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This is a lot of posts in one day!!!! This is another fan pic for my froggy stuff!! 😁😁😆I'm just really happy my mini me has some place to live now!! #tinyapartment #myfroggystuff #tiny #dolls #barbie #myfroggystufffanpics

5 0 Jun 27, 2017

Here's some pictures of small foods I bought at Michaels. They are charms in he jewelry section. THEY'RE SO CUTE!!!! Plus perfectly doll sized!! Also the forks is from the miniature section in Michaels too. #myfroggystuff #tinyapartment #minifood #crafts #myfroggystufffanpics

2 0 Jun 27, 2017


6 0 Jun 27, 2017


6 0 Jun 27, 2017


6 0 Jun 27, 2017

Batman!! #batman

101 1 Jun 27, 2017

For those of you who have asked and wonder. Yes! She is named after the Harry Potter Character. Wizarding World clothes are in the works for her! #harrypoter #hp #tonks

104 1 Jun 26, 2017

From left to right: One easter some years ago I just dipped her hair in easter egg paint and it turned out like this which was cute but her hair wasn´t straight at that time. Then some years later I found her in the basement with some other my scenes and dolls and thought why not straighten her hair. So I washed it first and all the color came out which was okay cause I thought to keep her like she originally came. But then I thought that she was too plain so I dyed her hair to a somewhat pastel pink. Her hair is soft and straight but I still don´t like her that much so I guess I will sale or trade her ------------------------------------------- Von Link nach rechts: Ein Ostern dachte ich mir färb ihr doch die Haare mit Ostereier Farbe und das ist daraus geworden. Es war zwar süß aber zu der Zeit hatte sie keine glatten haare was etwas zu wild aussah für mich. Dann einige Jahre später habe ich sie mit anderen My Scenes und puppen im Keller gefunden und mir gedacht glätte doch ihre Haare. Also hab ich sie gewaschen und die ganze Farbe kam raus. Was okay war weil ich dachte behälst du sie so wie sie original aussah aber dann empfand ich sie als zu langweilig also hab ich ihr die Haare zu einem Pastel Pink gefärbt. Ihr Haar ist weich und glatt aber trotzdem mag ich sie nicht so sehr also werde ich sie wohl verkaufen oder tauschen ------------------------------------------- #bratz #myscene #scene #itsgoodtobearealbratz #style #barbie #fashiondoll #instadolls #instatoys #instabratz #dollstagram #dollsofinstagram #doll #dolls #dollcollection #dollcollector #dollphotography #newyork #fame #makeover #restyle #hair #original #love #aesthetic #myfroggystufffanpics #followme #rupaul #makeup #dragqueen

237 2 Jun 26, 2017

Apple✨ Collab with fairys.dreams💕 -♡- Sorry i haven't posted in a few days + this row is kinda cringe😂 I hope you all are having a great day, and i'll probably be posting pictures of Farrah next🙈

218 37 Jun 26, 2017

Little photoshoot in my unfinished room and making a smoothie afterwards. My friend Joan took some of these pictures, and girl - she should become a photographer. Okay but honestly, I love this book by myfroggystuff ! I'm still shook about Sasha Velour winning, I love herrrrrr! Pride was great on the weekend, Maria and I felt like we fit in. I keep changing the subject, so sorry. Do you guys like my room so far? I literally need one more painting and my room will be done! Would you guys like to see me have a small streak of colour in my hair? I've been wanting one for forever. §–§–§–§ [Technically a #myfroggystufffanpics post, because the book, phone, computer, Baymax and blender are from MyFroggyStuff videos. These photos were taken on my camera, which is a Canon EOS 1200D and it makes the pictures on my phone look bad. But yeah, I feel like I should put a little streak of any colour in Kat's hair. I wish I would furnish with my Re~Ments but I keep them in the best condition I can. Hashtags: #Dollstagram #MadeToMove #KatJaneFashion #MyFroggyStuffFanpics #DollstagramTeens #DollstagramVlogger #DollDIY #DollstagramNerd #Dolltography #DollCrafts ]

15 0 Jun 26, 2017

hey! I don't really have a caption for this but oh well 😂🌊💦💧 ▪ #myfroggystuff #myfroggystufffanpics #dollphoto #dollphotography #dollphotogallery #dollstagram #bestbarbiephoto #dgmaswimwear3 dgmodelingagency

89 4 Jun 26, 2017

chilling with Bree ❤❤ hey! Rosa and I are just having fun with one of my besties bree_dg_ 😊😘💖 ▪ #myfroggystuff #myfroggystufffanpics #dollphoto #dollphotography #dollphotogallery #dollstagram #bestbarbiephoto #lolsurprise #lolsurprisedoll

92 6 Jun 26, 2017
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