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. . . 🙋🏻Hola Hola🙋🏻 Esta semana comenzamos un nuevo entrenamiento 🏋️ pautado primera vez que lo hacemos así y por lo tanto se me ha ocurrido hacer unas barritas que nos aporten mucha energía y que sean fáciles de transportar y rápidas de comer. . 🏆🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻BARRITAS ENERGÉTICAS 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻🏆 💣Una bomba de energía S A L U D A B L E 💣 . . Ingredientes: ✅ 200 gr copos de avena gruesos. ✅ 200ml agua ✅ 8 Dátiles ✅ 10 gr coco rallado. ✅ vainilla ✅ mezcla de frutos secos (avellanas, anacardos, nueces y almendras) 👉🏻 Para golosos como yo, una onza de chocolate + 5 gr aceite de coco para ponerle por encima. 🙋🏻 No he usado nada de endulzante ya que con los dátiles me parece suficiente. . . Preparación: 🔥Encendemos el horno 200º calor arriba y abajo🔥 👉🏻 Llevemos al microondas los 200 ml de agua hasta que hierva, luego metemos dentro del agua los 8 dátiles y dejamos reposar unos 5 minutos. 👉🏻 Ponemos en un recipiente la avena y el coco rallado, añadimos el agua con los dátiles y la vainilla. 👉🏻 Mezclamos muy muy bien, llevamos al molde que vayamos a utilizar (mejor que se grande para que las barritas no queden muy gorduras). 👉🏻 Añadimos por encima la mezcla de frutos secos troceados, aplastamos un poco con los dedos para que se queden enterradas en la masa y llevamos al horno durante aproximadamente 25 min o hasta que veamos que comienza a tomar color. 👉🏻 Para los golosos 🙋🏻 Derretimos la onza de chocolate y el aceite de coco a baja potencia en el micro y esparcimos por encima. 👉🏻 Dejamos enfriar completamente, cortamos las barritas, guardamos en papel aluminio o vegetal y liiiiisto. 👉🏻 De sabor súper ricas y son un chute de energía. Nada que ver con las compradas que vienen cargadas de azúcares refinados y añadidos raros de esos que no podemos ni pronunciar el nombre😷😷 y estas son más baratas 😏😏 . . #HealthKit #healthyfood #energybars #healthylife #healthylifestyles #eatclean #IntuitiveEating #realfoodbar #realfoodrevolution #energy #naturalenergy #comidareal #barritasenergeticas #motivacion #naturales #cuentanutrientesnocalorias #micomidamimedicina #comerconsciente #homemade #recetas #healthyrecipes #foodrecipes #healthyfoodporn

4 0 Oct 22, 2017

Never liked long car rides. These three totally make the difference for me. Makes the 6 hour drive to #pennstate doable! #naturalenergy #roadtrip #calmdown

2 0 Oct 22, 2017

I had my first sip of coffee last October. I remember the intense need for energy one afternoon at work. I hated coffee though & swore I’d never drink it. Didn’t want to get addicted. But in that moment I decided one cup won’t hurt. I need this. Something magical happened that afternoon. I never felt more alive! 🤸🏻‍♀️⚡️ bam. 💥 POW. My brain worked in triple time. I typed like a freaking machine gun, and pumped out a major project faster than I ever had. Maybe did a few cartwheels down the hall. Life changing. Forrreallz. • The next day I had to have more, life just wasn’t as electric without it. Still swore I would NOT get addicted. There I was just sipping one more cup. It’s been a year now. And guess what?! That one cup, turned into at least 365. It was life changing indeed. Not only did I have a go-to for that extra oomph, but aww it just tastes sooo good!! Amiright?!! • Here’s what happened though: my body started to expect it, then ended up actually needing it in order to function. 😵 so here I was a year later. The very thing I said I wouldn’t let happen, happened. I noticed some other things over the course of this year. ✔️I was easily agitated ✔️my muscles tensed up ✔️stress became more intense than ever — not just mentally, but physically too. You see, when we drink caffeine, our body is borrowing energy and has to work harder to function. It actually tries to produce energy to give back to what was borrowed and then what it produces naturally. Ouchhh 🤕 ✔️I had restless sleep and even went nights not sleeping at all. Which was GREAT for trying to end my caffeine cycle. 😏I needed more the next day. • This October I decided I needed to change. I decided to give up coffee for a month. Just to see if that helped. RELAX. But how did you do it?! Well I certainly didn’t load my body up with sugar. We all know that ends well. 🙄 To help with my detox, I put some arbonne energy fizz in water twice a day. The ingredients are B vitamins & green tea extract. Both high in antioxidants. I was super skeptical this could possibly replace the effects of coffee but WOW it’s been incredible!! I’m energized, yet relaxed, & sleep like a little babe. 😇

5 1 Oct 22, 2017

Eat to nourish your body! #naturalenergy #foodasfuel #loveyourselfwithjh

1 0 Oct 22, 2017

Some people think EXERCISE, especially RUNNING, isn't FUN! DON'T TELL THIS GUY! Is there any question that he was having a BLAST! What a POSTIVE man, and a pleasure to photograph! He literally RADIATED POSITIVITY! (At Final Kick: Beer and Brats 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon Runs this weekend! )

