Wall plaques with space to plant your favourite succulent. Hand sculpted face. One of a kind. #spiritualart #aztecclaymask #natuveamerican #healer #shaman

9 0 Nov 13, 2017

#9dayshadowchallenge saffron_hughes Day 3 - Vision Quest Today I drew the vision quest card which as with day two also relates to the hanged man card. Its all about letting go of old structures and being open to a deep initiation through the medium of surrender and grace. Only a conscious fall into the inner emptiness lets us recognise the limitlessness of our being. And this alone reveals the deeper meaning of our life. Appropriate as I feel currently that this lifephase that I am experiencing is one big vision-quest. #visionquest #visionquesttarot #hangedman #tarot #dailytarot #dailyoracle #oracle #inspire #nature #americanindian #natuveamerican #wisdom #instatarot #ig_inspiration

41 0 Oct 27, 2017

I smile when the struggle gets harder! GOD got US!🙌👏☝💯👊💥 #AfricanAmerican #NatuveAmerican #Irish

26 0 Oct 20, 2017

My father used to tell me about the skinwalkers when I was a child. He grew up in Waterflow, New Mexico just outside of the Navajo (Diné) reservation, and heard of the skinwalkers from children he went to school with. They are said to be medicine men who reached the highest standard of spirituality, but use their power for evil. They can transform into animals by wearing their skins and will have murdered a close relative to have become this way, but by day they walk among us in their human form. While the legends of werewolves in other cultures never scared me, skinwalkers terrify me and this is why. My father recounts that at night, they would bang on the walls of their small home so that the walls would shake. They growled and made the most blood chilling, inhuman cries. Sometimes he would catch a glimpse of their animal faces through the window. Whenever I speak of them, I get chills, as if they're listening. My mother further confirmed their existence in my childhood mind by how swiftly she would command my father not to speak of such things.

34 2 Oct 17, 2017

Really enjoying this roadtrip. Even the rest areas are amazing ! #southdakota #natuveamerican #prairielandscape #usa #roadtrippin #travel #midwest #photographer #photooftheday #goodvibes

8 0 Sep 30, 2017
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