9 1 Oct 22, 2017

How do you take your vitamins? A Better Way To B™ #sundayfunday #B12 #vitaminvape

26 1 Oct 22, 2017

Being an articulate in communication while influencing for the purpose of branding for a famous brand doesn't come overnight... if you want to be this famous influencer; remember this well, your working on your originality will be the key to the tenure of your being a influencer... the natural energy artist just lives being original in every deal that gets signed as an influencer and that tends to deliver beyond the expectations of the client... millions of dollars as fees are not a big deal when originality is at the core of influencing.!! #famous #naturalenergy #artist #influencer #design #startup #founders #entrepreneur #brands #branding #traveler #explorer

9 0 Oct 22, 2017

I have 2 of these offers left! FOR 2 《NEW》 THRIVERS Time to feel the difference Thrive makes! Who knows what new goals YOU will find yourself going after!! 😃👏🏅 #naturalENERGY #PlantBasedNutrition #Simple #ThriveHasMadeChangesInMeIDidntAnticipate #ThriveExperience #sleep #GutHealth #3Steps #DONE #WearableNutrition #NaturalAthlete 🌱 #MomWithGoals #LiveAlive #FeelGood #HappyBack

5 0 Oct 22, 2017

Spark in my bottle yesterday and rehydrate in my bottle today. So it’s a good day :) not everyday may seem like a good day but there will always be a light at the end of every tunnel no matter what you are going through. So stay focused on every task and goal at hand and keep on pushing. #spark #rehydrate #advocare #juglife #waterbottle #naturalenergy #energydrink #gymrat #fitnessfreak #reinventyourself #healthylifestyle #health #healthiswealth #getfit #avatarnutrition #teamscience #hardwork #accountability #ditchthediet #insanity #max30 #bikinibody

21 1 Oct 22, 2017

Action. The season for powder is coming! Where's everyone skiing/snowboarding this Winter? This is Treble Cone, the largest ski area in New Zealand's South Island. It has the longest vertical rise in Queenstown Southern Lakes District. There are incredible views of Lake Wanaka and Mount Aspiring/Tititea, so yes... it's paradise. Photo by the brilliant markclinton

85 2 Oct 22, 2017

One of the first questions I'm asked, is, "Can I still drink coffee if I'm drinking a pink drink every morning?” Absolutely!! I still enjoy coffee! ☕️ Of course you can drink coffee while taking Plexus, because the pink drink is NOT an energy drink! Yet it definitely gives you energy! ⚡️ The pink drink contains less than 2% naturally occurring caffeine from green coffee bean extract (less than a cup of decaf coffee). So, how does it give you energy if it doesn’t contain any caffeine? When your blood sugars are stabilized, so is your energy level. If your blood sugars are all over the place, your energy level will also be all over the place. This fluctuation (and usually a blood sugar nose dive) is what can cause us to “crash” in the afternoon. So yes, you can have your pink drink and have your morning coffee…. you just won't need to guzzle coffee all day long. 😉 The difference is you’re able to ENJOY your coffee, not NEED it! 💕🙌🏻 Wanna give it a try? 🙋🏼 #NotAnEnergyDrink #BodyBalancer #naturalenergy #getyousomeslim #gamechanger

5 0 Oct 22, 2017

Our NEW Informed Sport Certified 🍋 Lemon Lime energy shots have a flavorful burst of NATURAL energy to fuel your entire day! #theapluslife #apluslifestylesolutions

6 1 Oct 22, 2017

TALK ABOUT DETOXING IN HIGH FASHION!!! 😍✨🌹💫 IT HAS ARRIVED!!! THE BEAUTIFUL! LIMITED EDITION! ROSE GOLD TEAMI TUMBLER!! ALL ROSE GOLD! THIS IS NOT AN INSERT! QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED!!! I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING AND YOU BETTAAAHH!💫🌹✨😍 I GOT ONE FOR ME AND ONE FOR MY MOM! ❤😀 . See bio for discount code and link! . #rosegold #fancy #shiny #beautiful #detox #detoxing #detoxlife #skinnytea #suppressappetite #boostmetabolism #burncalories #naturalenergy #colontea #coloncleanse #flushtoxins #byebyebloat #teamiblends #teamiloyalty #teamiroyalty #thankyouteami teamiblends teamiloyalty #instadaily #instagood #potd #fitness #fitlife #FitMom #workout #exercise #justdoit

18 0 Oct 22, 2017

Pumpkin spiced coffee vs latte 2T pumpkin purée, 1/2t vanilla powder, 1/2t pumpkin pie spice, 1/3c hot almond milk,1t coconut oil, 1 pkg stevia, 16 oz pressed coffee. Froth, blend or shake and enjoy! It can easily be 2 servings. Starbucks 51c/13f/14p This one 4c/14f/0p #pumkinspice #puroastcoffee #frenchpress #organic #real #fallflavor #breakfast #fat #sundayvibes #healthyfats #iifym #keto #paleo #makeyourjunkfood #tucker #jugdog #jackrussellterrier #naturalenergy #hewantsone

13 0 Oct 22, 2017
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